Titans S4 Spoiler-Free Review – We’re Back B*tches

The Titans head to Metropolis in S4.

Another fall and another Season of HBO Max’s most expensive costume budget (outside of GOT) graces our screens yet again. That’s right- TITANS is back, baby, and back for TITANS S4 at that. As are Bree and Jon’s episode reviews! 

If you missed our Season 3 reviews, here’s a quick primer; The two of us have watched the show together since Season 1, Episode 1. We’ve been there through its jump from the DCU app to HBOMax. Every high and every low. It’s nearly an adoptive child to us, at this point. We like to format our coverage like it’s simply a transcript of us chatting to each other about it. Continue reading to see how we felt about the premier of TITANS S4!

*All plot-heavy details mentioned are ones that are also mentioned in promotional material. We tried to keep everything else very vague. This is generally spoiler-free (outside of what has already been “spoiled” in promos).

Titans S4

Bree: The first three episodes of TITANS S4 definitely hit the ground running, but feel much better paced than past seasons. There’s breathing room. Space is made for emotional beats for the “core four” (Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy), Superboy, and the new villains (Lex Luthor, Brother Blood, and Mother Mayhem). Although Raven and Beast Boy have the least amount of screen time out of all the characters listed, there are enough seeds being planted that I’m confident they will be incredibly relevant later in the Season.

Titans S4

Jon: TITANS S4 has landed and thus far has not disappointed. After leaving the much darker city and tone of Gotham City the Titans feel like they have finally found their footing as a team and as a show, with pacing improving drastically. I’m very excited that they’re (finally) delving deeper into Beast Boy’s powers and what drives them. It is both eerie and exciting to finally get to go on that journey with Gar. We get new additions in Lex Luthor, played by the talented Titus Welliver, who does not disappoint and carries a very intimidating presence. Rounding out the rest of the villainous triangle are Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) and Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan) who add a very magic-filled and horror-esque vibe this spooky season. We are simply in for a treat and all I can say to that is, Welcome back Titans, you have been missed.

Titans S4

Bree: Titans continues their trend of tweaking villain backstories and this season seems to be no different in that respect. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed about the series, as a lot of villain origins can be boring at best and mired with continuity issues at worst. The villains this season feel like TITANS villains again, the edgier moments are reminiscent of S1 (in a good way). Although episode one focuses heavily on Lex and Conner, there’s still lots of things for everyone else to do. Kory is presented with proof that she’s being spied on, Raven is getting some very strange headaches, Tim is fanboying and combat training, Dick is driving the van and we’ve already talked about Gar. Episodes 2 and 3 really turn up the horror elements. I’m unsure of how the TITANS are going to get to the bottom of this particular pickle barrel and I’m having a lot of fun watching them try to figure it out themselves.

Jon: After their adventures in Gotham and hearing the group was headed to Metropolis I was a little concerned that our heroes would once again be caught up in the efforts of another Justice Leaguer, but going into episodes 2-3 we can quickly see that that is not the case. It is interesting to see each Titan go through their own arc at the same time rather than spending half a season on just one member and even though their problems are far apart they can still come together at a moment’s notice. The introduction of Jinx and other Titans-related characters makes this feel as if we can finally move away from Dick’s life with Bruce and he can focus on being a team leader which is very prevalent this season which is a very nice change of pace. 

Titans S4

Bree: Jinx is really fun and her introduction in episode 3 makes it my favorite of the season thus far. TITANS S4 is giving us great horror, fight sequences, villains, costumes, team dynamics, and maybe even a little bit of romance. As per previous seasons, I remain cautiously optimistic. However, I do feel a lot less concerned than I was with the season 3 premiere. Here’s to hoping for consistency!

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