The Blue Flame and The Power of Trauma

Sometimes HVAC and Trauma go hand in hand…

Welcome to VaultCrashers! A show dedicated to kicking down the Vault door to help you find something you’ll fall in love with. Our mission, our creed, our code is this… to share our passion for Vault Comics in a way that makes them approachable and accessible to EVERYONE. We want you to find a comic book or graphic novel you’ll fall in love with. On this episode, we are talking The Blue Flame.

This episode celebrates the upcoming TPB release of Christopher Cantwell’s The Blue Flame.  The Blue Flame is a blue-collar guy named Sam. He works as an HVAC repairman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s also a vigilante doing crime fighting things on the side, until a tragedy uproots his life, his sense of self and identity, and we get to watch this person unpack their trauma. It is a very grounded story that also exists in a cosmic world.

The Blue Flame is written by Christopher Cantwell, artist Adam Gorham, Colors Kurt Michael Russel, Letters by Hassan Ostmane Elhaou. Join Nikki and Adair as they discuss The Blue Flame and experience some good ol’ comic book therapy in this newest episode.

The Blue Flame

The Blue Flame TPB isn’t the only Vault title coming to your local comic book shop, we would be remiss if we did not hype all of the other news coming from Vault. 

Vault and GateCrashers are teaming up once again, after the success of last year’s GateCrashers & Vault Comics’ Pride Fundraiser, they are back this June with proceeds going to Trans Lifeline!

Money Shot, Queen of Swords, Barbaric: Hell to Pay Issue 4 and the Mindset TPB are all coming out in the next month!

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