VaultCrashers: Mindset (Villainous or Virtuous)

Welcome to VaultCrashers! A show dedicated to kicking down the Vault door to help you find something you’ll fall in love with. Our mission, our creed, our code is this… to share our passion for Vault Comics in a way that makes them approachable and accessible to EVERYONE. We want you to find a comic book or graphic novel you’ll fall in love with. This month it’s Mindset!

In this episode, Adair, Dan and Nikki are discussing Mindset, a trippy dive into mind control, technology, and what it means to influence and be influenced. Sit back and try to remember what is real and maybe grab a drink.

Mindset wrapped up its final issue earlier this year and was co-created by Zack Kaplan (@zackkaps) and John J. Pearson (@johnjpearson), with letters by Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou (@hassanoe). The crew is joined by Zack and John to talk about the process of creating such a visually rich and existential crisis inducing story. (Adair, Nikki, and Zack also learned a bit about sandwiches. Don’t miss it.)


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