The Axe-cellent Adventures of Barbaric

Welcome to VaultCrashers! A show dedicated to kicking down the Vault door to help you find something you’ll fall in love with. Our mission, our creed, our code is this… to share our passion for Vault Comics in a way that makes them approachable and accessible to EVERYONE. We want you to find a comic book or graphic novel you’ll fall in love with. Today’s episode is a bit… Barbaric.


In this episode, Adair, Dan and Nikki are discussing Barbaric and kicking off the Year of Axe!  Barbaric is co-created by writer Mike Moreci (@MichaelMoreci) and artist Nate Gooden, colors by Addison Duke (@AddisonDuke) and letters by Jim Campbell (@CampbellLetters). Volume 1, Murderable Offenses, is available as a hardcover and trade, volume 2 – Axe to Grind, is available as a trade, and the next installment, Hell to Pay, just kicked off on January 18th! Also, there is a one-shot called Harvest Blades with art by Robert Wilson IV (@robertwilsoniv). But, there is more! This entire year promises more adventures with Owen, Soren, new characters, and, of course, Axe! Corin Howell (@Rin237) will take on a new Soren focused arc, Queen of Swords.  

In this episode the incomparable Nate Gooden is interviewed and discusses the return of our favorite Barbarian and what’s in store for this momentous year of Barbaric including new artists, new stories and lots of mushrooms. Tune in and enjoy as VaultCrashers starts the year off right.

Quick shout out to the Wizard for being the realest character out there. Hope wherever you are, you’re relaxing and doing mushroom wizard stuff like you deserve.


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Tune in next month to the VaultCrashers’ mini-sode, featuring Vault CEO and Publisher Damian Wassel discussing the much anticipated arrival of THE NASTY as well as a new episode of VaultCrashers that will change your MINDSET.

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