Wag Your Tail for Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood

Mayor Good Boy returns in this doggone delightful sequel from writer Dave Scheidt and cartoonist Miranda Harmon!

Last year, I had the privilege of reviewing Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon‘s collaborative work Mayor Good Boy, and this year I find myself similarly blessed to review its sequel Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood. Now, my faithful readers may remember that particular piece of literature from last year was riddled with dog-puns, so those of you who did not enjoy that work of art, you may as well bow-wow out now. This year’s title in the Mayor Good Boy series (possibly universe?), finds itself keeping the same charm and heart as its predecessor, while simultaneously expanding our love for Greenwood’s favorite pooch. It’s time to sit and stay as we explore a much kinder and friendlier landscape than our own, whose political leader is more concerned about his citizens well-being than any of our politicians, and who wouldn’t sell out our future to the highest bidder, unless they had cheese of course.

Mayor Good Boy has been enjoying his tenure in office with his faithful friends Abby and Aaron at his side, a delightful twosome that help bring a duality of structure and chaos to the Mayor’s life. As any real world film studio would do when hearing about a town that is run by a dog, a production crew has decidedly to film a movie about Mayor Good Boy’s day to day life in Greenwood. Our charming pup leads documentary filmmaker Imani Meadows around the neighborhood, showing off the place he calls home. As fate would have it, a robbery occurs that leaves the townspeople on edge about this new wave of crime. Mayor Good Boy now faces more difficult mayoral problems than deciding how many pepperoni pizzas to order. It is up to his faithful team of helpers and admirers to band together and solve this crisis in time for his silver -screen debut. This sequel is sure to leave young readers clamoring for Mayor Good Boy’s next adventure.

Dave Scheidt and Miranda Harmon have certainly outdone themselves with this follow -‘pup’ adventure. Scheidt’s writing, specifically the humor, shines through as a thoughtful narrative that both children and adults alike could enjoy. It takes a lot to keep my brain occupied and on-task at times, so it’s a testament to his creativity that carried my attention from beginning to end. Equal praise to Harmon as her illustrations are eye-catching and brain candy to young minds reading along. My 8-year-old son and 5-year-old niece could not get over the stylized characters and how cute Mayor Good Boy was, a necessity to keep these two readers engaged. Scheidt and Harmon’s work is a two-hit combo that is sure to have everyone stocking their bookshelves later this month. If you are looking for the perfect back-to-school gift for anyone in your family, consider buying the full Mayor Good Boy collection, there’s no need to beg!

Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood is available on September 20th, and can be pre-ordered here, as well as its predecessor, Mayor Good Boy, here.

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By RJ Durante

Writer - @ArghRJ

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