Dragon Ball

Dan, Jon, and Jake finally arrive on Namak to finish out our block of Anime content. Join the heroes as they tackle the Dragon Ball series!

Previously on Anime August, the heroes of GateCrashers handled the Chainsaw Devil in Chainsaw Man, learned to love in Your Name, digivolved with the Digimon, and learned to cook with Food Wars. But now, three of the heroes have finally arrived on Namak to handle one of the biggest anime of all time… Dragon Ball!

Jake, Jon, and Dan fly headfirst into the series from Dragon Ball up until the end of the Frieza Saga in Dragon Ball Z. Dan watched all of it in a month which is described as an “Amanda Binge” power level. Coming from last year’s Anime August, Dan has dived far too deep into the manga and anime ocean to ever return to the surface.

Jon discusses how Dragon Ball was his first anime and how it will always be his favorite. Jake read the entire manga series rather than rewatching the series for the hundredth time to bring a different perspective.

Jon and Dan go off on a tangent about the shows they watched growing up after bringing up Saban in relation to Dragon Ball. They also discover while discussing this that Jake didn’t know what Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog was. Turns out some weird shows of the other toys youth missed an entire age group.

The crew also discusses their experience with seeing anime films in theatres with other fans when they chat about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and their screenings. Seeing films with fans is a whole other level of energy that you can’t capture when watching them alone.

Prepare yourself for the loudest episode of GateCrashers with special attacks, yelling, and a special guest appearance by Kyle Herbert (Narrator and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z). No, that isn’t a bit… Kyle Herbert is actually in this episode. Trust us, we’re still in shock at how this intro came out too… it’s next level. So rock the dragon and listen to this week’s episode of GATECRASHERS!

Cover art by: Guilherme

Dragon Ball

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