The Bob’s Burgers Movie: A Very Late Review

Is summer ruined? Find out in The Bob’s Burgers Movie

If we lived in a perfect world, I would have reviewed The Bob’s Burgers Movie before it even came out, but *insert Tina’s groaning here* we didn’t. As luck would have it, the movie didn’t even have a cinematic release where I live so I couldn’t watch the movie until July 20th, almost two months after its initial release. But when I finally saw it and in a surprise to absolutely no one, I loved it. 

It’s summer, and the Belcher family’s restaurant is on the verge of closing. Even though Bob and Linda are trying to stay optimistic, when a giant sinkhole appears in front of the restaurant, it seems like all hope is dead. The only thing that could save the restaurant is if the kids can solve a town mystery.

The Bob's Burgers Movie
The Bob’s Burgers Movie

In many ways, The Bob’s Burgers Movie feels like an enormous episode of the show, and for once, I think this is perfect. The movie maintains the humor and writing that make the show such a fun and wholesome viewing. While the movie seems to be a bit too Louise-centric, it doesn’t feel like her movie, with each character having their special moment that maintains the essence of the characters while giving them some great development. There are some excellent references to the show and the continuation of some of their most popular running gags that guarantees long-time fans will leave their viewing with an ear-to-ear smile.

While the plot of The Bob’s Burgers Movie doesn’t feel quite movie scaled, the animation certainly does. It maintains the well-known style of the series; it’s clear that the animation is more polished and detailed. Character movement is incredibly fluid and dynamic, making the action scenes and music numbers really enjoyable. The animation is so good it actually made me dance along with the characters (maybe it’s good I didn’t see this one with other people). And as long as I’m talking about the musical numbers, I think it’s a good moment to talk about the music. 

The music in this is so good it’s actually one of my biggest complaints about the movie. Why? Because there should be more musical numbers. The first and second songs are, without a doubt, some of my new favorite musical songs. And it’s not only the musical numbers; the score is also surprisingly amazing, reflecting the mood of The Bob’s Borgers Movie perfectly.

The Bob's Burgers Movie
The Bob’s Burgers Movie

So even though this is not the most coherent of plots or the funniest of comedies, the reason I think this is one of the best movies of the year is that The Bob’s Burgers Movie gives us the best example of why Bob’s Burgers is one of the best cartoons out there, and honestly the cartoon we need right now. 

In contrast to other families in the big roster of animated sitcoms, the Belchers are actually good people, they are really trying to be. The Belchers truly love each other and it’s that love that drives the movie to be the wholesome and fun journey it is. Bob is not the horrible father Peter Griffin is or the horrible spouse that Homer Simpson is, but instead is a man trying to give his family the best life he can, without leaving himself or his dreams behind. Linda is a loving mother and spouse that wants her family to be happy but doesn’t try to control them to achieve this. The Belcher kids are messy, weird, and at times a bit selfish, but they are kids so that’s normal; what makes them amazing is that they learn and they grow. Basically, they feel like real kids.

We are at a point where adult animation is full of cynicism, and nihilism, and over-the-top raunchy comedy, and it can be a bit tiring. I love Rick and Morty and BoJack Horseman, but I’m tired of the everyone sucks theme, I like The Simpsons and Family Guy (well that’s a lie, I don’t like Family Guy), but I’m tired of humor just coming out of situations that exist only because people can be horrible which each other. 

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is, for me, the perfect antithesis to this, giving us a family sitcom where the family actually feels like a family, giving us laughs and amazing moments that don’t rely on bad behavior and selfish characters. Instead, Bob’s Burgers and The Bob’s Burgers Movie give us a charmingly fun journey with some great character moments and incredible development that will make your summer really feel like a sunny-side summer.  

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