Do a Powerbomb #1 is a Must-Read for Wrestling Fans

Comics are rad.

I’ve been a fan of wrestling for a long time. In particular, WWE. I don’t know how, but here in Peru, it became popular a while back. We caught what we could on TV, and even though there were times that PPV events were not broadcasted here, my friends and I found a way to stay up to date. I remember playing the Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 video game with them. We also bought a lot of action figures, some of which I keep in my study to this day. And, of course, we reenacted our favorite moves. Good times.

Later in life, when I discovered comics, I realized that wrestling was something comic fans, such as myself, also enjoyed. And thinking about it, it made sense because it is about good vs. evil, heroes vs. heels. There are storylines, rivalries, awesome fights, and epic conclusions. Similar to what we see in the pages we love. Therefore, a comic about wrestling sounds like something meant to be.

Do a Powerbomb #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer | Image Comics
Do a Powerbomb #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer | Image Comics

Do a Powerbomb, by Daniel Warren Johnson (DWJ) and Mike Spicer, starts with Yua Steelrose, the Tokyo Grand World Heavyweight Champion, on her tenth title defense. But something goes wrong in the fight, unchaining a series of events involving supernatural elements that will test the Steelrose family. I don’t want to spoil the story, but it is about family, legacy, and filling the shoes of those who came before you. In addition, it has fights, mystery, and compelling characters. A great combination of human and comic book elements, creating a fantastic story.

The highlight of Do a Powerbomb #1 is the protagonist, Luna Steelrose, the daughter of Yua. She’s such an interesting character because she embodies someone living in the shadow of their family. But in this case, she is not rejecting her family, looking for her own path. No, she wants to honor and continue the legacy. And no one in the wrestling world wants her there because of how dangerous it is. So she must turn to Willard Nectroton, a necromancer organizing the grandest pro-wrestling tournament of all time, for her chance at greatness. From here, things get wild.

Do a Powerbomb #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer | Image Comics
Do a Powerbomb #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer | Image Comics

There is another differentiating element in this book, its creator, DWJ. In that sense, this tale will remind the readers of another of his masterpieces, Murder Falcon. Metal. Wrestling. Comics. Hobbies that become a passion or passions that become hobbies. Things that have shaped us and, to some extent, continue to define the people we are today. DWJ understands this to perfection, creating stories that appeal to the fans of something and awakening the deepest and purest emotions regarding their passions. I’ll say this: If you are a fan of Murder Falcon, that book is to metal what this book is to wrestling.

Do a Powerbomb excels as an Issue #1, setting the perfect tone for what we will see in the following issues. It is unpredictable, throwing emotional curveballs at the reader, but at the same time, easy to follow and fun to read. For new readers, it is a magnificent start to a hero’s story, but for wrestling fans or whoever got excited at a wrestling match in their lives, it is a must-read.

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