Three More Webtoons You Should Be Reading

March 2022 GateCrasher Webtoon recommendations.


Webtoons Stagtown

By Punko
Platform: Webtoons
Genre: Horror
Submitted by Simon

Stagtown is a mystery-horror series that focuses on a young woman named Frankie slowly discovering that her town is not what it seems after the disappearance of her friend Jeremy. It’s densely plotted, and while each individual story arc works by itself, they all work together to tell the story of a town that seems to be doing everything it can to trap and ensnare its inhabitants.

It starts a bit slow, but has been ramping up the tension every arc since the beginning. I don’t want to get into too much for fear of spoiling it, but as Frankie learns more about what’s going on, it just keeps on raising more questions about what, exactly, is happening. Honestly, it’s a great example of how to write a compelling mystery.

The art style’s also a great fit for the series. There’s very little color, with everything existing in washed-out blues, greys, and shades of black. It feels like there’s no life to anything in the town, that everything’s just part of this artificial backdrop, while also being reminiscent of a black and white horror film. I honestly can’t imagine this series in full color, that’s how effective it is.

It’s just ended its first season, so now’s a great time to catch up!

Siren’s Lament

Webtoons Siren's Lament

By: InstantMiso
Platform: Webtoons
Genre: Romance
Submitted by Sheri L. Williams

So firstly, I am not a fan of love triangles but everything about Siren’s Lament is so damn lovely, that the love triangle doesn’t bother me. Siren’s Lament, by instantmiso, is the story of Lyra, Ian, and Shon. Lyra has been nursing a crush on her best friend’s older brother, Shon, for a long time and when things start to feel hopeless she accidentally falls into a deal with Ian that opens her eyes to the rest of the world. 

Everything about this webcomic is simply lovely. It’s a soft story with stunning art and the whole of it reminds me so strongly of Studio Ghibli films, I would watch the movie in a heartbeat. There are no pieces that don’t tug at your heartstrings and as a bonus, it is complete!

4 Panel Horror Comics

Webtoons 4 Panel Horror Comics

By: Karl Kwasny
Platform: Webtoons
Genre: Horror
Submitted by Luke W. Henderson

How quickly can one be terrified? That’s the very question Karl Kwasny tackles in their series 4 Panel Horror Comics. In these bite-sized comics, they cover everything from creatures in the dark to things more sentimental, but still shocking. It’s a marvelous demonstration of how to quickly tell a horror story that leaves one satisfied. For dedicated readers, there is also a reoccurring cast of characters leaving something to look forward to in each installment. For any fans of incredibly creative horror, this is a must read.

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