WWE 2K22 is the WrestleMania of Wrestling Games

Dan is ready to fight in our review of the new WWE 2K22!

I love wrestling. I only recently found out I love wrestling. There is something about a heel and a face clashing in the ring like gladiators in a colosseum. You can say that it isn’t real, but the feelings are. The highs and lows of matches, the industry, and everything wrestling is perfectly captured in WWE 2K22. I’m not all that familiar with WWE or its lineup, but this game was incredible at making me feel like I’m watching a match, even if I’m the one controlling it. But this game allows me to live out the ultimate fantasy, becoming a heel.

When I’m reviewing a game, sometimes it can feel like a chore. Like I’m just doing it to write about it, but this, I felt like I was finding any excuse to squeeze in a match. The combat system wasn’t anything revolutionary, but it was never dull. Countering your opponent’s attacks is so satisfying to just turn the tides of a match. Being able to do super moves and finishers was never a hard thing which made it so much fun to play. I felt like I didn’t have to sit and learn intricate combos in order to open a can of whoop-ass.

Image: WWE 2K22/2K Games, Visual Concepts.

There has always been something about sports games that keeps me away, and that’s the lack of content in new editions. I don’t know if you’d count WWE 2K22 as a sports game, but it has the year, so I do, but it drives home the idea of abundant content. When I tell you there is a smorgasbord of things to do, I mean it. The sheer amount of characters alone for 1 on 1 matches is enough for a full game, but you get every type of match imaginable on top of that. A friend of mine stopped by, and we played a few Royale Rumbles, which were a blast. The couch multiplayer is just as good now as it was when we were kids. The variety of things to do in matches is enough to make me pay the full ticket price.

That’s not all, though, because this game has a few other modes with MYGM and MYRISE taking the cake. MYGM allows you to become a general manager for the WWE, build your show’s roster, and set up EVERYTHING. You can create rivalries, deal with business deals, sign talent, and so much more. You compete against another show (Smackdown, RAW, NXT) to take the top rating spot. It’s a great time, especially for wrestling fans who want some creative control. But that was second place in my heart.

Image: WWE 2K22/2K Games, Visual Concepts.

MYRISE is hands down my favorite feature in the game because it lets me play out my dream, becoming a heel. It’s essentially the game’s story mode where you create your superstar, train, and work your way up to the top of the WWE Universe. The writing and voice acting aren’t spectacular, but it truly puts you in the ring from run-in attacks from your nemesis, backstage assaults, and so much more storytelling scenarios used in professional wrestling. I’ll go on record and say that WWE 2K22 has the most robust character creation system with limitless possibilities, but it doesn’t stop at character. You can design belts, rings, and so much more. You can download other people’s creations to play as classic wrestlers like Batman, SpongeBob, and so many oddities. But none of that matters compared to being able to use the modes social media feature to taunt faces into fighting you. You can pick fights on social media and take them to the ring. 10/10 experience right there.

Image: WWE 2K22/2K Games, Visual Concepts.

I love wrestling. I love that WWE 2K22 lets me experience that love firsthand with everything imaginable when it comes to the sport. If you are looking for something to live out your superstar dreams, WWE 2K22 is worth every penny. And if you’re looking to come for my belt, chump, this Sunday at the virtual Wrestle Mania… I’d like to refer to a quote from the CEO of the WWE Universe, my uncle Vince McMahon.

“I have balls the size of grapefruits, and come this Sunday, you’ll be spitting out the seeds.”

Vince McMahon.

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