Trial of the Amazons #1 Brings Wonder Woman’s World to the Forefront Like Never Before

Violet takes a look at the kick-off issue of the first Wonder Woman crossover in 30 years.

Review of Trial of the Amazons #1

Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala, Joëlle Jones – Writers
Laura Braga, Skylar Patridge, Joëlle Jones and Elena Casagrande – Artists
Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jordie Bellaire – Colourist
Pat Brosseau – Letterer
Brittany Holzherr – Editor

It’s finally here, what we’ve all been waiting for! Glamorous Amazons all together under one roof. I’m not sure if it will end in celebration or a blood bath but how iconic to have these characters all be in the one place. We have a massive creative team on board; all adored by the DC fandom for their unique talents. We really are all spoiled and in for a treat! Crossover events are enthralling experiences that I can never get enough of!

There is a strong structure to the plot that cohesively falls into place so perfectly. As soon as I began reading it was as if a movie started playing in my head. So submerive to the culture of the Amazon tribes as well as showing the intensity of sisterhood. Scenery beyond belief I had to do a double-take, I thought the characters were drawn over real photos of the God-like landscapes and buildings; it was truly breathtaking. Are we really surprised the art team delivered though? I mean look at that lineup, legends all in their own way. They’ve been wooing us for months with their hard work, so to have them working on the same project is undoubtedly a God-tier choice.

We know the extreme efforts Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan go to, to ensure we get accurate information about the mythology of the Amazons. These folk know how to write a story, and a damn good one at that. It was they who rekindled my admiration for Wonder Woman. They give everything you’d expect spinning down the rabbit hole of lore and magic, when you think it couldn’t get better, it does! They throw you a carrot and you chase them grasping for more. 

Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala have taken storm with Nubia and the Amazons, gracing us with exquisite excellence in each issue. They masterfully tie their story into the event without a single drop of imperfection. I highly recommend it. Their passion is evident through their writing and it’s a wonderful experience feeling someone’s love burst through the pages. They handle with care to deliver only the best.

And let’s not forget Joëlle Jones debuting Wonder Girl and giving us such a diverse, strong, and wonderful story. As I mentioned before, an ICONIC creative team right here on this project, their names alone build a buzz.  

The story oozes divine feminine energy which I will always be here for. The art is hyperrealistic with bold colors that complement each other, lapping and interlocking to create an angelic mosaic. An absolute dream to watch come to life.

The women are written and portrayed so beautifully, delicate to see but ferocious in a fight. To see such strong women mingle together, testing their abilities and loyalties to reign as a true champion, it’s nerve-wracking, to say the least, but also so engrossing you can’t not read to see what happens next.  

Overall, you don’t want to be missing out on this event. It’s far too big to let it pass you by. Pick up Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and Nubia and the Amazons to sink into the mythology, mesmerizing plots, art, and characters that spring out of the great Trial of the Amazons #1. I assure you they won’t disappoint.  

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After this storyline have it be revealed that Donna Troy is the third child of Hippolyta and Zeus which makes her Jason and Dianas younger sister and plus she can become a couple with Kyle Rayner aka Green Lantern.

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