GC616 News: Marvel Comics Released 01/19/2022

GC616 is back with everything you need to know with the week of 1/19/2022’s Marvel Comics!

As the previous show ends and GC616 begins, audiences are greeted with a new theme song. One that consists heavily of electronica and synthesizers. As the title credits close and the cameras turn on in the “studio” audiences are greeted by their new lead anchor, Chad. Chad’s previous work was on his highly popular youtube show “Checkin’ in With Chad” where he romped around the 616 interacting with all sorts of heroes and villains. Now, though, he seems to have made a change for the serious for his new position as lead anchor as one of the multiverses biggest news reports. Chad’s tanktop has the words  “How Many Summers Brothers Does It Take to Start a Fire?” spray painted on the front. His newsroom is a bit different than the other larger channel as the audience can see once the camera focuses in. Chad is standing in front of a large glass window with a large party going on behind him.

Chad: What up multiverse? It’s me, ya boi, Chad to report the news for GC616! I hope I did a good job lead anchoring last week. I’m back again this week to bring you some exclusive news. Remember how I mentioned I got the five finger discount on some Beyond tech? Well I had some nerd decipher some of it for me. It’s bad. Like super really bad. So the other Spider-Man is Ben Reilly but Beyond changed him. They took a bunch of his memories away and sorta remolded him like clay to fit their idea of Spider-Man. It’s not good. I think he’s probably in a lot of danger. But as a journalist do I step in or what? 

Chad: I gotta mull it over… let’s check in with Devin about the Avengers.

As the feed switches, the camera centers on Devin, hiding within some rubble during a fight against members of The Avengers and the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

Devin: H-hello everyone! This is Devin from GC-616 reporting live from Strawberry Hill, Kansas, as I witness three of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes duke it out with some unusual looking villains! 

A stray Ghost Goblin bomb rolls over toward Devin’s foot, but he leaps away.

Devin: Yikes! Looks like things are heating up here, so I should probably hurry with my report. 

Devin: Here in Kansas, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the young hero Starbrand attended a funeral for one of Cap’s old warrior buddies before migrating over to Starbrand’s ancestral home..well I guess her mom did live there too, same thing.

The cameraman let’s out an audible sigh.

Devin: Nobody asked for your sass, Ricky! Anyways, immediately a group of Deathloks, multiversal protectors, arrived with villains hot on their tail as Ghost Goblin and Black Skull ambushed everyone, ruining Cap’s inspirational message to Starbrand. As the battle ensued, it seemed that the dastardly members of the Masters of the Multiverse were gaining the upper hand — that was before Starbrand came to everyone’s rescue and did what she does best, protect the world from harm!

Starbrand zooms around the screen like a high speed jet.

Devin: Before Starbrand could subdue the two evildoers, they escaped, but not before they decided to leave an explosive present! Fortunately though, Starbrand is the prophetic mightiest Avenger and came through to save the day once more! Unbeknownst to her, both Captain America, Captain Marvel, a remaining Deathlok, and myself witnessed her grow to full on adulthood in a strange twist of events whilst using her magnificent abilities! 

Devin: I hope that the other Avengers are doing alright as I noticed Captain America wasn’t able to reach them..

Devin: Well, time for me to go catch up on more Avengers related news!

The camera gives a little static as it switches over to Akira who is standing outside the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane with Dr Misti Canteens. It is nighttime, spotlights are on.

Akira: I’m standing here with virology expert Dr. Misti Canteens, GC616 liaison at the Ravencroft Institute. Earlier this evening Spider-Man was seen fighting old villain Carrion again, things were different this time as Carrion, actually named Malcolm McBride, had not killed any of the officers, like he has done in the past. The battle took a turn after Spider-Man knocked McBride to the ground, rather than finishing the fight…

Cellphone footage of Spider-Man plays as he crouches down and grabs the villain by the hand.

Akira: Our hero grabbed McBrides hand and they seemed to share a connection telepathically. After this encounter McBride regained his sanity and returned to his normal human appearance, where he was then arrested and brought here for treatment. Dr. Canteens, would you explain what happened to Mr. McBride?

Dr. Misti Canteens: Sure, Akira, thank you. Malcolm did not choose his criminal alter-ego. While studying at ESU he was infected with the Carrion Virus, which caused this fundamental change in his character and appearance. We hope to reverse the infection here and help Mr. McBride turn his life around. And to the viewers at home: never forget that it’s okay to seek help. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, Ravencroft is extreme but making your mind okay is vital. Therapy and treatment are nothing to be embarrassed about!

Akira: That’s incredible Dr. Canteens, thank you.

Dr. Misti Canteens leaves Akira’s side and returns to the facility. The camera shifts zoom and focus to recenter Akira.

Akira: Spider-Man was seen entering the Institute and subsequently leaving out of Director Ashley Kafka’s office, the two are possibly working together on treatment for McBri- 

Akira stops talking and holds a finger up to his earpiece, listening intently. The banner at the bottom of the screen abruptly changes to a large red text reading BREAKING NEWS.

Akira: This just in: Police are currently closing an entire apartment building in the city after reports of a dead body found inside one of the apartments. Police have only released her first name: Gail. Apparently she had just gone on a date with a man from a dating site, he is of course the prime suspect. Police did announce that they believe this to be tied to the “First Date Murders”, there is no appearant connection between the victims leaving police baffled on how to end this heinous string of crime. Here at GC616 we urge you to please be careful when using dating apps. Always go somewhere public, let a friend know where you are, let someone you trust have access to your location, send a friend your dates name and photo. I’m Akira, stay safe New York. Back to you Chad.

The report returns to Chad who is spinning in his chair, tossing a ball to himself. 

Chad: I told y’all, Spider-Man is one of the good ones… but I still gotta figure it out. I got a buddy I am gonna call who always deals with complex emotional situations of life and death. Speaking of, let’s check in with Josh who’s dealing with the X-Men

The feed cuts to Josh, formerly of the Jersey Rooster, zooming in from his home office.

Josh: Thanks, Chad. It’s great to be a part of the GC616 team now, but I will still be reporting from the relative safety of New Jersey, because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, is the current Mayor of New York City! Honestly, folks, how insane can that town get? But it looks like Mr. Fisk is in way over his huge head this time. It’s one thing to mess with those street level guys like Daredevil and Spider-Man, but now he’s trying to pick a fight with the freakin X-Men!? They just took over Mars, dude. You think you’re going to take down their treehouse headquarters thing in Central Park?

Josh: We were able to confirm that a short standoff between Fisk’s Thunderbolts and the X-Men was put to rest before all out mayhem ensued by Emma Frost, who was able to classify the Treehouse as an Embassy for Krakoa. It’s been reported that the Mayor and The White Queen have had friendlier dealings in the past, so I’m sure he had a chilly reception to Miss Frost’s interference.

Josh chuckles to himself.

Josh: Anyway, no one seems to hold a grudge like Wilson Fisk, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we see of the conflict between the X-Men and the city of New York. Back to you in the studio Chad!

Chad: Well that was… interesting. Now let’s move over to …

The screen fades to black. Static slowly begins to appear, and an image starts forming. It is the same set of GC616, but the walls seem damaged, and there is a green mist in the air. The whole atmosphere also seems greener. It appears a foreign signal has found its way to the show.

An unknown reporter appears. He seems human but altered due to radiation exposure.

UNKNOWN: Today marks another anniversary of the day our world was doomed. The day when Dr. Bruce Banner was successful in creating the Gamma Bomb. An experiment that was supposed to solve the energy crisis caused another world war, the death of millions, and irradiated the whole world. No one has seen Dr. Banner ever since.

President Ross will issue a statement later today for all the citizens of the Great American Empire.

The screen fades to black again, as if the power went down. The image returns, and we see Chad, surprised by what just happened and angry because of the interruption.

Chad: I don’t know what the hell just happened! But I’m glad I’m not there! Although I like the idea of an American Empire. Now, for real, let’s move over to Cass!

The camera cuts into a handheld shot coming from a phone showing Cass walking through the streets of NY. They seem to be looking for something. The quality isn’t very good and the audio is almost incomprehensible. 

Cass: Oh! Hello there, I’m Cass, and I’m… looking for any sign of Silk. Ever since I started working for GC616 I’ve been trying to report on her activities, she seems to be the rage in social media. I really need to find her.

Just a couple of days ago she was seen stopping a bank robbery and saving some civilians. One of those civilians even manages to capture actual footage of the fight, that lucky son of a… anyways, it seems like Silk is getting really popular around here, and with good reason, she looks to be the spider hero we all deserve. 

Just yesterday she was seen in the Met after a robbery took some ancient relics from an excavation in South Korea. It’s all pretty fascinating stuff, I did some research and the excavation is supposed to be of the tomb of a witch who, according to an internet blog, could turn people old by feeding on their life energy. Creepy stuff. 

I will try to keep you posted about this robbery, and about all things Silk (maybe I will even capture her on camera one of this days) 

Cass makes a peace sign to the camera and turns off the camera as Chad appears again.

Chad: And now back to our friends at GC1138, if this machine works this time.  Wouldn’t recommend jumping over there though, me and Doop tried to have a boys night and the first bar we hit had a big sign saying “Jizz Wailer night”.  You know your boy Chad likes a freaky party but not in a strange new dimension!  Anyways, let’s hope our news report isn’t 200 years out of date again…

The screen flickers on and off as it struggles to find a signal.  Eventually a familiar green Rodian face appears, Rik Harand, but looking slightly younger and noticeably less distressed than last week.

Rik: Welcome back to GC1138, and what a week it has been!  After over a year of the Nihils threat looming over the galaxy, could peace finally be restored?  The Jedi may be a secretive bunch but thanks to my sources it seems that could be the case as the Marshall of Starlight Beacon, Avar Kriss herself, is said to be hunting down the villainous Eye of the Nihil.  That’s Lourna Dee, a merciless Twi’lek marauder who was even seen fighting Jedi on Valo during the Republic Fair and lived to tell the tale.  

A blurry holo-image of Lourna appears beside Rik as he continues on.

Rik: After finally tracking down the Nihil’s secret hideout only a small handful of Jedi, including the newly knighted Keeve Trennis and her former master Skeer, but when you’ve seen the Jedi fight like I have, you know that’s enough. That is…if they all stay on the same side. Rumours are a little fuzzy thanks to most of the witnesses being…well…cut in half by Avar Kriss, but it seems that Avar and Keeve crossed sabers at one point thanks to the aforementioned murder. I may not be a Jedi thanks to a “general lack of talent, concentration or skill” but even this former-youngling turned reporter knows that Jedi aren’t meant to kill without very good reason. Has the Hero of Hetzal been tipped over the edge? That jedi vs jedi battle was cut short however, when Lourna attacked using a mech suit “borrowed” from one of her Tempest Runners. Despite all it’s fancy weapons the Force made short of that suit when Avar pulled apart. Lourna was far from finished though as she pulled out a saber of her own, stolen from the stone remains of our own beloved Terec, which led to a short but painful duel as Avar cut off her hand. With Lourna Dee at her mercy, Avar lifted her lightsaber above her head and-

The image fades as we return to the GC616 studio to see Chad kicking the very expensive and valuable equipment that enables this cross-dimensional coverage

Chad: Work you stupid-

The screen fills with static once more, before cutting into a shot of the GC1138 dimension a bit in the future from the other report. The chamara appears to have a note in aurebesh at the top, it says “This transmission is being monitored by the Empire and the CFP. This is clearly a new time period. We can see a beaten up RA- 7 protocol droid with a green paint code looking at the camera.

Tri: Hello, my name is TR-3, or as my master calls me, Tri. I was reprogrammed to be a reporter droid, a really good one if I may say so myself. Recently with all the chaos around the criminal group known as Crimson Dawn I was sent to investigate one of the minor players, a rogue archeologist that goes by Doctor Aphra. The task is a little beneath me to be completely honest, but such is the life of a droid. 

My research has led me to the conclusion that Aphra is currently in a conflict with past associate Kho Phon Farrus. They both seem to be looking for some acdentant artifacts, but Farrus seems to be performing some ritual killings to get to these artifacts. Aphra has been in pursuit and has finally caught up to Farrus but they have apparently tried to kill the archeologist and her companion, known smuggler Sana Starros. Is there anyone that knows Aphra that hasn’t tried to kill her yet?

But I’m just wasting my energy cells telling you all this, the thing is that Farrus has found what they’ve been looking for, and it seems to be a place full of memories for them and Aphra. I will follow Aphr crazy dealings for now. This was TR-3 repporing in 

The screen goes back to being full of static before the audience see’s Chad talking on the phone.

Chad: This is Chad, Logan didn’t show up for boys night. I made cocktail meatballs and I know he would never miss out on Chad’s balls. He said so himself.

Chad’s quiet for a moment as the person on the other end speaks.

Chad: Wow, J-dog, you’re telling me that bald headed fuck Xavier is sending Logan back through time to what… save himself? Tell chrome dome if Logan doesn’t come back, I am coming to Krakoa. Hope he likes mud wrasslin’ because I am going to suplex him into the pit. Anyway, give Logan my best if he wakes up. Hugs and kisses, bye.

Chad hangs up his phone as he leans back on his desk.

Chad: Well, bubs, looks like Logan isn’t around to give me his gravely advice this time so I gotta figure this one out on my own. I’m not really sure what to do. Logan’s done it all and usually puts me on a path towards an answer. Anyway, catch you next week true believers.

Books Covered this Week:

Avengers #52 by Jason Aaron, Juan Frigeri, David Curiel, and Cory Petit

Ben Reilly Spider-Man #1 by J.M. DeMatteis, David Baldeón, Israel Silva, and Joe Caramagna

Devil’s Reign X-Men #1 by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and Cory Petit

Hulk #3 – by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin with Federico Blee, and Cory Petit 

Silk #1 – Cass by Emily Kim, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herrin and Ariana Maher 

Star Wars The High Republic #13 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Carlos Lopez, and Ariana Maher

Doctor Aphra #18 by Alyssa Wong, Minkya Jung, Rachell Rosenber, and Joe Caramanga 

X Lives of Wolverine #1 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, Frank Martin, and Cory Petit

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