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What’s your favorite scary movie?

Welcome to Woodsboro, home or the world-famous Ghostface Killer! Yes, today we’re discussing the SCREAM franchise ahead of the latest installments release this week. But a word of advice, if you hear a phone ringing while listening, maybe don’t answer it, you never know who’s on the other end of the line…

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Talkin' Doc Ock with Zac Thompson GateCrashers

Zac Thompson nearly makes Dan's head explode in this conversation about Doctor Otto Octavius. Zac joins us to talk about his latest series Devil's Reign Superior Four which starts four Doc Ocks from across the multiverse. Dan and Zac chat about the learned emotional tools Ock found during his time as Spider-Man, how he has changed since, and all things Ock. Be sure to tune in to hear Dan sing his new hit jingle about his friend and yours, Zac "The Mushroom Man" Thompson!
  1. Talkin' Doc Ock with Zac Thompson
  2. Catwoman Interview with Tini Howard and Nico Leon
  3. Scream
  4. Interview with Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides
  5. Star Wars: Wild Space

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