Titans: Season Three, Ep. 9 “Souls” Review

Bree and Jon are back with another Titans review!

GateCrashers’ Titans coverage returns with myself (Bree) and my partner, Jon! We’ll be covering each episode release as they drop. The show has a lot of sentimental value to us on a very personal level, our coverage will be what is essentially written conversations with two sections; a very spoiler-free approach followed by a spoiler-centric one. Without further ado, our spoiler-free segment begins here; 

Jon: Episode 9 is finally here and showing us what’s become of our youngest Titan, Raven. As she continues her training on the island of Themyscira and tries to find a way to bring Donna Troy back from the grave after her untimely demise via carnival electricity,

Bree: This episode also tells us more about the newest addition to the character roster, Tim Drake. Old friends reappear, as well. Different approaches are taken to the cinematography and visual style of the show, and I think they’re quite effective. Themyscira wasn’t necessarily a major part of the entire episode, but what we did see of it was quite beautiful and very detailed for a show that isn’t connected to Diana.

Jon: Jay Lycurgo continues to impress as Tim Drake. For someone who has been suddenly thrust into the world of capes he always looked at from afar he continues to impress with how much knowledge he has collected along the way. Not to mention without the help of a trusty bat computer. 


Bree: YO….Hawk coming back. Even as a ‘ghost’, it was a lot of fun to see Alan Ritchson again. 

Jon: FACTS! Our favorite loudmouth Titan is back and easily the best part of the episode which only makes us miss him more and more, gone too soon. Seeing him and Donna reunite one last time is both incredible and a tear-jerker at times.

Bree: I think Donna was ultimately the stand-out of this episode for me. Donna Troy has one of the messiest origins in comics. She’s died across multiple timelines, only to be revived in a way that somehow gets more confusing each time. The anger she felt about her death on Titans felt very meta, it was cathartic to have a variation in which she’s aware of that and allowed to be angry about it. 

Jon: It was refreshing because let’s be honest the way she went out at the end of Season 2 is complete bullshit. Just as bad as her family being completely wiped out in the comics without any explanation.

Bree: yeeeaahhh….it’s a big ol’ mess. Love that she got her lasso and Sword! We stan a Girlboss! I wasn’t keen on the Amazons being religious fundamentalists but at least they seemed to meet Rachel halfway in the end.

Jon: Same! However, by the end of the episode, it was a pretty nice way of teaching Rachel some spiritual truths. Also, can we all appreciate that Hawk managed to summon up a pair of nunchucks? Which, I am more than certain, are a nod to his time as a Ninja Turtle (even though it technically should have been the twin sai).

Bree: They seem to be taking a fairly unique approach to Tim Drake but so far he’s incredibly likable. His gushing about how great the Titans are was very endearing and ultimately felt like what we as fans would want to say to them. 

Jon: Nothing feels over the top with Tim. He doesn’t feel entitled that he should be a Titan simply because he discovered their identities, which I was initially worried about. I must admit I was not previously a huge Tim Drake fan, but Titans is quickly changing how I feel about the character.


Bree: Just an all-around great episode. The emotional beats land every time, the action sequences are fun, and they took some chances with different visual styles that ultimately paid off.

Jon: A great rebirth for a former character and a beautiful send-off for another. This episode will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

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