GC616 News for Marvel Comics Released 09/15/2021

The GC616 News Team is back with a look at the latest Marvel Comics releases!

The GC616 logo flashes across the screen to reveal Reagan seated at the news desk.

Reagan: Good evening and welcome to GC616, we begin this edition with breaking news from Krakoa. It seems that Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is in fact alive. 

Maximoff was previously thought to have been murdered during the Hellfire Gala. However, during a visit to Krakoa by the Avengers, they found not her body but Maximoff herself alive and well. We will keep you posted on this story as it develops. In the meantime, let’s go to Journo with some news from the peak, Journo?

The camera cuts to a familiar sight, that of an information hub nestled in S.W.O.R.D. Base One, otherwise known as The Peak. Sitting at a desk, half-reading data flowing across one of the monitors is Journo, the Agent of S.W.O.R.D. He’s distracted from his normal duties as becomes obvious when he touches a finger to his ear before letting out a laugh. He’s on the phone with someone.

Journo: It’s good to hear from you too, Smasher… Yeah, I’m keeping busy. Wish I could be out in the field but Brand’s had me analyzing the data streams from the Dormammu incursion points… Well, I’m glad the Wakandans were of help, and I’m especially glad Deathbird didn’t kill any of them… And how’s the kid? Safe?… Good, good. I was talking with Sam just a few hours ago. They all got back safely from that mission with Cable… Yes, I’ll try my best to make sure Brand doesn’t send him on any more missions like that. Look, I’ve gotta go, but once this is all over we’ll all have to go grab dinner, preferably on Aerie, I’m enjoying Earth cuisine less and less these days… I know, me, all fancy like that. Catch you soon, Smasher.

As he hangs up the phone, Journo looks around and notices that the GC616 drone is active and has recorded his entire call.

Journo: #@!&, um, hey folks, what can I say, when you get the chance to catch up with an old friend, you’ve got to take it. Anyway, as you probably heard me say, the Shi’ar homeworld Aerie is as safe as can be right now given the circumstances thanks to assistance from the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. A small strike team led by M’Baku and Shuri, under appointment by King T’Challa, and with assistance from the Shi’ar Imperial Guard held back the forces of Dormammu.

Yeah, sorry for the quick update folks, but looks like we’re wrapping this situation up, one way or the other. I’ll hopefully be back in touch once this is all resolved. Journo out.

With that, Journo hits a command into the nearest keyboard and the camera cuts back to Reagan in the studio.

Reagan: Thanks Journo and as always, stay safe up there. Now we have Steve the Terrible with some news from Mar- er. Planet Arrako.

Steve the Terrible:  Uh hi.  I’m Steve, or Steve the Terrible as the guys on Arakko started calling me.  I didn’t do anything awful or anything, they just really don’t like me here.  I’m GC616’s resident Planet Arrako reporter, a gig I signed on for before I knew it was full of really scary mutants who had spent centuries in a hell dimension.  And I have no problem with mutants, but these guys are really mean.  They keep calling me “weak” and telling me I wouldn’t last a week in Amenth.  WHICH IS TRUE but I’d appreciate it if they didn’t say it daily.

Steve: Aside from the usual daily murders, of which there were dozens as always, today was a pretty busy day on Arakko.  My fellow Earthers, the mutant pirate crew known as the Marauders,  paid a visit to our great planet this week after the unwanted arrival of a space-crook by the name of Deen Lorix.  Or maybe Eden Lixlo.  Or perhaps Bjuon.  He was very unclear.  Whatever his name is, that ex-Nova Corps chump was trying to get to Earth to see some of our mutant buddies down there till the big S.W.O.R.D. station flagged him down.  It seems the White Queen had some prior dealings with this guy and he was trying to track her down.  Rumblings in the Red Lagoon say something about Ms. Frost stealing a fancy telepathic ship called the Mercury? 

After a brief tussle in the bar with the entire Spring side of the Krakoan Quiet Council involved, they seemed to sort it all out and went for a nice little ride in the Mercury and everything ended all happily ever after right?  Or maybe not.  There’s a few whispers around the port over here that some unexpected mutant debris was found floating in space.  But an entire quarter of the Krakoan leadership couldn’t have been wiped out at once…right?  With whispers of Lordes Chantel, an old Hellfire associate, being spotted in New York, maybe there are some open spaces for her now on the Hellfire Trading Company?  Back to you Earth, and please let me come home soon.

 Reagan: Thanks Steve! Now Let’s go to Journo with some Eternals news.

The camera cuts to a small enclosed room. Jordan sits in the center of the frame reading through a large leatherbound book. 

Jordan: Ah hello GC616 viewers. Once again welcome to our Sanctum Sanctorum branch. Here I can view much that transpires throughout the universe. Today I have been reading through this book. It details the history of the Eternals, our very own cosmic protectors engineered by the Celestials. This story here I have found to be of particular interest. It appears that there was once a great war between different factions of Eternals some 200,000 years ago.

This schism was caused by two Eternal leaders divided views on Eternals future. A’Lars who we now know to be called Mentor believed that Eternals should reproduce naturally. Opposing him was his brother, the fierce Zuras who believed in the traditional status quo of Eternals. The two leaders came to blows and deployed their forces against each other. To stop this brutal war the two brothers were brought together to reach a compromise by their mother Daina. The compromise was reached as A’Lars left to start his own civilization to see if he could sustain a civilization of Eternals bred naturally. Zuras would help to lead the Eternals left behind as their memories would be erased and they would start fresh.

The two agreed and A’Lars under the name Mentor left for Titan, a moon of Saturn. Here Mentor encountered Sui-San, an Eternal in exile on this decimated moon. Lars proposed that they start a new future for Eternals together. She eventually agreed and Titan became the home for Eternals offshoots, beings imprinted with Eternal DNA. These people would become known as the Titans. The two eventually fell in love and decided to naturally conceive two children. The second of which was who we now call the Mad Titan, Thanos. Thanos drove her mad and eventually killed Mentor. Mentor was then resurrected in the Exclusion, a location built for returning Eternals.

However, Lars would discover firsthand it’s secondary function, as a prison. Mentor was thrown into a cell by Ikaris and Thena as they told him his love was imprisoned next to him and that she wished they had never met. Mentor’s cell was filled with light, each pixel representing a life Thanos had snuffed out. Mentor’s eyes burned out as he was forced to bear witness to the destruction his offspring had wrought. It was a tragic and powerful story that I thought you may find interesting. Given the Eternals current conflict with Thanos it helps to provide some context. As always thanks for listening and may the Vishanti guide you. 

The camera cuts back to Reagan in the studio.

Reagan: Thanks Jordan! And with that we’ve come to the end of our show, we’ll see you next week on GC616. Stay safe everyone.

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