What If… The World Lost its Mightiest Heroes? Review and Discussion

Amanda and Reagan return to discuss episode 3 of Marvel’s What If…

GateCrashers’ coverage of What If…? returns with Amanda and Reagan’s discussion of Episode Three.

Episode Three of What If…? has been described as what would happen if the world suddenly lost its mightiest heroes. What will happen if Nick Fury’s Avengers Initiative is suddenly…gone? Amanda and Reagan are locked and loaded and ready to find out with you all! Beware of the spoilers down below and buckle up for another episode of Marvel’s What If…?

Amanda: Really?! They’re gonna make me watch Tony die AGAIN????? Personally, I think this is overkill. Why they gotta do me like this? It wasn’t even a cool death, either!

But I guess at least I got an animated version of the iconic Iron Man is Dying and Eating Donuts in a Donut scene.

Also, as a side note, I am very obsessed with the animation of Black Widow fighting that entire caravan of SHIELD agents. The animation style of What If…? is just so much fun, the fight scenes are honestly expertly crafted, 10/10, will watch this scene over and over again.

Reagan: She. I really loved Natasha in this, her scenes felt like parts of The Winter Soldier and they were absolutely the standout part of this episode. You could really feel the mystery aspect of what was going on.

Amanda: When I tell you I SCREAMED when Hawkeye let that arrow loose! SIR! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Also, like, how did that actually kill Thor? He is literally a god? He wasn’t stripped of his godlike power in the first Thor, he just was no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir! And, like, I’m pretty sure Hawkeye shooting him in the first Thor was just supposed to incapacitate him, not kill him!

Reagan: That and Hawkeye’s death were the moments where I was like “ok so this is what we’re doing, this is the what if.” It was simple yet left a lot of room to grow in terms of what could happen. Would we see the heroes introduced later on? I had no idea but I knew I was into it.

Amanda: So going in I was pretty convinced this was going to be the zombie episode, like, I was fully prepared for Tony to just wake up and start eating people but I also know that the zombie episode is supposed to be a later one, so. I honestly had no idea what was going on. Why are all of the Avengers dying? Why is someone trying to ruin Nick Fury’s day like this?

Reagan: There’s so many ways a scenario like this could go. A guy like Fury is bound to have a lot of enemies.

Amanda: Oh god why did the Hulk just blow up. Why did that happen? What is happening? What is going on? Why is Natasha dead? Someone please explain I am hands-and-knees begging.

Reagan: Was fully not expecting Hulk to just blow up like that, that was such a massive surprise.

Amanda: YES!!! FINALLY!!! SOMETHING WORTH STICKING AROUND FOR!!! As someone who has very little comics knowledge, I’ve been completely lost as to what this episode is supposed to be accomplishing but anything that includes Loki is automatically at least three times better. And Lady Sif? My queen!

Reagan: Once again, she. Loki was such a great part of the episode. It’s never hard to tell that Hiddleston is having a great time and you can really feel that here. It always improves whatever he’s in when that shines through, it makes it more fun. And I mean, I think we all know how much I love Loki.

Amanda: Okay, so apparently… Hope had been under Nick Fury’s employ and he… sent her on a mission where she… died, I guess. And so now we have an angry Hank Pym. Who is wearing what I think is the Yellow Jacket suit. And is swearing revenge on all of the Avengers? I’m so confused. And now Carol Danvers is on her way I guess? Reagan, do you know what’s happening?

This fight scene with Nick and Loki is pretty cool, though, I’ll give them that.

Reagan: It’s definitely a very busy episode, it feels cluttered with how much is going on. It’s one thing to have a butterfly effect caused by a single difference, it’s another thing entirely to have this many what if scenarios at once.

Amanda: I was fully confused for literally the entire episode. I’m honestly not sure what was supposed to be happening here. I generally had some context for the first two episodes and for most of the remaining episodes but for this one I sat here the entire time like “can someone please explain!!!” Why did Betty Ross become so significant here? Why did Hank kill all the Avengers? What purpose did any of this serve?

I know this episode was “What If… The World Lost its Mightiest Heroes?”, but I think what confused me the most is that I don’t really end up learning what happens without the Avengers, I only learn how they were eliminated and I guess why.

I really hope Ep. 3 isn’t someone’s first episode because they’re going to be hella confused. Also, like, not much really happens (at least that makes sense on paper)? I suppose the subterfuge and political intrigue would keep a casual viewer watching just for the suspense and I know the inclusion of Loki will absolutely encourage the audience to stay, but I honestly found myself… quite bored with this one, I won’t lie to y’all.

Reagan: Not even Loki could make this one outshine the first two in my eyes. I really hope this isn’t what the rest of the episodes will be like, especially after the other two were so good. 

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