GC52 News Report (03/23/2021 Releases)

GC52 is back with another exciting look at this week’s DC Comics!

(Spoilers for DC Comics released 03/23/2021)

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The GC52 Logo appears on televisions, computers, and all other types of viewing devices at its normally scheduled time. Lead Anchor Dan McMahon sits at the center of the newsroom behind his desk. This week he’s wearing a distinguished looking cardigan over a plain button down shirt outlined by the large window behind him looking out over Metropolis. The Daily Planet globe is visible behind him as the setting sun sparkles off the crown jewel of the City of Tomorrow. The GC52 theme music begins to dim as the actual program begins.

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to bring you up to the minute updates on the worlds you live in!

Dan: Our top story tonight is the Man of Steel and the younger Man of Steel finally stopping the alien invasion high above our heads. It seems as if Jon Kent was the one to finally send back the alien menace after Superman took some damage. What did I tell you, dear viewers? When the Super people are there, things always work out. Sometimes we just have to remember that everyone falls sometimes. No one is totally perfect and we must remember that by being there to lend a hand, we can always help our heroes back to their feet. But let’s check in with Ethan to see what else is going on!

The camera cuts over to Ethan’s corner of the studio. His bow-tie a vibrant orange this week, a puzzled look on his face. Behind him on the giant video-screen is an image of Batman and Superman, though they look different to the ones we know on Earth-Prime.

Ethan: Thanks Dan, and good evening folks. We’ve got a strange one for you tonight. We received two film reels this week, when played they showed two separate stories of seemingly parallel universe counterparts of Batman and Superman. Now, there’s nothing necessarily strange about that, after all I am the GC52 multiverse correspondent. But, what was odd, as the reels played on, they interacted, as if connected on a deeper level.

He pauses, as if struggling to find the words to describe the events he witnessed.

Ethan: It’s… hard to describe what I saw. The best I can figure, these film reels are like two sides of the same coin. When put together they will interact in ways not the norm. So, what exactly happened you ask? Well, Batman, and Robin, were investigating a breakout at Arkham, chasing down leads on a suspect known as Spider Lady. Meanwhile, Superman was stopping another dastardly plot by Lex Luthor.

Ethan: Continuing an ongoing investigation, Lois Lane was pulled into some sort of dimensional rift, being pulled from this Superman’s universe into that of Batman’s. And that’s all the info we have folks. The tapes burnt out, literally. If we have any other info regarding this strange event, you know we’ll report on it. Anyway, back to you Dan.

The camera turns back to Dan who is shining his glasses.

Dan: Thanks Ethan, we’ve been getting reports of Midnighter being spotted down by the docks doing a number on some fellows who were up to no good. Midnighter’s tactics are a bit…brutal but at least he’s on the side of good. Well I think at least. I’ve actually only met him a handful of times. One year at the GC52 Christmas party, he bought me an old fashioned and we talked for a bit. It was as if he always knew my next three moves. We met up a few other times to grab drinks after that. 

Ethan: Wait, Dan, you were or are friends with Midnighter? You already know Grifter… you realize that is kind of sketchy right?

As if he didn’t just hear what Ethan said, he starts the transition to the next piece.

Dan: Let’s check in with Bruce to see what’s going down in Gotham!

The camera turns to Bruce Spruce, dressed in formal wear at what appears to be a gala. He adjusts his bowtie and smiles his big, flashy grin.

Bruce: Hello from Gotham City! This is Bruce Spruce coming to you live from City Hall where tonight Mayor Nakano is hosting a fundraiser for his new “Vision for Gotham.” The short of it, he is not too keen on superheroes, capes, or as he calls them, “vigilantes.” The recent Joker War pushed things over the edge and it seems like he’s getting more serious about cracking down on folks like the Batman. It’s a high-profile evening with Gotham’s most wealthy in attendance, which has historically always gone off without a hitch with absolutely nothing going wro-

The camera focuses on the ceiling, as it shatters with glass raining down. Several gunmen sporting Joker colors and body armor descend into the building and start firing. Bruce lets out a shriek, a very manly shriek. The camera pans back to Bruce as he “regains” his composure.

Bruce: We are under attack! All of the wealthiest folks in Gotham are here! Who could have possibly seen this coming?!

Bruce dives under a nearby table, with the cameraman running right behind and meeting him on the floor. They’re trying to remain stealthy while also getting an accurate account of events, and keep their cool as much as possible.

Bruce: The Mayor has been escorted away while the guests are trying to make their escape. Not Bruce Spruce though, you can rest easy that no matter what I will keep reporting on the situation as it develops. It will be a cold day in hell before a purple and green smiley-faced thug gets the better of me!

Even more glass shatters, as another party crasher joins the fray, busting up the busters of the party.

Bruce: Nakano’s anti-vigilante sentiment be damned, it’s Batman! He’s making short work of these party crashers, and it looks like we’re going to be saved! Here’s hoping this leaves an impact on the new mayor. After all, Gotham needs its Batman, and I need…a drink. That’s enough excitement for one night and my heart feels like it’s beating at a million miles a minute. That’s all for Bruce Spruce tonight, so to my loyal fans, I say goodnight. Back to you, Dan!

Dan is tapping his finger on his desk when it comes back to him.

Dan: One of these days, we are going to have Mayor Nakano on the show so I can give him a piece of my mind.

From behind the camera, Jerry snaps at Dan to point to a prompter that they have another report from Violet coming in.

Dan: Oh, it looks like we have another story from Gotham tonight from our reporter Violet… let’s see what she’s up to!

Violet stands on the streets of Gotham with her microphone in hand. No one on staff is sure who is recording her segments.

Violet: I’m baaaaack, and I’ve decided against dressing like Harley Quinn considering she’s  getting threatened every time she walks out the door. There are clown murderers everywhere! It’s not safe, seriously I had to take a cab here, the city is in chaos!

Violet: So today I was waiting around Harley’s apartment block like I usually do, to try and spot some action, when I see Batman climb into her window! I think we can confirm they’re in cahoots now … I am very curious to see where that leads! Shortly after, I tracked Harley – dont ask how – to the old Krazy Cave where I see her and Batman talk to this dude with a smile tattoo on his neck, could be one of Joker’s old gang? Anyways, while Harley set off elsewhere, I went back to her apartment and may or may not have broken in and hid in her closet……WHAT?! Do ya want good scoops or not?!

Violet: The place was a mess but I couldn’t believe I was standing in her humble abode. I saw a spread chart on the wall with some of Gotham’s familiar rogues mentioned, looks like some sort of redemption mission…OH and she has one of those Bat-toasters I’ve always wanted… I’m jealous. I did try to take it with me but she was coming back so I dropped it by the window and well that’s how I ended up in the closet….

I’m okay though! I’m back to the streets and ready to report when I find more information. Back to you Dan! Bye!

When the camera cuts back to Dan, he looks befuddled by the last report.

Dan: Wait, did she say she broke into Harley’s home? Let’s check in with Bree who is live on the scene from Titans Academy while I try to get HR down here.

The report turns over to Bree who is standing on a boat on her way to Titans Island.

Bree: Reporting live from the newly renovated Roy Harper Titans Academy, a building formerly known to the public as Titans Tower. Today is the first day of Freshman orientation, for those that passed the rigorous entrance exams and aptitude tests. A day, I’m sure these Titans in training will remember for the rest of their lives. However, residents in the surrounding communities are concerned about potential collateral damage and what that may mean for their property value.

Cyborg, Beastboy, Raven, Wonder Girl, and Nightwing emerge from the clouds of fog clinging to the shores of the island.

Bree: Oh! Mr. Nightwing, do you have a minute to speak to the press?

Nightwing: How did you even-?!

He exchanges a look with the rest of his teammates before turning to face the camera crew, as the other Titans walk past the group and through the doors of the tower.

Bree: Thank you for choosing to address the public Mr. Nightwing, are you looking forward to your new role as Headmaster? Did you personally handpick the freshman candidates? What safety measures do you have in place to protect residents from potential loose cannons?

Nightwing: My pleasure Miss… Bree, correct? All potential candidates that met the recruitment requirements were then interviewed by my colleagues and I, admission was offered to the candidates all of us agreed upon. The last generation of Titans are functioning as upperclassmen and have proven to be excellent role models. Lastly, I will not be Headmaster. The HeadMISTRESS, should be arriving-

Starfire lands just behind the camera crew.

Bree: Oh? Ms. Starfire, do you have time for questions? Can you speak on the decision to name the academy after Mr. Roy Harper? Do you feel that the students may struggle to accept a mentor from another planet? Are you and Nightwing reigniting-

Starfire: Thank you for your interest in the…rebranding of this institution. Roy Harper was a treasured friend and ally for every veteran Titan, we hope that his memory will inspire the next generation of Titans to find a purpose larger than themselves. I have been a resident of Earth for many years now, and have made many friends here. I have no concerns. Now, we must be-    

Bree: Last question Ms. Starfire, the public still has not received a conclusive answer as to what happened to the last Red X-

Starfire: Unfortunately that is all the time we have today, the new recruits will be arriving shortly and we still have preparations to make. Mr. Nightwing?

The pair exchange nods and exit the view of the cameras, turning to disappear within the tower without another word 

Bree: Well, I do hope what I learned today will soothe some concerns from the Public. Regardless, the tower is sure to be a livelier place than it perhaps ever was. Back to you Dan!

When the camera returns to the studio, Dan is speaking with HR who quickly walks off set to see if they can find the hiring papers for Violet.

Dan: Well I hope the Academy works out for the next generation of brave heroes! That’s all we have for you, so as always… be it the Bat Symbol in Gotham, a red streak through Central City, or a golden lasso on Themyscira… GC52 has you covered with the news you need to know. Till next week, I’m your host Dan McMahon. Be strong in all your convictions.

Books covered this week:

  • Detective Comics #1034 by Mariko Tamaki, Dan Mora, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar.
  • Batman/Superman #16 by Gene Luen Yang, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Sabine Rich, and Saida Temofonte.
  • Harley Quinn #1 by Stephanie Phillips, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, and Deron Bennett.
  • Action Comics #1029 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe.
  • Teen Titans Academy #1 by Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Alejandro Sanchez, and Rob Leigh.

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