Star Wars: The High Republic: Convergence is a Compelling Read

Journey to the warring worlds of Eiram and E’ronoh in Star Wars: The High Republic: Convergence.


Star Wars Celebration

Today’s podcast journeys to a Galaxy Far, Far Away; Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Star Wars: Mission to Disaster is a Not-So Final Finale

Adam is here with a review of the final Middle-Grade book in Phase One of the Star Wars: The High Republic initiative.

Star Wars: Midnight Horizon is a Book at Odds with Itself

Kevin takes a look at the latest YA offering from Star Wars: The High Republic.

Star Wars: Eye of the Storm #1 is a Vital Key in Unlocking the Mysteries of the High Republic

Adam takes a look at the latest instalment in the High Republic publishing initiative!

Star Wars: The Fallen Star Brings The High Republic Phase One to an Emotional End

Adam takes a look at the final adult novel in Phase One of Star Wars: The High Republic, releasing tomorrow.

Star Wars: The Lego Starships We Hope to See

Adam takes a look at the Star Wars Lego sets he’d love to see someday!

Race to Crashpoint Tower (Spoiler-free Review)

Ashley is here with a look at the latest Junior novel release in the Star Wars – The High Republic venture!

Out of the Shadows (Spoiler-free Review)

Adam’s here to take an early look at the upcoming YA Star Wars novel; Out of the Shadows!

The Rising Storm (Spoiler-free Review)

An early, spoiler-free review, of the upcoming Star Wars novel; The Rising Storm!