Star Wars: The Lego Starships We Hope to See

Lego has made a lot of Star Wars vehicles in their slightly over 20-year history with the franchise. And I’ve bought…a lot of them. Nothing makes me happier than rewatching a Star War and pointing at the screen every time I see a ship that I own. Underneath my TV, and frankly all around my room in general, are as many Star Wars ships as I can fit on shelves. But every now and then, there’s a ship I see that no matter how much I want it, I can’t have. So with all that Lego has ever made, from the X-wing to the TIE-Defender, what hasn’t made its way from a Galaxy Far, Far Away to a world of bricks?

The Prequels

Public perception of the prequels hasn’t always been favorable, and that’s definitely shown in the sets lego produces. Out of the 31 “Ultimate Collector Series (UCS)” sets that Lego has produced, just 6 have been based on the prequel series. And while the prequel popularity continues to grow, that change has been slow with Lego. Although the recently announced UCS Republic Gunship could hopefully see a change in that.  

So what ships from across this era haven’t yet made their way to Lego?

Naboo Royal Starship

A major part of The Phantom Menace, the reasons for the Naboo Royal Starfighter (or J-type 327 Nubian starship) not being made are pretty clear. The ship itself is chrome, and lego parts in chrome are very inconsistent in quality, and presumably more expensive to produce. After reading Queen’s Peril and Shadow recently though, I’m desperate to see Padmé represented better in Lego. Despite being a main member of the prequels cast, there are only 5 (technically 6) figures of Padmé ever made. Meanwhile, there are 7 figures based on Anakin’s Phantom Menace look alone. The “Queen Amidala” figure (technically Sabé, not Padmé) is one of the rarest figures out there, so it would be great to get a rerelease. Or an Amidala Handmaiden or two, with a new Captain Panaka?  There’s just so much potential there, and as much as I understand the restrictions with chrome I’d love to see a way to make it work. There are also several options with this ship since it appears with 3 completely different designs in each prequel movie. The Phantom Menace version is the most iconic though, and the one I’d want to see most.

Trade Federation Battleship

The Trade Federation battleship, or Lucrehulk-class Battleship, is another key part of The Phantom Menace that has yet to make its way into Lego. And this one has another pretty clear problem holding it back, size and shape. Making a ship this size would be expensive, especially since it’s a giant sphere, and there aren’t exactly many die-hard Trade Federation fans out there willing to drop hundreds on this battleship despite the potential the set could have.

The Invisible Hand

Now this one has no excuse. If we can get a lego Malevolence, General Grievous’s vastly inferior ship from The Clone Wars, we can get the Invisible Hand. Anakin didn’t say it was “where the fun begins” for nothing!  Just think of the features for this set. It could split in half!  This has been my most wanted Lego set since 2005 and every time I watch Revenge of the Sith I want it a little bit more.

Rogue One

While technically a prequel, it’s hard to loop Rogue One in with that trilogy thanks to its clear effort to be more stylistically in line with the Original Trilogy. Rogue One still did a lot of work to design new spaceships for the Star Wars Universe. As a huge fan of the U-Wing, thankfully many of these ships have already been adapted by Lego, but there are still several to go.

Hammerhead Corvette

Although technically a ship dating all the way back to the Old Republic era, the Hammerhead Corvette made its new canon debut in Rogue One and frankly stole the show. Sacrificing itself to destroy the shield over Scarif, a Hammerhead Corvette deserves a place in Lego’s line-up.

Rogue One

Despite being the ship that gives the movie its name, the Zeta-class heavy cargo shuttle is another Star Wars vehicle to not yet make its way to lego. Even with its 4 large wings, it wouldn’t even have to be a huge set if done in a similar style to the recent Imperial Shuttle and would be the perfect way to celebrate the movie’s 5 year anniversary this year.

Antoc Merrick’s X-Wing

Is this technically cheating since Lego has made many, many X-wings before in red squadron? Maybe. But have you considered…


Thanks to Solo’s underwhelming (but underserved) box office performance, it didn’t get as many Lego sets as it maybe needed. They never even made two of the main characters! I believe that this came down to the last rewrites to the film as it changed directors, but plenty of time has passed now and there’s a clear choice for the Solo ship that needs to be made.

First Light

The Nau’ur-class yacht owned by Crimson Dawn leader Dryden Vos, the First Light would provide the perfect opportunity to actually make a minifigure for Dryden himself. He is the main villain of the movie after all! And although she doesn’t appear on the yacht, the lack of L3-37 in the Solo line is another travesty.

The Original Trilogy

Unsurprisingly after 20 years of having the license, there are few ships from the original trilogy that Lego is yet to make. But not none!

Nebulon B Frigate

When the previously mentioned UCS Republic Gunship was announced, it was actually part of a vote for the next UCS set. The options were between the Republic Gunship, a TIE-Bomber, and the Nebulon B Frigate. So what did the people choose between a ship we’ve seen in Lego three times, the one that hasn’t appeared since 2003, and the giant rebel flagship that has never been made in lego and probably never will be if it doesn’t win the vote?  The Republic Gunship of course. As you can tell, I’m definitely not still bitter over that. Several other Rebel flagships would also be valid options, such as the Home One, but the Nebulon B Frigate has always been a favourite of mine.

Sequel Trilogy

The movies that brought me back into Lego after several years of absence, the sequel trilogy received fewer and fewer sets as it went on, from 17 (and 4 single figure polybags) for The Force Awakens, to 14 (and 1 single figure polybag) for The Last Jedi, to 10 for The Rise of Skywalker. That left plenty of opportunities that Lego passed on in favour of giving Poe 3 different X-Wings.

Resistance Transport Pod

One of the strangest sets to ever not exist, the ships used by the Resistance to evacuate to Crait in The Last Jedi was actually made into a set. It was shown off at a toy fair and a full leaked description was given. And then it just…disappeared. We never heard anything about it again. It’s still a great idea for a set though.  It would also be a great opportunity for a new Leia, who only got a sequel version from Episode VII.

First Order Dreadnought

Used over D’Qar to stop the Resistance from fleeing, the First Order Dreadnought may be a little on the large side but its unique shape and design could make for a very interesting build.


Clearly The Last Jedi’s “TIE Silencer” was deemed “too quiet”, so The Rise of Skywalker brought the volume up a bit with Kylo Ren’s latest, and final, starfighter. Due to Lego’s unfortunate lack of TIE-Interceptors, the Whisperer would fit in perfectly.

Bestoon Legacy

If you told me walking out of The Rise of Skywalker that a few years down the line I’d be a genuine fan of Ochi of Bestoon, Sith assassin extraordinaire, I’d have laughed in your face. But the current Star Wars: Darth Vader comic by Greg Pak has really turned me around on the weird little guy. He sucks, but in a very endearing way. And with the Legacy being so important to Rey’s story, it makes sense that his ship would appear in Lego form.

Final Order Star Destroyer

It’s been quite a while since Lego last released an (affordable) Star Destroyer, and the final order variant gives plenty of room to do something a little new. Essentially just an Imperial Star Destroyer with a big gun on it and a red trim, the fleet over Exogol provides plenty of scenes for Lego to draw on for a set. Like maybe finally releasing the main villain of the movie?

The Games

Although there haven’t been as many single-player Star Wars games since EA got the license, I’ve really enjoyed the ones that have been made and feel there’s plenty of potential there for Lego to use.

Jedi: Fallen Order

Stinger Mantis

I want an official Lego Cal Kestis. I will happily buy a full starship, just to own an official Cal Kestis. And more importantly, BD-1! The Stinger Mantis is also a great-looking ship with a design just waiting for Lego to make, with that wing that twists around in flight. I thought it was such a missed opportunity when nothing was announced.

Battlefront II

The Corvus

As happy as I am that Lego released an Inferno Squad battle-pack to coincide with the release of Battlefront 2, I’d love to see the Squad’s ship in bricks. An Imperial Raider-II class ship, the Corvus stayed with Iden Versio and Del Meeko when they defected to the Rebel Alliance and helped fight in the battle of Jakku. Seeing official Rebel variants of Iden and Del in figure form would also be great.

The High Republic

Lego has never based a set off of a book series before, but there’s always a first for everything. With the line-wide High Republic era dominating so much of the Star Wars publishing line at the moment and telling some fantastic stories while doing it, it makes sense for lego to cash in on that for at least the one set. And what better than…

Jedi Vector

The personal fighters used by the Jedi during the High Republic era, the Vectors are fascinating ships with lasers that use lightsabers to function and that can even be flown remotely using the force. I could list Jedi that I’d want to see included in the set for days since I love every High Republic Jedi we’ve seen so far, but Avar Kriss seems to be the best option.  As both the face of the Jedi Order thanks to her fight against the Nihil and the face of the High Republic line, she seems the perfect choice to become a minifigure.

Thanks to the many, many starships all throughout that Galaxy Far, Far Away this is far from all the ships that Lego hasn’t yet made, but I hoped you enjoyed this list of a few of my favourite candidates.  


Review: Lego Daily Bugle

Peter Parker: Hey everyone, this is Peter Parker from the Daily Bugle and- 

J Jonah Jameson: ENOUGH OF THAT PARKER! We all know who they’re really here to see! I’m J. Jonah Jameson and since you kids these days don’t know how to put down your phones and read a good newspaper, Parker here thought we should do a special episode of Just the Facts with me, J Jonah Jameson, to show off the Bugle! Isn’t that right Parker?

Peter Parker: eh…yes Mister Jameson.

The two stand outside the Daily Bugle building, Peter filming Jameson as he begins to narrate the structure around them.

J Jonah Jameson: So this is the building! Beautiful! Modern! Very Expensive, but worth every penny! Plenty of me on the outside, just as it should be. We’ve got a newsstand outside, SELLING BUGLES ONLY I HOPE! 

Amber Grant, local newspaper seller, looks over confused at Jameson’s rant. An elderly woman walks over with a plate full of wheatcakes.

Peter Parker: Oh hey Aunt May…Mister Jameson, LOOK OUT!

Sandman bursts up from the ground, closely followed by Spider-Man swinging after him.

J Jonah Jameson: Arrgh!  Another one of those Spider-menaces here to tear up my building AGAIN!

Peter Parker: …isn’t Sandman the one… 

J Jonah Jameson: YES HIM TOO! But we all know they’re working together!

Jameson enters the building as Parker films through the massive hole in the wall because “It’s very hard to fit a recording device in the building” which seems like an odd thing to say…

J Jonah Jameson: Now this is the lobby of a real newspaper! Not like that GC52, they never even talk about what a MENACE Spider-man is! Some of our most prized papers up on the wall too. All the best ones written by me of course… Even one about my son. He’s an astronaut you know? A real American hero. Not like that webhead! NOW! Onwards!

The two proceed upstairs into the bullpen and find Daily Bugle employees Robbie Robertson and Ron Barney working away at their desks.

Robbie Robertson: Hey Pete! Tell Randy I said hello!

J Jonah Jameson: Robertson can’t you see we’re in the middle of an important video!  And where’s Urich?  I need to show off my star writers writing the truths that keep this city running!

Robbie Robertson:  Outside talking to the devil I believe, so leave him be. And leave us be too, Barney and I are busy working.

J Jonah Jameson: Hurry up Parker, I don’t pay you to stand there and chit chat. We’re moving on!

The pair proceed upstairs again, finding themselves in a storeroom filled with boxes, filing cabinets and a photocopier.

J Jonah Jameson: Now THIS is a historic room worth showing off Parker! Full of Bugle history! Every paper we’ve ever published!  It’s a room of legends! And of course, the copier!  The Bugle couldn’t run without it!

In the next room, Spider-Man sits behind a desk with his own photo beside him.  He sits completely still as Jameson enters the room.

J Jonah Jameson: Parker what on earth is going on here! Why is that webbed menace here with a picture of himself!

Peter Parker: yeah…I can’t explain this one either…


Green Goblin BURSTS through the window and back out again as action erupts outside. Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and Green Goblin attempt to storm the Bugle as Ghost-Spider and Spider-Ham fight them off.

Venom stares longingly through the upstairs office, using his symbiote to mime “call me”.

J Jonah Jameson: Parker go take some photos, I want this all on the front page tomorrow! I can see it now… ’SPIDER MENACES ATTACK LAST GOOD PAPER’

Peter Parker hands Jameson the video recorder and runs outside. Not to the elevator? Is he taking the fire escape? Jameson, unfazed by the action around him, proceeds upstairs again.

Jameson barges up to the top floor and tosses the camera, still recording, to his assistant Betty Brant.

J Jonah Jameson: Miss Brant! Fetch my pen, I need to go yell at these criminals!

Betty Brant: Yes sir, and-

J Jonah Jameson: MISS BRANT! Why is there a Spider-buggy driving up my WINDOW!

Betty Brant: Eddie Brock keeps calling you sir-

J Jonah Jameson: Let him! Now help me finish this video!

The two carry on to the roof of the building using the fire escape.

J Jonah Jameson: Look at that rooftop! That beautiful sign! The water tower! And…some sort of leather-clad vampire? Scram! This is Bugle property! Anyways, let’s let the construction workers behind this beauty tell you all about it.

Cut to a construction worker standing in Jameson’s office…

Adam the Builder: Well building the Bugle was a long job of course. And it’s got a lot of glass in it, so that took up quite a while. But it was a very fun experience, and there’s so much in the interior that’s got a lot of detail and care in it. I’m an interior decorator too you see? Not to mention all the creative characters you see while in New York! Even some new faces I’d never seen before.  And I know that broken window may look bad, but it all comes back together easily enough.

The Bugle logo fills the screen as we cut to a brief slideshow of various images around the office and the familiar faces found within it