Talking Lesbian Space Necromancers With Carl Engle-Laird, Editor of ‘Nona the Ninth’

Cidnya interviews Carl Engle-Laird, editor of Tamsyn Muir’s ‘Nona the Ninth’!

Nona the Ninth is the much-anticipated 3rd book in the Locked Tomb Series by Tamsyn Muir. GateCrashers is joined by TorDotCom editor extraordinaire Carl Engle-Laird to dive into Muir’s newest book. This series is pitched as lesbian space necromancers. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s sure to be one of the most unique stories you’ve ever read, as well as heart-wrenching. Each book in the series follows a different main character. The first was Gideon, the second was Harrow, and now it’s Nona’s turn for the spotlight. Nona lives in a war-torn city with her best pals Camilla Hect, Palamedes Sextus, and Pyrrha Dve. Nona is sweet, innocent, and full of love. However, she has a huge problem; she doesn’t know who she is, but she does know that she looks like someone important. On top of that, the Emperor and a terrorist organization called the Blood of Eden are also interested in who she really is. But Nona cannot be bothered and just wants to be cool like her schoolmate Hot Sauce, play with an 8-legged dog named Noodle, and go to the beach.

Cidnya sits down to talk to Carl all about Nona, both in reference to the book and the character, including discussing the sweet surprise that is this novel (instead of the previously reported Alecto the Ninth). Super fans of The Locked Tomb series will get a look into what the editing process is, what working with Tamsyn Muir is like, and the parts of Nona we are excited to talk to readers about! From body swaps to the return of a missed fan-favorite, Carl gives us rabid Locked Tomb fans every piece of insight that will make you fall even more in love with Nona the Ninth and the world this series inhabits.

By Cidnya Silva

Cidnya is an English Literature student with a passion for Film, TV, and anything they can read. Focusing on mental health and queerness, they hope to shed light on how media brings us together.

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