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Do you hear the noises?

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[Strong gripping compelling hook with connection to reader, figure this out later note to self] Razorblades was a joint project from James Tynion and Steve Foxe who, during the scariest point of existence for this living, decided to create a home for horror. Razorblades, a book that dedicated itself to short sharp cutting horror stories collected in 5 issues, is now collected in one massive hardcover that should be on any horror fans shelf. 

(Sorry, Gab, I’m in the mountains visiting Scar’s family and the signal out here is like non existent so I’m leaving notes in the doc because slack isn’t working but google docs is. Praise be to the Google lords. Hope you like my vacay notes 🥴)

Sure, horror comics exist all over and there are always indie writers trying to get their kickstarters funded but Razorblades wasn’t like all those other things. It was a playground almost for some of the most talented horror minds out there with a spotlight on Trevor who often steals the show with his imagery.

Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics
Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics

(Wi-fi seems to be dipping. Being out in the mountains is such a drag. There’s like no way to just stream or anything out here. I did find out we’re in the Appalachia Mountains, which I just never connected before. There’s some thing where a bunch of people vanish out in the Appalachia’s every year. Idk I don’t follow any of that goofy shit. Although it is so dark outside like so dark you can’t see your hands. Like the dark that feels like it becomes a part of you. It’s weird because I never get that at home being so close to Philly. Even funnier is the only real light is this really goofy cut out in the neighbors yard. It’s like the ones people put of dogs in their fields to scare birds but it’s Bigfoot with glowing red eyes. It gave me a spook driving up the mountain. Scarlett’s family said they put it in the other day.)

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Razorblades showcases every name in the comics horror circle that you can think of. From Michael Conrad, to Ram V, to Tini Howard, they’re all here. But the thing is, it’s not just comics. There are interviews, pin ups, and really well done interviews along with a few prose stories. It’s a smorgasbord of talent with some really mind bending art from the likes of Becky Cloonan…

Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics
Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics

(Fuck. My hotspot is dying. All of the tv and internet is out up here. I’m coming back next week but I need this review done. The poles holding up all the wires and stuff had to be hit by a car because that sucker was split in half like something hit it hard enough to do it but there was no car there. Idk it’s the south, I can’t explain so much out here. I’ll grab more batteries tomorrow when we’re in Asheville. Sorry. I promise you’ll have it by Tuesday. I swear. Unless that Bigfoot gets me lol.)

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(I don’t have the book with me but I just need to write this down because it’s funny and I need to tell someone. Scar’s step grandfather is such an interesting guy. It’s rumored that President Lincoln is from their town and they always explain to me how which idk maybe there is something there BUT let me get to the cryptid in the room. Bigfoot. He actually carved me a medallion of Bigfoot because he calls me a non believer. He tells me how Bigfoot is in the woods out in North Carolina. Like sure, okay, and Mothman and his juicy ass bout to come in the back door and he’s gonna throw it back on me. He carved some really cool Bigfoot stuff though that he has up. All we have at home is the Jersey Devil and I think he’s dead RIP TO A LEGEND. Okay, I’ll get back to the review when I get back to the house byeee have fun editing all the indie stufffff)

Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics
Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics

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(Sorry, the neighbors house was ransacked and so much shit was thrown on the road. It was such a mess that we couldn’t even drive up to her mom’s house. The police said it was some local kids but Gab, this house/trailer thing was torn to shreds like a pack of bears put out a hit on the family. Same family who had the Bigfoot thing. I found it on the road so I put it up in Scarlett’s families yard to scare Scar’s brother lol)

A part of the mission statement of Razorblades was to do something different. They wanted to avoid the typical monster movie tropes and things people expect from horror comics in the mainstream. They do indeed get Zac “Mushroom Man” Thomas doing a really interesting story on fungi that really wasn’t something I expected to see. That spirit is in every ounce of this hardcover. Steve and James have created something special.

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Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics
Razorblades Vol. 1 | Image Comics

He’s out there. I can hear the crunching of the branches. I can’t make any calls because there’s no fucking radio towers out here. The internet only works on my hotspot for this google doc so may as well hope you’re reading this. Fuck I can’t remember if your timezone is earlier or later than mine. I fucking hate the mountains. I don’t want to leave the city. No weird shit happens in Philly. Something is pounding on the sides of the house. Maybe it’s those kids. Yeah, kids, fucking idiot cops. No kids can rip apart a house like that. You don’t think… no. Bigfoots not real. Even if he was would he give a shit about a silly cut out of him meant to scare people in the dark?

Something is in the house. I can smell it. It’s like a mixture of moss, sweat, and stagnant rain water. I can hear it’s 

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