Demon Dagger: An Interview with Author Russell James

Join RJ and Author Russell James as they break down his new book Demon Dagger, exploring the exciting world of Demonology and crafting the perfect Horror novel.

In our world, the damned walked amongst us. This cunning collective of Demons acquire souls from the living, acquiesced through deals that are always too good to be true. However, most of the world is unaware that these Hell-spawn even exist until it is too late. Luckily, our protagonist Drew Price, and a random selection of other humans are gifted with the ability of Demon Sight to see, and even smell, their evil foes. In Russell James‘ new novel, Demon Dagger, we follow Drew from adolescence to adulthood, learning the ways of Demon Hunting. Fans of the TV series Supernatural and readers of the Horror-master Stephen King will rejoice in this page-turning epic that will leave you on edge to the very last page. Published by Flame Tree Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster, Demon Dagger will be available anywhere books are sold on August 16th! Please enjoy this interview with author Russell James, and stick around for a brief review after the jump.

As a noted horror fan, Demon Dagger ticked off all the major boxes for such a reader. Our protagonist was likable enough, and the story remained relatively grounded in the way that made you wonder if such creatures actually were roaming the Earth, but limited to our visibility. It is a fast paced-read with side characters who did more than just move the plot along, but actually encouraged a deeper investment into the story. For instance, Drew’s mentor Lincoln, an ex-racer and current car mechanic, was a notable highlight of the novel, as he was responsible for not only teaching Demon hunting, but also real-world accurate car repair. It was a treat to not only speak to Russell about this book, but also his upcoming works. During the interview, he let slip an idea for a prequel to this novel, and I for one am certainly excited. If you need your next unsettling fix, this is the read for you.

Demon Dagger by Russell James is available for purchase August 16th, 2022 at your local independent bookstore or wherever fine books are sold.

By RJ Durante

Writer - @ArghRJ

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