It’s a Swamp Thing – Harley Quinn S3 Ep. 5 Breakdown


We are halfway through Harley Quinn Season 3, and the plot thickens in “It’s a Swamp Thing”! Ivy is trying to find Frank through the Green with little to no luck, resulting in the Cobb Squad seeking out Swamp Thing to perhaps give insight. He is an empath with all beings, while Ivy is anti-humanity. So already, we know there is going to be an interesting conflict.

Nora Freeze is giving chaotic-manic fun girl, and I’m here for it – justified having been frozen for 25 years. I’d have severe FOMO and absolutely go that hard and heavy on the sesh. Harley and her becoming a chaotic duo is something I need more of. Cobb Squad reunion! They seem down for it.

It’s a Swamp Thing / HBO Max

The show has really branched out this season, giving each character subplots – it’s a good choice as it leaves room to explore other stories. James Gunn being a recurring character this season is still surreal to me – his name popping up now and then makes me laugh. Along with the continuous jabs at Bruce and his dead parents. John Constantine makes an appearance in this episode also – willing to give information on Swamp Thing’s location if the girls can out-drink them. He is as charming as ever and is a nice little cameo to add to this season.

It’s a Swamp Thing / HBO Max

Speaking of subplots, Bruce and Selina are experiencing some relationship problems – mostly with communication. What better way than to belt your sorrows out in a classy number with the Music Meister to soften the blow? I can only assume Jefferson Friedman composed yet another banger for us to get down to in our free time. “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone/I Like To Be Alone”? Either title, it’s brilliant.

I have to address Harley’s beignet obsession because one, not only is it adorable that Ivy got Harley her beignet at the end of the episode, but two, I can heavily relate to piping up every 5 minutes for a delicious pastry.

It’s a Swamp Thing / HBO Max

So… Swamp Thing is pretty chill for the most part – y’know, maybe suffering from a little rejection sensitivity, but we’re all guilty. He turns out to be a really empathic guy who helps! I do love Swamp Thing. He is, and always will be, a memorable character in comics and now in Harley Quinn!

“Frank was the only one to understand me, as me, before Harley.” My heeeeart. I love when Ivy announces Harley is the only human who she feels understands her and the only human she will always have a soft spot for. I also loved how reassuring Harley was with Ivy, even if she didn’t want it at times, it went appreciated. They’re stronger as one – having each other to bounce off and not get lost in self-doubt.

It’s a Swamp Thing / HBO Max

At the end of “It’s a Swamp Thing”, Ivy finally discovers who kidnapped Frank! It’s none other than billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne; giving us a new story direction. I’m extremely excited to get into all the details about next week’s episode so be sure to check in!

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