Artemis: Wanted Delves Deep into Grief, Secrecy, and Self-Doubt

Artemis is on the run from her Amazonian sisters following the Trial of the Amazons.

Artemis: Wanted #1
Vita Ayala – Script
Skylar Partridge – Art
Romulo Fajardo Jr – Colours
Pat Brosseau – Letters

Much suspense and parching questions have been beckoning for answers to reveal the real reason for Queen Hippolyta’s death that occurred back in March. It has since been revealed to us that the one who caused such sorrow was the honorable Arthemis. Forced to go on the run from every Amazon and her fellow sisters who once adored her; Artemis: Wanted sees her as a treacherous villain. How can the Amazon who has committed nothing but loyalty and honor to the tribe for many years have a sudden change of heart? 

Artemis: Wanted
Artemis: Wanted / DC Comics

Artemis: Wanted explores themes of grief, secrecy, and above all – self-doubt. When the safety net of your habits break; you’re left floating in anguish and confusion about where and who to turn to next. Your routine of talking to a fellow soul is ripped away and you only wish you had one more minute with the deceased. 

Skylar Partridge submerges you into the team’s vision effortlessly; having you immediately there beside the characters as soon as you open the comic. I tend to forget how much I enjoy the Amazon world and the stories that come from it. The team never loses touch with fantasy. Partridge is an ideal fit for bringing an authentic feel to a fictional reality; I really enjoyed her panels – particularly the horror-themed ones – throughout the entirety of Artemis: Wanted.

Vita Ayala was born to write about the Amazonians – they have yet to disinterest me in a story, I’ve been hooked since day one. I’m grateful they think of all the possible answers we as fans search for. Forever developing the characters in a direction that leaves the future of the Amazonians with juicy history and strong plot points that will, I’m sure, be remembered for the rest of the Amazonian legacy. They capture everything down from the spine-cringing jolt you get when you’ve been startled – see the opening panel of Artemis: Wanted – to all sides of the scenario having a voice. Challenging all possible outcomes. Overall, extremely well thought out. 

Artemis: Wanted / DC Comics

Artemis: Wanted has heart, honor, and empathy – I don’t want to go into the plot only because I believe it’s such an experience one should go into unknowingly as they will enjoy I more. The theme of heartwarming sisterhood never fails to be present in an Amazon story; it’s truly a unique feature of this world. Sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you where everyone else does not in order to push through the battle and come out the other side. 

PS: I have to mention the beautiful tribute to Neal Adams who sadly passed in April – an extremely personal and honorable tribute that brought tears to my eyes.

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