DC vs Vampires: Killers is a Perfect Harley Quinn Story

Harley Quinn runs the Underworld of Gotham as dystopian chaos is unleashed once more, filling the streets with blood.

DC vs Vampires: Killers #1
Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Pencils by Mike Bowden with Eduardo Mello
Inks by Le Beau Underwood, Livesay, Mike Bowden, and Eduardo Mello
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Troy Peteri

Spoilers for DC vs Vampires: Killers #1 Below

Matthew Rosenberg has never failed to make me laugh as I’ve been following this run, he writes back and forth comedy so effortlessly, and it’s no different here in DC vs Vampires: Killers #1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Jervis Tetch opening scene; having Harley taunt him while keeping an upbeat attitude. Personally, I also enjoyed Rosenberg showing a more cold, plan-focused Harley. Shooting people without a second thought or chance was something I missed seeing with this character. Reminding us she can be equally cold as she is sweet. He also does a great job of not downplaying her intelligence or quick wits. A lot of writers tend to dumb Harley down to a fun preppy sugar buzzed fan girl. Which is fine from time to time, but personally I adore seeing the cogs turning in her mind, be the reaction irrational or perfectly executed. 

DC vs Vampires: Killers

Be it though she is more murderous in this story, she is trusted by Jim Gordan to get Lex Luthor’s blood – also a substitute for an antidote – out of the city. Another part I thought was brilliant is the chemistry continued on from Harley’s current run between Soloman Grundy and herself. I laughed so hard when she asked him what day it was after exclaiming she understands how all the rogues of Gotham think they are the scariest and meanest there is. 

Rosenberg grounds this story by maintaining previous relationships fans enjoy, especially between Harley and Selina Kyle. Who doesn’t love a casual Siren cameo? There’s a perfect blend of humor and sadness, really capturing the tone of who Harley Quinn is. She’s funny, but at the best of times, she’s frustrated at herself. There’s a perfect balance of the anti-hero is shown here in DC vs Vampires: Killers #1. She’s loving the power of ruling the Underworld and having people answer to her. However, the thought of saving the world seems pretty lovely also. 

Spoiler: Selina turns into a vampire and calls Harley an “Impetuous little brat” which is a nice description that made me giggle as she refers to herself as impetuous in the animated series. 

Harley injects the blood into herself, making her immune to something that may harm her, in this case, vampires. She’s gone full Van Helsing with her magic blood only this time it kills them and doesn’t change them back to humans. It’s a great touch to add to her character making her all the more interesting in this storyline. Will she eventually become an antidote or allow all the vampires to bite her to save the world? I’m beyond thrilled and excited for this to continue. 

The art is so pop styled and fun, almost like neon spilling over a dark page. Bringing some hope to a dreary setting. It’s choppy and easy on the eyes. Overall, extremely happy with the direction Rosenberg and the team took this story. I feel it’s a very good adaptation of showcasing what Harley stands for and this will be a definite addition to my Harley collection. 

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