Floppy Knights is an Adorable Tactic RPG

Who doesn’t want a robot arm companion named Carlton?

Floppy Knights is a grid-based tactical roleplaying game published by Rose City Games, who allowed us to play through the opening levels of this great new title. With an artstyle reminiscent of Adventure Time, this indie game sees you summon plant-like hologram creatures to take down other monsters, capture zones, get to checkpoints, and more. This adorable twist on traditional tactical RPGs features deck-building elements so that each playthrough can be different, or you can customize your game to your specific playstyle. As you control main character Phoebe, joined by her trusty robot arm companion Carlton, you work your way through this magical world on a quest to prove the next wave of advancement is through technology, showing your engineering chops along the way.

The design of this game is spectacular. The various plantoids Phoebe utilizes throughout the story are each crafted in their own unique ways. Each of these little guys is adorable and features a variety of powers, which can synergize to create powerful teams to take on the various enemies the game throws at you. My favorite is a cactus who is a tanky character with healing abilities. As I progressed, this spiky boy also gained a retaliatory ability that really made him powerful. I love that these creatures progress alongside Phoebe so that your favorites continue to be helpful in future fights, even as they become more difficult.

Using our deck of plants to take on some goblins! | Floppy Knights, Rose City Games
Using our deck of plants to take on some goblins! | Floppy Knights, Rose City Games

The story that I got to play through showed a dynamic world filled with magic and technology. When I first booted up this game, I was immediately drawn in by the world, with its magical plants and creatures. The story had me hooked right away, as I helped Phoebe and Carlton try to advance technology in their world, all while fighting forces and enemies that got in the way. Early antagonists include Phoebe’s rival, Alex, a number of creatures including goblins and oozes, and even a cuddly fire elemental that causes a volcano to erupt. The combat in the game, powered through deck building mechanics, is engaging and easy to learn, with even more powerful cards becoming available as you progress through the game. Helpful tutorials make sure that you are not bogged down in the mechanics of this game.

Overall, Floppy Knights is a hit. The innovative combat combined with great storytelling and a wholesome aesthetic make this game a must-add to your wishlist. Rose City Games has clearly put in a lot of work in every aspect of this game, and I cannot wait to jump into the full product. So grab your deck and join us as we fight to make Phoebe’s dreams a reality!

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