Blood-Stained Teeth #1: A New Era in Vampire Stories

The 80s were even wilder than you thought.

What is the price of immortality? Atticus Sloane, a low-down money-loving vampire is here to offer up his services. Blood-Stained Teeth is a gritty new outlook on vampirism in comics and the ramifications of Atticus Sloane’s greed. Let’s take a look at this exciting blood-stained first issue.

Right out of the gate, we meet our protagonist – Atticus Sloane, a first-born vampire out to make a dollar in the world at large. As a vampire gifted with eternal life, Atticus is a bit of a sleazeball; Going as far as to use his gift to impart vampirism onto those willing to pay his hefty prices in a world where vampires are still thought of as myths. Being the man that he is, Atticus goes about his business accompanied by his loyal Sip, a fancy term for someone turned into a vampire as opposed to one born into it, such as Atticus.

Blood-Stained Teeth by Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds | Image Comics
Blood-Stained Teeth by Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds | Image Comics

The story has a lot of great beats to it, giving us a look into how Atticus moves through life despite those above him not being too enthusiastic about his choices, which sets up the greater narrative going forward. For instance, the theme of immortality and how it affects himself and society are prevalent in this issue. We see Atticus making the choices he makes because he’s a brash, younger vampire who’s in it for himself – which paves the way for further development of Atticus, vampire society, and the Sips that he has created. This scenario forces the protagonist to make a moral decision to change his ways or pay the ultimate price as all must, immortal or not.

While reading through the issue, I was really captivated by the artwork and colors that helped drive the plot. When you think of vampires and their stories, you expect to see many dark and broody scenes. I was pleasantly surprised to see such vivid colors paired with 80s pop-art visuals, which I feel adds a layer of depth to Atticus and his story. Atticus is supposed to stick to the shadows yet defies that entirely by living a life fit for a rockstar wishing to escape his vampiric woes, and pairing this with the visuals mentioned gives the story a push that can’t be replicated.

Blood-Stained Teeth by Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds | Image Comics
Blood-Stained Teeth by Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds | Image Comics

A scene that I really enjoyed within this book was on page 7, a gorgeous splash page showcasing Atticus’ trip through town as we gaze upon the nighttime neon lights and sights set on the page.

Blood Stained Teeth is a book for those that enjoy vampire flicks such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, True Blood, and other similar properties; This first issue will have you excited to sink your teeth into more as the team has created something magnificent with this project. Blood Stained Teeth is available at your local comic shops or online Wednesday, April 27th!

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