Spaceflight Simulator Review: Reaching for the Stars

Patrick reviews Spaceflight Simulator!

Spaceflight Simulator, developed by Stefo Morojna, is a physics-based rocket building game set in an accurate model of our solar system. You are allowed to build a rocket to attempt space flight and are given all the pieces you need to successfully get a crew up into space, to the moon or our solar system’s planets, and back down to Earth. In early access, this game is a promising start. Hopefully, with the additional content in the future, this game can shine.

The neat part of this game is the accurate physics involved. I certainly do not know nearly enough about physics to know exactly how accurate it is to real life, but the role that realistic physics plays in this game helps ground your creativity in your rocket building. The variations in your rocket designs (including the ability to customize the appearance of the rocket pieces) allow you to build the spaceship of your dreams. There is something very satisfying in decking out your rocket with an insane amount of fuel and engines and completely escaping the bonds of the Earth.

Right now, the game only has what it calls “Classic” mode, which is a pure rocket-building simulator. With an understanding of the physics involved, it gives you the capability to build a spaceship that can get you to the moon and other planets in the solar system and back again. However, a lack of guidance (contained in linked YouTube videos that do not necessarily clear anything up) or instruction can lead to some frustration in figuring out how to get the rocket to do what or go where you want. This game is certainly fun in short bursts, but further content (especially the introduction of the teased “Career” mode listed in the game’s menu) could strengthen this game into a fun exploration of the science behind the wonder of spaceflight.

Spaceflight Simulator is available in early access on Steam (PC and Mac) and Mobile (iOS and Android), with plans to release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

By Patrick Dickerson

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