Lunar Room #1: An Exciting Start

In anticipation for the upcoming release of Lunar Room #1, Bree writes about the exciting possibilities put forth by the first issue!

The new Werewolf-centric series by Danny Lore, Giorgia Sposito, DJ Chavis and AndWorld is here to deliver a new world of ghouls and ghosts, magic swords, underground fighting, and complicated Queer relationships! The main conflict of issue #1 centres a stolen magical item with some interesting abilities, and an ex-werewolf that’s maybe in a little over their heads as their enemies attempt to corner them.

Credit: Danny Lore/Giorgia Sposito/DJ Chavis/AndWorld Design (Vault Comics)

Lunar Room’s first issue is beautifully drawn and well scripted. Most of the character and environment designs are memorable and fun. Sposito’s stylistic choices feel manga-inspired, while the punchy colors and panel layouts are more reminiscent of ‘Big Two’ visual staples. This blend of genres creates a very compelling and unique visual direction that is sure to appeal to many. 

The main character, Cynthia or “Sin”, as they’re more often called, has a great design and an air of mystery that will compel you to keep reading. They have a “rough around the edges, but maybe a little softer on the inside” kind of vibe. The relationships between the characters are also complex and varied. An ex-partner pops up at an inopportune time, and I’m very interested in seeing this tension play out and perhaps impact Sin’s future relationships. The secondary main character, Zac, is a magic user with personal motivations that have yet to be revealed entirely.

Credit: Danny Lore/Giorgia Sposito/DJ Chavis/AndWorld Design (Vault Comics)

Issue #1 does an excellent job at setting up sources of potential conflict in ways that feel fresh and unpredictable. However, I did find that the number of character introductions was slightly too abundant and derailed the pacing in certain parts. It’s very likely that I will grow to like many of them, but some bled into the background more than others. 

The world building is difficult to judge on a first issue basis. However, the perfect amount is there to lure me in, but not enough to overwhelm the reader or take away the important character moments. The approach to werewolf lore seems to be heading into atypical but very interesting territory. And the way the transformation sequences were drawn was visually very cool and I’m very intrigued to see how it’s utilized in future issues.

Lunar Room pulls off a nearly flawless first issue, and I can’t wait for #2!

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