AEW Dynamite Recap | 10/27/21 | From Boston, MA

A look back at the 10/28 AEW Dynamite, featuring an amazing women’s match and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man getting his revenge!

With Halloween in just a few short days, AEW made its return to Wednesday nights with a show filled with tricks and treats. Did these add up to an entertaining show? Read on and find out…

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

Cody Rhodes finally defeated Malakai Black, while Bryan Danielson advanced to the World Title Eliminator Semifinals with an emphatic victory. Meanwhile, MJF continued his psychological war on Darby Allin by assaulting Sting with the help of his Pinnacle buddies. Also, CM Punk hates Bobby Fish and the SuperKliq threw Jungle Boy off the stage.

10/23/21 Dynamite results (Episode 107)

  • Bryan Danielson def. Dustin Rhodes via referee stoppage (14:28) to advance in the World Title Eliminator Tournament.
  • MJF interrupted Sting and with the help of Wardlow & Shawn Spears, he beat the crap out of the Icon.
  • Ruby Soho def. Penelope Ford via pinfall (8:30) to advance in the TBS Championship Tournament. After the match, Red Velvet helped Ruby clear the ring of Penelope and the Bunny.
  • Wardlow confronted MJF for abandoning him last week, but Max quickly changed the subject and assigned Shawn Spears as his new “Accountabilibuddy”.
  • Bobby Fish def. Anthony Greene via pinfall (1:54) after the roundhouse kick to the head. Post-match, Fish continued to beat up on Greene until CM Punk made the save.
  • Eddie Kingston def. Lance Archer via pinfall (7:31) to advance in the World Title Eliminator Tournament. Archer appeared to suffer a head injury after an awkward landing on a moonsault, leading to a rushed pin finish for the match.
  • Dan Lambert & American Top Team set the conditions for Sammy Guevara’s TNT Title defense against Ethan Page: if Ethan wins, Sammy must leave the Inner Circle forever. Sammy countered by saying that if he won, the Inner Circle will get their 10-man tag match and decide which American Top Team members will face them.
  • “Hangman” Adam Page rallied the Dark Order and suggested they get costumes to show up the Elite on Wednesday’s Dynamite for the big eight-man tag match.
  • Jungle Boy def. Brandon Cutler via submission (1:02) with the Snare Trap. Post-match, Jungle Boy attempted to call out the Elite, but was met by the SuperKliq instead. Adam Cole and the Young Bucks brutally beat up on Jungle Boy, ending by tossing him off the stage and through a table.
  • Cody Rhodes def. Malakai Black via pinfall (11:43) with the Tiger Driver ‘98 in a main event that saw both competitors bleed and lots of run-ins.

It’s Wednesday Night. You Know What That Means.

With Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone, it’s Wednesday Night Dynamite from Boston, MA. They run down the night’s action, which will be headlined by a big Halloween-themed eight-man tag match between The Elite and The Dark Order. But, right now, let’s go to our first match of the evening.

Match 1: CM Punk vs. Bobby Fish

CM Punk catches a Fish in his trap (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

CM Punk made it clear that he didn’t like bullies pushing everyone around, a fact made even more evident when he interrupted Bobby Fish’s brutal assault on Anthony Greene following a match on Saturday Night Dynamite a few days ago. This is Punk & Fish’s first match ever.

The Match

Punk is out in his long boi tights for his first-ever match on Dynamite. Fish and Punk exchanging holds early on, but Fish eventually takes over with some shots in the corner. Resthold by Fish on Punk, followed by trapping him in the corner with trading knees. Punk reverses it into some knees of his own. Scoop slam by CM on Fish. Another slam followed by a cover for a count of one. Running knee lift to the corner, but Fish reverses a clothesline into a Fireman’s Carry position. Punk counters into the GTS, but Fish hangs on to the rope to escape. Fish has the advantage again. Snap suplex by Fish… 1… 2… kickout. Fish applies the sleeper on Punk. CM escapes and pushes Fish to the outside. 

With a head of speed, Punk flies between the ropes for the tope suicida on Fish! Back in the ring, Punk goes to the top rope, but Fish rolls out of harm’s way. Punk on the apron, which allows Fish to kick his leg from underneath! Running elbow strike by Fish. Only a near-fall. Back suplex by Fish, which he follows by targeting the injured leg of CM Punk. On the outside, Fish continues to work over Punk against the barricade. CM manages to fight back and there’s a brief exchange of strikes. Fish ends the comeback with a knee to the chest. 

Both men back into the ring, and Fish regains the advantage in the corner by continuing the attack on Punk’s hurt leg. Bobby sets Punk up aloft between the top ropes as he just hammers away on Punk. CM recovers and fights back with some shots that send Fish to the canvas. Punk climbs the top rope and he connects with the one-legged elbow drop on Fish! Both guys are stirring as referee Paul Turner begins the ten-count. They’re on their knees, but they’re just trading strikes. Both get back up and Fish again regains the advantage by kicking the leg.

Spinning roundhouse kick misses, and Punk answers with a kick of his own. Now he’s mounting the comeback with the corner knee strike and the short-arm clothesline on Fish. 1… 2… NO! Punk gestures that it’s time for Fish to go to sleep. He has him in position, but Fish grabs the leg and turns it into a dragon screw. Sliding clothesline by Fish.

Bobby sets Punk up for an attack, but CM counters into a jackknife pin.. 1… 2.. Fish raises up the bridge to kick out! Punk rises into position and has Fish on his shoulders… GO TO SLEEP! 1… 2… 3! CM Punk wins this hard-hitting opener on Dynamite!

CM Punk def. Bobby Fish via pinfall (12:58)


Malakai Black Speaks

In a backstage promo, Malakai Black speaks about how he divided the Nightmare Family, turned them against Cody, and made the entire crowd hate him. He says that it’s not always about actual victories and that the House always wins. 

Match 2: MJF vs. Bryce Donovan 

Whatever you do, MJF, don’t look behind you. (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

MJF and the Pinnacle have made the lives of Darby Allin & Sting a living hell ever since Darby refused to be broken by Max’s mindgames. This has included a backstage assault on Darby a couple of weeks ago, followed by last week’s attack on Sting that left the Icon laying.

The Match

Handshake by MJF, but he kicks Bryce in the chest. Not long after, Max has Bryce in position for the Heatseeker and the easy 1, 2, 3.

MJF def. Bryce Donovan via pinfall (0:35)


MJF has the mic as he begins by calling Boston an “absolute shithole”. He goes on to indulge in cheap heat against Boston and mocking Darby Allin.

The lights go out and the snow begins to blow inside the arena, perhaps signalling the arrival of Sting… NOPE! It’s just MJF pulling the rug on everyone with a fakeout! Max laughs at everyone for a bit before the lights go out again. He asks if Shawn Spears is responsible for this.

A video plays, which shows a guy in a MJF mask at a JPEGMafia concert as a distorted version of MJF’s theme is heard. The guy is kicked by Darby Allin and put through a table. “Now, Time To Break You Physically” says the video. The lights return as Sting is in the ring and he strikes Wardlow with the bat! MJF escapes through the crowd, but a man in an Invisible Man costume is right behind him… that’s Darby Allin! Max runs off, leaving Shawn Spears at the mercy of Darby and his thumbtack-filled skateboard. With Wardlow & Spears in the ring they get laid out by Sting and Darby, as MJF looks on from the stage. Darby takes the mic and simply says, “Max… Full Gear.”

A Trick for Dr. Britt, a Treat for Abadon

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Dr. Britt Baker DMD, who’s informed that due to her walking out on a match against Abadon aboard the Jericho Cruise, she’ll have to face the facepainted monster wrestler this Friday on Rampage. The match will be a Trick or Treat match where if Abadon wins, she earns a shot at the AEW Women’s Title.

Match 3: TNT Championship – Sammy Guevara vs. Ethan Page

The Spanish God launches an all out aerial assault on “All Ego” Ethan Page (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

This match is another front in the ongoing war between the Inner Circle and Dan Lambert’s American Top Team. Two weeks ago, Lambert demanded that Sammy put his TNT Title on the line against Ethan Page. Last week, he named an additional term for this match: if Sammy lost against Page, he’d have to leave the Inner Circle for good. To counter, Sammy had his own stipulation: if he retained against Page, the Inner Circle would get the ten-man tag match against Lambert’s team, as well as being able to name which three ATT members would join Page and Scorpio Sky.

The Match

Sammy just sprints to the ring and goes after Ethan Page immediately to start the match. He tosses Ethan to the outside and takes flight with a diving splash that knocks All Ego down. Sammy continues the assault on Ethan before tossing him into the ring to officially start this match.

Even numbers to start the match with neither man getting a clear advantage. Once again, the camera catches Tony Nese in the crowd watching the match. Superkick by Sammy as he goes up top, but Ethan drops him crotch-first to stop that. Page hoists Sammy up and hits a gnarly backbreaker on the top turnbuckle as the action cuts to picture-in-picture.

Back to live action on Dynamite wtih Ethan Page battering Sammy with repeated forearms. Guevara mounts his comeback with a lariat or two, followed by the enzuiguri to take down Ethan. Springboard stunner, then the standup Spanish Fly by Sammy… 1… 2… KICKOUT!

Ethan takes a powder to the outside to recover, but he gets flattened by a shooting star press by Guevara. In the ring, Ethan counters the Go To Hell with a clubbing forearm. Page answers with the Iconoclasm to Sammy, but only a two-count. Ethan goes up the top rope, but Sammy leaps up and looks to hit a Spanish Fly. Ethan blocks it and throws Sammy to the canvas. Running shoulder block by Page again only gets a near-fall. 

Ethan lifts Sammy into the corner, looking for the Avalanche Ego’s Edge, but Sammy turns that into a hurricanrana. Missed shooting star press, then a jackknife bridge pin. 1… 2… 3! Sammy Guevara retains the TNT Title and remains in the Inner Circle.

Sammy Guevara def. Ethan Page via pinfall (10:58)

(Guevara retains TNT Championship)


Page, unhappy with his loss and failing to exile Sammy from the Inner Circle, attacks the TNT Champion. Scorpio Sky soon joins in on the beatdown until the entire Inner Circle chases the Men of the Year out of the ring. Chris Jericho lets the entire crowd sing “Judas”  before he begins speaking.

Jericho says that, of course, the “Jackasses of the Year” pull an ambush after their losses. He admits that Scorpio Sky has beaten him twice, but that Ethan Page hasn’t beaten anyone but himself at the hotel. The long and short of it, though, there will be a 5-on-5 tag team match at Full Gear on November 13th with Inner Circle vs. Sky and Page and three American Top Team members. This match is officially also a “Minneapolis Street Fight”, and that next week, the Inner Circle will decide which ATT members will join Men of the Year.

Bryan Danielson & Eddie Kingston Trade Words

Backstage, we have the two men who will face each other in the Eliminator Semi-Final on Rampage this Friday. Eddie starts by saying that he takes Zoloft every morning to not hurt somebody and he has to battle depression, which turns into anger. He’s not trying to get locked up as he’s trying to turn that into a dream. Eddie says that Danielson can’t tell him about hard work without walking a mile in his shoes. Kingston walks off.

Bryan says that is the Eddie Kingston he wants to see, then saying that he’s gonna prove that he’s the best on Friday by beating Eddie in the Eliminator Semis. 

The Lucha Bros Lay Down The Challenge

Backstage, the AEW World Tag Team Champions, alongside their friend Alex Abrahantes, are interviewed, where they say that they’re challenging FTR by putting their tag titles on the line at Full Gear, so everyone can see who the better tag team is. 

Match 4: Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida (TBS Championship Tournament – First Round)

Hikaru Shida looked to kick her ticket into the next round of the TBS Championship Tournament (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

This rivalry’s been brewing ever since Deeb showed a change in attitude in a match against Shida three weeks ago. Said match would’ve been Shida’s 50th victory in AEW, but Deeb’s ruthless assault on Hikaru’s injured knee put a stop to those hopes. 

The Match

Mat-based exchange between Deeb and Shida to start off here. Hikaru is dominating with strikes, causing Deeb to roll outside. Deeb tries to use the ringpost as a weapon to hurt Shida, but she gets kicked aside. Shida grabs Deeb from the outside and sets her up on the apron… Deadlift suplex from the middle rope brings us to the commercial break and picture-in-picture action.

We resume with the two women trading shots with each other as Shida wins out and proceeds to batter Deeb with repeated strikes. Hammer strike into the corner, followed by a running shoulder strike. Off the top rope, Shida floors Deeb with a missile dropkick. She lifts Serena up and delays for a bit… stalling suplex only gets a two count.

Deeb fights out of Shida’s shoulders and hits a few strikes, but the last elbow strike is turned into a backslide. Release straightjacket German suplex by Shida, and then a modified Dominator… 1… 2… NOPE! Running knee strike to the back of Deeb’s head, but only a near-fall yet again. Shida’s thinking about the Katana knee, but Deeb grabs at the knee and launches for a dragon screw. Shida kicks Deeb to the outside as she grabs the chair, thinking to use it as a springboard. Serena pushes it aside and runs off, but that doesn’t stop Shida from using the stairs to leap off and hit a dropkick! Rough landing on Shida’s knee allows Deeb to target it as usual, applying the Bret Hart-style ringpost Figure-Four leg lock.

Deeb tries to go for a Figure-Four in the ring, but Shida turns that into an inside cradle pin for a close two-count. Shida catches Deeb with the Question Mark Kick, but Serena counters a running knee strike into a Half Crab. Shida struggles to break free as Deeb turns that into an inverted Figure-Four! Hikaru thinks about tapping for only a half-second, but she grabs at the ropes to break the hold.

Deeb goes for the 50th Win Trophy and tries to hit Shida with it, but no dice. Shida has the trophy and is tempted to use it, but she just gives it to referee Aubrey Edwards. Thumb to the eye by Deeb allows for a pinfall, but that’s only for a two count. Pinfall reversals barrage ends with Shida scoring the surprise pinfall victory to advance in the TBS Championship Tournament.

Hikaru Shida def. Serena Deeb via pinfall (10:58)

(Shida advances in the TBS Championship Tournament)


Ever a sore loser, Serena Deeb attacks Shida’s injured knee with a chair,  then locking in the Serenity Lock as multiple referees and Jerry Lynn all rush in to stop this ruthless attack.

Lio Rush’s Lesson to Matt Sydal

Backstage, we’re informed that the planned tag match with Lio Rush & Dante Martin versus the Sydal Brothers won’t happen due to Mike Sydal’s injury. This means Lio won’t be debuting as Dante will instead be facing Matt Sydal for the third time on Rampage this Friday. Lio says that Matt will be learning a lesson on Friday, courtesy of him and Dante.

Match 5: Jon Moxley vs. Preston “10” Vance (World Title Eliminator Tournament First-Round Match)

Can anyone stop Jon Moxley’s vicious campaign to win the World Title Eliminator Tournament? (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Over a year ago, in the lead-up to Moxley’s AEW Title defense against Mr. Brodie Lee, he attacked

The Match

Moxley mmiediately hits a German suplex on 10, as he stomps away on him in the corner. Preston briefly mounts an offensive comeback, but Moxley pushes him outside. He tosses 10 into the steel steps and proceeds to rip away at his mask, then biting his face!

Preston is bloodied from Mox’s attack to the face and he again tries to mount an offense, hitting a pump kick in the corner. Moxley strikes 10 down with a lariat, followed by ruthless punches to the pace. Paradigm Shift ends this match in short order.

Jon Moxley def. Preston “10” Vance via pinfall (2:04)

(Moxley Advances in the World Title Eliminator Tournament)

FTR Accept The Challenge of The Lucha Brothers

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler are backstage with Tully Blanchard. They freely accept the challenge that Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix issued for them tonight, making their AEW Tag Title match at Full Gear official.

Cody Rhodes’ Next Move

“The Bastard” PAC lets Andrade and Malakai Black know what he thinks of them (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

“The American Nightmare” makes his entrance, fresh off his victory over Malakai Black on Saturday Night Dynamite a few days ago. His entrance is mostly seen through the commercial break picture-in-picture.

When we return, Cody starts off by saying that he hears us, whether it was online or elsewhere… especially during his match on Saturday where he had Malakai hooked for the Tiger Driver ‘98. He says that he thought about hitting a different move. “What would’ve happened if I hit that move?” Cody asks.

Would he have sneered or broken the covenant to challenge for the world championship? He didn’t do that because it was the easy way out. Cody then goes for the old John Cena “you can cheer or you can boo me” routine, saying that the fans should put their feet in his shoes.

Cody talks about how his family is who they are, and that he will not turn, because that’s the easy way out. He says it’s because he loves us very much, then apologizing to everyone, the Nightmare Family, and then Arn Anderson for the past few weeks.

Andrade El Idolo interrupts the proceedings, saying that the people don’t like him very much. People don’t like him, but the difference is that he simply doesn’t care about the people. Andrade chides Cody for making stupid choices, like that stupid neck tattoo of his, and getting into his business last week. He says that he can make Cody his “little bitch”.

The lights go out.

As they come back on, we see Malakai Black is in the ring! He spits the black mist in Cody’s face and starts stomping away on the American Nightmare! Andrade joins in on the attack, beating down Cody and helping Jose the Assistant beat up Arn Anderson. PAC makes a surprise rescue as he helps clear house of the heels. PAC takes Andrade out with a series of strikes that send him outside. The Bastard teases doing a dive, but he eases up and instead mocks Malakai’s cross-legged pose while flipping the heels off

Match 6: Eight-Man Tag – The Elite vs. The Dark Order

The Dark Order have some fun at the expense of The Elite (Credit All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

These two factions have been at war with each other ever since the summer, and though it was put in the backburner in the leadup to All Out due to “Hangman” Adam Page’s paternity leave, it’s back on again. With Page now challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW Title at Full Gear, the Dark Order made it clear that they were ready to stick by Page’s side to fight against the Elite and their tricks.

The Match

Dark Order is out first, with Stu Grayson as Kratos from God of War, John Silver as Bambi (as he promised), Colt Cabana parodying Brandon Cutler, and Evil Uno as a Cowboy (complete with mustache) over his mask. The Elite are out next, with each member dressed as the Ghostbusters (complete with parody of the Ghostbusters theme). Michael Nakazawa is dressed as a big baby, and Cutler is presumably the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Silver & Cole start off, and it’s Johnny Hungee starting off hot. He parodies Cole’s “boom” taunt before tagging in Cowboy Uno. Thumb to the eye allows Cole to escape to tag in Omega. Uno has Kenny set up for a splash, but Omega turns around and uses his proton pack to block the attack. “Not the Proton Pack!” says J.R. Uno on the outside, and he eats a splash from baby-suit Nakazawa.

Omega with a mockery of the Dark Order hand symbol as he pins Uno, but only a one count. Matt Jackson tags in as Uno sweeps his leg. He rids Matt like a cowboy as he sends Matt to the corner for a Dark Order barrage. Colt Cutler even manages to spray Matt with the cold spray for good measure. Scoop slam by Uno leads to Dark Order doing a team pose over Matt’s prone body. The rest of the Elite run in and they get scoop slammed as the Dark Order again pose over them. We go to a commercial break on that note.

During the break, we see hints of tension with Adam Cole telling Kenny to step aside so he can do the SuperKliq Kiss with the Young Bucks. Kenny doesn’t seem impressed by it.

Back to live action with the Elite isolating Stu Grayson from his corner for a bit, but he manages to hold his own. He hits Kenny with a hurricanrana, and avoids the Young Bucks’ Superkick Party to hit them with dual knee strikes. “Stu ‘Don’t Call Me ‘Dick’ Grayson,” J.R. remarks. Colt Cabana gets the tag and he gets his offense in on the Elite. Superman Pin by Colt on Nick Jackson is broken up by Adam Cole. Colt responds with a Flying Apple to Cole, but he gets superkicked by Nick. Tag to John Silver, and he’s on fire! He goes crazy on Nick, and the Elite on the outside, including a clothesline on Baby Nakazawa. Superkick Party stops Silver cold. The Elite proceed to unleash an assault on Silver, ending with a triple superkick/brainbuster combination. 1… 2… NO! Grayson breaks up the pin. We’ve got chaos once again as everyone’s getting involved now. In the ensuing flurry, Rick Knox eats an errant superkick from Matt Jackson.

The Elite Four all hit simultaneous lowblows on the Dark Order members. Now arming themselves with the proton packs, the Elite have the Dark Order right in the middle of the ring. They run at them and hit stereo backsplashes with the proton packs! Tossing the packs into the middle of the ring, the Elite hoist Colt Cabana up and toss him right into the pile of proton packs! Alan Angels, Alex Reynolds, and the horse-head guy all run to the ring. They get dispatched easily by the Elite, save for the horse guy. Meanwhile, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man has made his way into the ring, just chilling behind the Elite.

The Elite grab the horse-head guy and pull him in for a four-man BTE Trigger! They unmask the horse guy, thinking that it’s Hangman Page underneath, but lo and behold… it’s Brandon Cutler! Tied up and gagged with tape, Cutler falls over. Dark Order pulls the Elite members to the outside, leaving only Matt Jackson alone with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. The rotund enemy of the Ghostbusters unmasks himself to reveal… “Hangman” Adam Page! 

The Stay-Puft Cowboy lays an asskicking on Matt as Stu Grayson leaps onto a mass of Elite humanity on the outside! Kenny slides into the ring, but he falls victim to a Deadeye from Hangman. Page tells Silver to finish off Matt Jackson. Spin Doctor bomb by John Silver on Matt! 1… 2… 3!

The Dark Order def. The Elite via pinfall (13:02)


While the Elite are left stewing in being outsmarted by the Dark Order, Hangman and friends celebrate their victory as J.R. tells us that it was a “good night for the good guys” as we end tonight on a high note.

This Friday on Rampage (10/29/21)

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston (World Title Eliminator Semifinals)
  • Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush) vs. Matt Sydal
  • Trick or Treat Match: Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Abadon (if Abadon wins, she earns an AEW Women’s Championship Match)

Next Wednesday on Dynamite (11/03/21)

  • Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy (World Title Eliminator Semifinals)
  • Jamie Hayter vs. Anna Jay (TBS Championship Tournament 1st Round)
  • Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes

The Last Word

How about that main event, everyone? I’ve always been a proponent of Halloween-themed wrestling shows featuring matches where wrestlers wear Halloween costumes and incorporate it into the match itself. So, seeing AEW run with that concept for this Elite vs. Dark Order tag match was a treat.

This match had the right blend of fun silly spots like the extensive proton pack use by The Elite and Evil Uno’s cowboy ride-em, and intense moments interwoven throughout. It all came together to create an entertaining way to end a pre-Halloween Dynamite on a note to make people happy.

The payoff to the match being Hangman Page pulling a ruse on the Elite helped to add additional fire to an already explosive title feud with Kenny Omega that’s set to erupt at Full Gear. 

Also, can we talk about the incredible Ghostbusters parody theme that The Elite used in their main event? It was apparently made on the fly within hours of Dynamite due to a planned Squid Game-inspired theme for The Elite’s costumes being shot down at the last minute by the network.

In another win for the evening, the Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb match was women’s wrestling at its finest. The already-intense rivalry between the two stemming from Serena’s heel turn and subsequent attack on Shida certainly made this a must-watch heading into Wednesday, and the added backdrop of the TBS Championship Tournament helped with that, too.

Fans witnessed nearly eleven minutes of back-and-forth action, bolstered by the strong story of Shida having to overcome Serena’s aggressive attempts to injure her leg in order to win and some excellent ring work from the two competitors. The post-match angle of Serena further damaging Shida’s leg did well in setting up a rubber match down the line, especially if the bum leg affects Shida’s chances of making it far in the TBS Championship tourney.

Jon Moxley’s seeming path to a heel turn appeared to advance this week with his brutal squash of Preston “10” Vance in the World Title Eliminator Tournament. To say that Mox brutalized 10 would be an understatement, but the manner in which he did showed signs that fans just might be seeing a more violent than ever Jon Moxley in the near future. With Moxley set to fight fan-favorite Orange Cassidy in the next World Title Eliminator match, the stage is set for Mox to potentially beat Cassidy to a bloody pulp (pun very much intended) to cement his turn.

Eddie Kingston’s promo on Bryan Danielson was another highlight, mainly for something that he said in it. He started off that promo by saying that he took prescription medications every day so he doesn’t “flip out and hurt somebody” and that he battled depressive thoughts on top of that. That line stood out to me, mainly because it was a case of Kingston helping to destigmatize taking medication to help with psychiatric therapy and addressing it in a way to bolster his own character.

We saw Kingston addressing his own vulnerabilities earlier this year in a promo after Revolution 2021’s infamous exploding barbed wire dud, where he explained his reaction to it (protecting Jon Moxley from the planned explosion) by tying it to a past trauma, then saying that he was speaking to those who understood where he was coming from. That we can have Kingston openly talk about these vulnerabilities and not perceive them as weaknesses but rather that something that defines Kingston’s character is a testament to how nuanced wrestling storytelling can be when done right.

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