AEW Dark Dork Review, Week of 10/18

We’re back to talk AEW Dark from the week of 10/18/21!

Welcome back for another week of Youtube wrestling! We’re live from Miami this week, where Elevation and Dark were both filmed on the Friday and Saturday preshows.

First, we’re starting off with Elevation, where Mark Henry joins Tony and Paul on the desk.

Dustin Rhodes vs Gustavo: We open with Dustin Rhodes, who offers Gustavo a handshake. Gustavo slaps his hand away, and Dustin gets a little mean. He takes Gustavo for a ride with a Backland Driver, and gets the pin.

Wardlow vs Will Austin: Will Austin, the self-proclaimed King of Flight, takes on Wardlow. The matchup gets compared to Jursassic Park, with Austin the goat and Wardlow a T-Rex. The King of Flight comes back down to Earth and becomes a Casualty of War.

Santana and Ortiz vs Jaka and Sean Maluta: The Dead Presidents look for Santana and Ortiz is one of the best alternate looks in All Elite Wrestling. The local talent gets some good offense, but Santana comes in off a hot tag and ends up using Sean Maluta to unwittingly assist with setting up a move on their way to their new finisher, the Outline in Chalk. Proud and Powerful visit the pay window here

Match of the Night – Emi Sakura, Nyla Rose, and Diamante vs. Ryo Mizunami, Kilynn King, and Red Velvet: Women’s trio action for the main event? Hell yeah. We also get the return of Ryo Mizunami to AEW after a few months off, complete with new hardware! Red Velvet and Kilynn King show off some good tag team moves and honestly? We need to get a proper Women’s Tag division just so we can get them a proper team name – and sign Kilynn King. In a rare feat, Ryo nearly gets a win via suplexing Nyla, but she’s able to escape. A Beast Bomb from Nyla ends the match with a pin on Kilynn.

We move onto Dark the next night, and Excalibur and Taz are on commentary here from Miami.

Jamie Hayter vs. Tiffany Nieves: Jamie’s got Britt Baker and Rebel in her corner tonight as we lead off Dark here against Hollywood, Fl local Tiffany Nieves. She gets a quick win off a lariat, and the Doctor’s Office looks all the more powerful.

The Gunn Club vs Diamond Sheak, Dean Alexander, and Alex Chamberlain: Taz starts off commentary by mentioning that he does business with Diamond Shiek. All on the up and up, it must be clarified. The Gunn Club get the victory, and sufficiently annoy Aubrey Edwards that she slides out of the ring after declaring the winners.

Match of the night – Diamante, Nyla Rose, and Emi Sakura vs Kris Statlander, Thuner Rosa, and Red Velvet: We get women’s trio teams again. Our heels are the same as on Elevation, but this time Red Velvet brought a little more firepower. It’s awesome to see the big mess that the Elite trios matches get, but for the women. Red Velvet ends up getting the pin on Emi here with the Final Slice.

Taz and Excalibur are doing an ad read, but are interrupted by Jade Cargill coming out with Smart Mark Sterling. Sterling introduces Jade as the “Future TBS Champion”, and talks about the release of the bracket for the TBS Championship tournament. He demands that, since Jade is undefeated, she should be awarded the belt.

Lance Archer vs OT Fernandez: Dragging his opponent to the ring, it’s the Murderhawk Monster! Ahead of the World Title Eliminator match, Archer gets a little warmup. Eddie Kingston is also on commentary for this match, who is looking forward to going to war with Lance Archer. Kingston and Taz get into a shouting match about respecting each other. Also, a match! Fernandez doesn’t even come up to Archer’s shoulders. He gets the win easily, and Eddie declares his distaste for Justin Roberts.

Frankie Kazarian vs Aaron Solo: Has Frankie Kazarian ever beaten a member of the Elite apart from Brandon Cutler? He’s not a very good hunter. QT Marshall joins on commentary, who Taz greatly appreciates. During the match, Kazarian gets into it with Comoroto, which does not end up well for him. Solo starts to get some hits in, and scores a nearfall, but Frankie rallies and gets the win.

2point0, Daniel Gracia & Serpentico vs Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana, Alan “5” Angels, & 10: 8-Man tag team action to wrap up the night, and duering 2point0’s intro Serpentico comes in and tries to stand in front of 2point0 and their son. At one point while 2point0 and Garcia have Angels in their corner, they tag Serpentio in so they can beat Angels…with Serpentico’s head. Even apart from Luther, the snake boy can’t catch a break! We get a real funny bit at the end where Colt Cabana’s strikes keep getting interrupted by people, before the Dark Order’s finally able to clear the ring and 10 gets the win with the sleeper hold!

Well, we had some great 6 and 8-person tag matches this week, with Dark cut a little short by being the Dynamite pre-show. There’s no buy-in this week, but we do have the promise of a new talent on Dark soon… Fuego2. 

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