Chattin’ & Crashin’ with Steve from Third Eye

Dan and Steve from Third Eye kick off the new video series “Chattin’ & Crashin”!

This is the first episode of a new video series where we have a less than structured conversation with guests. Our conversations can range from their work, their mindsets, and whatever we get into!

I was lucky to be joined by the man I describe as my comic father, Steve Anderson the co-founder of Third Eye Comics. Jake and I have known Steve since we were very young. He’s someone who’s mindsets have very much inspired all of GateCrashers and the way we do things. We discussed all sorts of things from his affinity to the desert to the hiring process in their stores in order to create the most welcoming environment. It was a joy to chat with someone who inspires me so much for a second time for the show. Check it out!

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