AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam Recap | 9/22/21 | From Queens, NY

The only recap you need for AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam on 9/22/21!

The moment has arrived and the biggest AEW Dynamite ever – both figuratively and literally, being in a stadium with a capacity crowd of over 20,000 – is finally upon us. Headlined by a once in a lifetime dream match and the AEW Women’s Championship on the line, the appropriately-named Dynamite Grand Slam kickstarts four hours of exciting AEW action from Arthur Ashe Stadium. We’ll get to the nitty-gritty, but first, let’s get to some big news that broke this week.

It was announced on Monday that AEW would enter an agreement with the Owen Hart Foundation to honor the legacy of the legendary Owen Hart. This agreement includes an annual “Owen Hart Cup Tournament” where the winner will receive a trophy named for Owen, as well as the rights to use Owen’s name and image for a variety of merchandise, including action figures and the upcoming AEW video game.

What’s notable about this is that for years, Dr. Martha Hart, Owen’s widow, stuck to her guns and refused to let WWE and Vince McMahon make money off of the legacy of the man that she believed was killed due to their negligence. Now, with a chance of being able to properly allow the wrestling world to honor Owen’s memory without WWE profiting off of it, it’s a great move for everyone involved. It’s also most certainly a bigger win for wrestling fans everywhere, who now have a chance to see Owen Hart honored for the legend that he was, and without the awkward baggage that surrounded his untimely death. 

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

Last week’s Dynamite saw the dream match we’re gonna see this week get made as Kenny Omega accepted Bryan Danielson’s challenge; Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston found themselves the target of Suzuki-gun in a wild brawl to end the evening; Adam Cole won his first match in AEW; and Team Taz ambushed CM Punk at the commentary table.

Here are the results for the 9/15/21 edition of Dynamite (Episode 102):

  • Adam Cole def. Frankie Kazarian via pinfall (8:05) with the Last Shot knee strike. Cole cut a promo after the match to challenge Christian and Jurassic Express to a trios match at Rampage: Grand Slam next week, with the Young Bucks backing him up.
  • MJF’s promo mocking New Jersey was interrupted by Brian Pillman Jr., who fought off Max with a steel chair.
  • FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) def. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal via pinfall (9:02) after hitting Dante with the Big Rig.
  • Malakai Black attempted to attack Rosario Dawson at ringside, but a returning Cody Rhodes brawled it out with him instead.
  • Dan Lambert’s challenge was answered by Chris Jericho & Jake Hager, with a match set between the two Inner Circle members and Men of the Year at Rampage: Grand Slam.
  • Jade Cargill def. Leyla Hirsch via pinfall (6:09) with Jaded.
  • Team Taz confronted guest commentator CM Punk, attacking him. Hook put Punk in a dragon sleeper, followed by Powerhouse Hobbs slamming Punk through the (non-breaking) commentary table.
  • Darby Allin (w/ Sting) def. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) via pinfall (8:18) after a Coffin Drop. Following the match, FTR ambushed Darby and Sting, which led to Dax and Cash hitting the Spike Piledriver on Sting.
  • Bryan Danielson issued a challenge to Kenny Omega for a match to see who’s the best, to which Kenny accepted.
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston def. 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker; w/ Daniel Garcia) via pinfall (6:36) after taking Parker down with the Violent Crown. Post-match, Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer attacked Mox & Kingston and the two teams got into a huge brawl to end the show.

Here are the results for the 9/17/21 edition of Rampage (Episode 4):

  • The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix; w/ Alex Abrahantes) def. The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Hardy Family Office) to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships via pinfall (9:38) after a rollup caused by Penta taking his mask off to save Fenix from a Butcher/Blade double team. Santana & Ortiz helped the Lucha Brothers clear out The HFO post-match.
  • Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti) def. The Bunny (w/ Jack Evans, Penelope Ford, & Matt Hardy) via pinfall (7:00). Post-match, Penelope Ford laid out Anna and Tay with brass knuckles punches.
  • Matt Hardy & Jack Evans attempted to shave the hair of a fan dressed like Orange Cassidy. The real Orange Cassidy eventually made the save.
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Ruby Soho engaged in a war of words ahead of their big AEW Women’s Title Match at Dynamite: Grand Slam. Baker tried to cheapshot Soho, but the Runaway got the upper hand.
  • Miro def. Fuego Del Sol via pinfall (8:58) after hitting a thrust kick; per the match stipulations, Miro won Fuego’s new car. After the match, Miro tried to punish Fuego by stuffing his mouth with the keys to his new car as he locked in the Game Over submission. Sammy Guevara ran in and took out Miro with a knee strike. He picked up the TNT Championship as Miro retreated up the ramp to end the show.

It’s Wednesday Night. You Know What That Means.

After the opening intro, we go to our three squires of the squared circle, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur. They welcome us to Arthur Ashe Stadium and a full house of AEW fans with the dream match kicking us off.

Match 1: Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Bryan Danielson arrived in AEW with one thing in mind, wanting to challenge the best, namely one Kenny Omega. After a shocking debut at All Out, the American Dragon made it clear that he wanted to see if Omega was still the Best Bout Machine and the God of Pro Wrestling. Bryan challenged him to a one-on-one

The Match

Danielson enters the ring wearing maroon and silver trunks, and Omega is flanked by Don Callis. He’s wearing black and blue long boi tights. 

Danielson and Omega take time to size each other up as the bell rings and the crowd goes absolutely wild for the match they’re about to see.

Bryan taking command as he chops and kicks Omega in the corner. Kenny retreats to another corner, but more kicks. Kenny momentarily gains the advantage, but Danielson eventually responds with chops. Bryan sends Omega crashing to the ringside area, then hitting a suicide dive onto him! Danielson continues to work over Kenny’s arm. As Bryan targets Omega’s arm, he’s warned by referee Paul Turner to knock it off, to which he responds with a classic “I have ‘til five, ref!”

Now Omega has the advantage thanks to an eye rake on Bryan. Omega chokes him with his boot on the corner. The two competitors light each other’s chest up with chops and periods of advantages, but neither man can get a true advantage.

Frankensteiner by Danielson off the top rope on Omega. Cover gets only a two-count. Bryan avoids a running strike from Omega and goes for an attack of his own. Kenny with a snazzy dodge as he hits a hurricanrana on Bryan that sends him rolling outside. With Bryan on the outside, it’s Omega’s turn to take flight. Flying dive by Omega onto Bryan! The two men are slow to get up, but it’s Omega who manages to get to his feet first, bringing Bryan back to the ring. “This is awesome!”, the fans chant. Omega’s attempt at the Blue Shadow is turned into a pinfall by Bryan. Only a two-count. Omega’s pinfall attempt is reversed into Cattle Mutilation by Bryan Danielson! Omega is able to break it up by barely getting his foot on the rope.

Omega retreats to the outside, but is met with a diving knee to the face by Danielson. The American Dragon fires away with his trademark chest kicks, but Omega reverses the final kick and turns it into a Snapdragon Suplex onto the ramp! Kenny smells blood as he backs up to the top of the stage. He makes a run for it and hits Bryan with a super V-Trigger! Good god almighty! The action goes to split-screen commercials with Danielson seemingly out of it.

Back to live action with Kenny Omega continuing to dominate the American Dragon after that amazing V-Trigger outside the ring. Bucklebomb into the ropes causes Bryan to crash over the top rope and into the ramp. Missile dropkick by Omega only nets a two-count. Jackknife cover by Bryan gets the near fall. After a knee to the back of Danielson, Omega props him up the top rope, looking to hit a Super Snapdragon Suplex. Danielson escapes and turns it into a Super Back Suplex instead! The fans are going wild for this!

As both Danielson and Omega stir back up, both get back up at six and resume the ass-kicking, as Tony Schiavone says. V-Trigger by Omega, but Bryan bounces back and hits the rolling elbow, followed by a got-danged Regalplex! 1… 2… OMEGA KICKS OUT! These fans are loving every minute of this match! 

Bryan looking to make some magic off the top rope, but Omega cuts him off at the pass. The Cleaner has Bryan set up and hits a massive Super Snapdragon Suplex off the top rope! Omega senses the end is near as he hits Bryan with the V-Trigger! Kenny hoists him up on the shoulders, looking for the One-Winged Angel, but Bryan counters that into a Poisonrana instead! Kenny is back up as he goes for another V-Trigger, but Bryan sidesteps and instead nails the Buzzsaw Kick to the head of Omega! 

The American Dragon looks like he’s about to hit the Running Knee, but Omega reverses that into a powerbomb and yet another V-Trigger! 1! 2! NO! Omega ascends to the top, looking to finish Danielson off with a Phoenix Splash, but Bryan moves at the last second! Danielson is fired up and he goes for his patented kicks once again, getting Omega with one more Buzzsaw Kick! Danielson grabs both of Kenny’s wrists and stomps away at his head repeatedly. Will we see the LeBell Lock applied? No, as Kenny manages to escape using the ropes as leverage with only a minute remaining in this classic encounter.

45 seconds left and it’s just these two men battering the hell out of each other. The intensity of which Bryan and Omega are just hammering away at each other just keeps mounting and mounting as time runs down. Now both men are on their knees as they exchange headbutts with ten seconds left. The bell rings to signal that we’ve got a draw!

Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson Goes To A 30-Minute Time Limit Draw (30:00)


The two men are still battering each other, and Bryan traps Kenny into the LeBell Lock until the rest of the Elite show up to pry him away from their friend. Referees are here to keep the two separated until the Young Bucks and Adam Cole kick Danielson simultaneously. This prompts Christian Cage and Jurassic Express to help fend off the newly-minted “Super Kliq”.


CM Punk Has Words for Team Taz and Powerhouse Hobbs

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

To an uproarious reaction from this Arthur Ashe crowd, CM Punk enters the ring, ready to speak about his upcoming match on Friday against Powerhouse Hobbs. “How can I follow that?” he asks the New York crowd. He says that people want the old CM Punk back, and that we’ll see him eventually. “Be careful what you wish for”, says Punk. He goes on to say that the antics of Team Taz and Powerhouse Hobbs piss him off, but that anger subsides once he hears Cult of Personality play and the crowd’s cheers for him. 

Punk says that what Team Taz is doing is attempting to take that joy away from him. He says that it’s been a while since he’s been happy to be a wrestler and that nobody will take that away from him. “This is mine once again!” Punk declares. He suggests that Team Taz should’ve finished the job last week and that they’ve slept on the legend of CM Punk. He boldly states, “it’s not my job to wake you up, it’s my job to tuck your ass in,” and that on Friday at Rampage: Grand Slam, Powerhouse Hobbs will be put to sleep. As Punk leaves the ring, he goes to hug Stephen Amell, his co-star in Starz’s Heels

Match 2: MJF vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

After MJF failed to end Chris Jericho’s career, he went on a bit of a tirade in Cincinnati, Ohio on the post-All Out edition of Dynamite. This verbal rampage would lead to him insulting the family of the late, great Brian Pillman, which drew the ire of his son Brian Jr. This would lead to the match we’re seeing tonight.

The Match

Pillman tackles MJF and goes on the offensive. Rake to the eye by Max allows him to regain momentum, but Pillman regains the advantage with arm drags and hip tosses. A chop from MJF only hypes Pillman up and he answers with a chop of his own. Pillman avoids a running kick by dodging at the very last second. Pillman punches MJF, who begs him off. Now it’s Max who has the advantage. Stomp to the hand by MJF and an arm hold that Pilman fights out of. Sunset flip by Pillman gets a two-count. MJF reverses and responds with a toss that sends Pillman shoulder first as we go to a split-screen commercial break.

Max has the advantage returning from break, but Pillman is able to fight back, managing to hit a springboard crossbody to finish it off. Pillman smashes MJF’s head over and over again on the top turnbuckle. Powerslam by Pillman only gets a two count. Max cowers from the ring and attempts to use Julia Hart as a human shield to stop Pillman from hitting a suicide dive. Max flattens Pillman with a lariat, then tossing him back to the ring. Julia yells at MJF, but ends up being grabbed by the wrist instead. Pillman takes down Max with a dropkick between the ropes, then putting him back into the ring. On the apron, Pillman goes for Air Pillman, but MJF sidesteps and grabs his arm to turn it into the Salt of the Earth armbar! Pillman struggles all he can, but he eventually taps out.

MJF def. Brian Pillman Jr. via Submission (9:05)

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager Promo

Alex Marvez is backstage with Chris Jericho & Jake Hager ahead of their tag team bout against The Men of the Year this Friday on Rampage. Jake calls Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky “Boys of the Week”, who are about to get spanked for following in Dan Lambert’s example. Jericho remarks that Lambert’s American Top Team made a big mistake sticking their nose in their business, vowing that he and Hager are ready to snack on some “MMA meatheads” this Friday.

Match 3: Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes)

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

These two men previously faced each other on the 8/4 Homecoming episode of Dynamite, with Black winning in crushing fashion, causing Cody to go on a brief hiatus. Black would then continue his war on Cody’s Nightmare Family, as Brock Anderson, Lee Johnson, and Dustin Rhodes would all find themselves victims of Black’s vicious spinning heel kick. Last week on Dynamite, Cody returned when Black attempted to start trouble with Rosario Dawson, one of Cody’s co-judges on TBS’s The Go-Big Show, leading to a massive brawl breaking out.

The Match

It’s a battle of grand entrances as Black and Cody make their usual over-the-top entrances. Cody, notably, has a ridiculously long cape to go along with his grandiose entrance. 

The match starts off with Malakai and Cody exchanging mat moves, with neither gaining a clear advantage. Elbows and a leg sweep from Malakai, but Cody escapes to the outside. In response, Malakai does his springboard-into-a-sitting-position taunt, which elicits Brandi to do a mocking version of Black’s signature taunt as she flips him off. The crowd isn’t too happy with Brandi taunting Malakai. Cody re-enters the ring and the fight begins anew. Attempted top rope attack from Cody to the outside is met with a knee strike from Malakai that doesn’t quite hit its mark. We go to picture-in-picture on that note.

We return to the match in progress just as Malakai hits his deadly spinning-heel kick on Cody! The impact of the kick manages to send the American Nightmare rolling to the floor! Malakai drags Cody’s limp body back for a pin that only gets a two-count.

As Rhodes goes on the offensive, his every move is booed by the fans, despite being the babyface in this feud. This seems to catch Cody’s attention as he’s taken aback ever so slightly at one point.

Malakai is caught in the Cody Cutter, followed up by Crossrhodes! 1… 2… 2.9999999999!!!!!!!!! The crowd erupts in cheers at Malakai kicking out of Cody’s finisher. Arn Anderson gets himself on the apron to motivate Cody, but he suddenly falls off the apron and takes a legit spill. 

After a moment, Arn gets back on the apron, but it’s in time for Cody getting whipped into him. Rhodes heads outside to check up on Arn, who encourages him to just win the match and to not worry about him. Cody heads back into the ring and proceeds to pummel Malakai with fists, but the referee has to stop him before he gets disqualified. The ref gets accidentally hit by a Cody backfist, which allows Malakai to surprise Cody with black mist to the face! Malakai rolls up Cody, and gets the win to go 2-0 in singles action against the American Nightmare.

Malakai Black def. Cody Rhodes via Pinfall (11:25)

Sammy Guevara Steps Up To Miro

Next week on Dynamite, Miro defends his TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara live from Rochester, NY. A video package for this match is shown, with Sammy promising to buy his friend Fuego Del Sol a new car after he defeats Miro next week.

Match 4: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Tully Blanchard has always had a bone to pick with Sting, dating back to the Icon’s rivalry with Tully and the Four Horsemen. Recently, Tully called out the Stinger for simply coasting off of other’s success, promising that the time will come for them to face off once again. Last week, Darby Allin defeated Tully’s protege Shawn Spears, but found himself a victim of an FTR post-match assault. Sting would try to assist, but ended up on the receiving end of a spike piledriver from Dax and Cash.

The Match

It’s Dax and Darby starting us off here as the FTR stalwart tries to drag his opponent into his corner. Darby escapes and manages to tag Sting in to a hot reaction from the Arthur Ashe faithful. After a brief advantage, Sting finds himself in No Man’s Land as FTR work him over for a bit. The Stinger escapes as he dodges a lariat and laying out Dax in the process. Sting’s exhausted, however, as he falls and accidentally(?) falling head first into Harwood’s groin! Allin tags in and goes on the offensive, but that’s stopped after an attempted Coffin Splash on FTR is turned into a toss into the apron instead. The action goes into picture-in-picture.

Back from break and it’s FTR controlling the pace with Darby trapped in their corner. Allin eventually escapes and manages to tag Sting in for the hot tag. The Icon’s on the offensive, hitting a spinebuster on Dax Harwood that only gets two. With the action breaking down, FTR has Darby in position for their Spike Piledriver, but Sting intercepts and pushes Cash Wheeler off the top rope! Now Sting is heading up and he hits Dax with a flying crossbody! 1… 2… NO! Cash recovers and guillotines Sting with the top rope as Dax gets the Icon in for a roll-up: 1… 2… 2.9999!!!!!!! Dax has Sting in position for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Sting reverses it and sets him into position for a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby heads to the top and it looks like the facepainted duo are thinking of a tandem SDD/Coffin Drop finisher. Cash Wheeler gets in the way of this happening, however.

Double Stinger Splash on FTR, followed by a Scorpion Death Drop on Cash Wheeler! In the midst of this, Tully has set up a chair in the corner. Dax is on the corner where Tully’s chair trap has been placed. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but stops short of the chair to escape a painful fate. He instead tosses Dax into the chair wedged into the corner! Tully gets on the apron, but is promptly punched out by Sting.

Sting has Dax locked in the Scorpion Death Lock as Cash holds on to his partner in the hopes of causing a break. Darby catches this and hits a Coffin Drop on Wheeler to neutralize him! Now with nowhere to go, Dax has no choice but to tap out to the Stinger’s signature submission hold!

Sting & Darby Allin def. FTR via Submission

Main Event: AEW Women’s Championship Match: Dr. Britt Baker DMD © (w/ Rebel – not Reba and Jamie Hayter) vs. Ruby Soho

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Ruby Soho made an immediate splash in her AEW debut, being revealed as the Joker in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out. She’d eventually win by eliminating the red-hot Thunder Rosa last, earning a shot at Dr. Britt Baker’s AEW Women’s Championship. In a short time, this feud has intensified, with Soho and Baker caught in a war of words ahead of their war tonight.

The Match

It’s Ruby who starts off with a headpound to Baker, but Britt fights out of it. Ruby attempts a suplex, but a side headlock is what she does instead. Shoulder block knocks over Baker. Knee to the face by Soho, who rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Jamie Hayter and Rebel (not Reba) go to tend to Britt, but they get taken down by a flying Ruby Soho. Superkick by Baker is followed up by a swinging neckbreaker to the outside. This match goes to our final picture-in-picture commercial break with the AEW Women’s Champion having the advantage.

Back to the action and Ruby drives her knees to a prone Baker in the corner. Repeated running superkicks to a stunned Dr. Britt by Ruby. Running lariat by Baker is intercepted. Big backdrop by Soho. Britt responds with a thrust kick to the head. These two women are now exchanging blows, ending with Britt attempting a Lockjaw, but Soho is able to escape. Against the ropes and Britt lands the Sling Blade as Rebel (not Reba) hands her the black glove. Going for the Curb Stomp, and Ruby grabs the leg as a reversal. Single-leg crab by Ruby is turned to a catapult into the corner. Enzuguiri by Soho flattens Dr. Britt. Up to the top rope and Ruby hits the senton: 1… 2… NO!  Ruby goes for a rolling attack, but Britt catches her in a swinging neckbreaker. Thrust kick gets a near fall. Britt gets up on Bret Hart’s rope, but Ruby stops her. 

Attempted superplex to the outside by Ruby is escaped by Baker, who has her set up for the avalanche Air Raid Crash! 1… 2… KICK OUT! Baker kicks Ruby to the outside, where Rebel and Jamie Hayter are waiting like sharks. The Stomp by Dr. Britt… and Ruby kicks out at 2.99999999!  As Britt argues with referee Aubrey Edwards, Ruby gets a roll up for a two count. 

Ruby looks to have this match finished, hitting Britt with the No Future kick! Rebel leaps onto the apron but also faces No Future! Jamie Hayter manages to hit Ruby with a top-rope guillotine. This sets Soho up for a Lockjaw submission from Dr. Britt! After a brief struggle, Ruby has no choice but to tap out as the DMD retains her coveted AEW Women’s Title.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Ruby Soho via Submission (13:20)

This Friday on Rampage: Grand Slam (9/24/21)

  • CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Team Taz)
  • The Elite’s Super Kliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) vs. Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) 
  • Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. The Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) (w/ Dan Lambert & Friends)
  • The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) & Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) & The Butcher and The Blade
  • Lights Out Match: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer

Next Week on Dynamite (9/29/30)

  • TNT Championship Match: Miro © vs. Sammy Guevara

The Last Word

What else can be said? Being built as the biggest episode of Dynamite ever meant it had to live up to a lot of expectations, and it most certainly exceeded in that regard.

The night started off strong as the long-awaited Bryan Danielson/Kenny Omega showdown delivered a Six-Star Classic. 30 minutes of some of the best wrestling seen in recent memory as the performances of both men spoke for themselves. Kenny tapped into his “Best Bout Machine” side and certainly was able to bring that out at a time where that’s been mostly shelved for his cocky heel douchebag persona. Meanwhile, Danielson looked like he hadn’t missed a step, despite not wrestling since last April on an episode of WWE Smackdown. The draw to end the match worked well without feeling a copout finish, and it was a nice touch that the end just saw the two competitors still raring to go even with time expired.

While not on the level as the monumental opener, the Sting/Darby vs. FTR tag match was also a blast to watch. The match was a nine-minute sprint to the finish that saw Stinger look as good as ever, and FTR able to use their old school-styled underhanded tactics to hang tough with the Icon.

The AEW Women’s Title main eventing the company’s biggest TV event in its short history is an incredible thing. Much has been made about how AEW often shortchanges its women talent by often just giving them a single segment or match on Wednesdays, but there’s certainly some strides being taken to rectify that. Having a women’s match main event Dynamite: Grand Slam goes a long way, but it’d be wise for AEW to continue that by giving time for more than one women’s angle on the show. AEW has quietly built up a strong women’s division, especially on their YouTube shows like Dark & Dark: Elevation, so it’d be wise to give women’s wrestlers like Kilynn King, Queen Amanita, Abadon, Lulu Pencil and/or Skye Blue a chance to shine on the bigger stage of Wednesday Night Dynamite.

As for Britt vs. Soho, the match was a worthy main event for the Dynamite half of the Grand Slam shows, even if the interference-filled shenanigans finished did drag things down slightly. That being said, Ruby looked great being put on this spotlight, and Baker continues to come into her own as a main event staple of AEW’s women’s division. 

Dynamite: Grand Slam indeed lived up to its grand title with one of the best TV wrestling matches in recent memory, as well as a hot crowd keeping up the excitement for the rest of the evening. While Rampage: Grand Slam has already been taped immediately following the conclusion of Dynamite, we’ll get to see what goes down on Friday, and based on early reactions, it has a chance of capping off the biggest week in All Elite Wrestling history with an emphatic “bang”.

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