Lunar Ladies #1: a Love Letter To Classic Sci-Fi

Lunar Ladies #1 from Scout Comics is a galactic ride from the Moon to prehistoric Earth. Written by Omar Morales, this story will strike a chord in any sci-fi loving heart. Readers are transported to the Moon, where inside its hollow core, lives a futuristic society composed entirely of women. This utopia is led by the beloved Queen Velouria, who is threatened by the evil machinations of jealous geneticist Docteur Venus Verga. Venus is determined to steal a powerful talisman from Queen Velouria, as well as execute her plans to create a perfect army of test-tube soldiers to overthrow leadership on the Moon. To make matters worse, Venus’s entire army is made of…MEN


Credit: Omar Morales/Joel Cotejar/Paula Goulart/Jaymes Reed (Scout Comics)

Venus is certain this legion of warriors will ensure her domination over the Moon. But after a scientist on her team is pushed too far, she sabotages Venus’s original characteristic code for the soldiers; ensuring the men will be created with some future passionate consequences. The characteristic changes in the army’s code are sure to be a featured plot point of future issues. I’m hesitant to say more and spoil the fun, but I can’t imagine the changes made to them will produce anything but infatuated results. How will that work in a society made up entirely of women who love other women? I’m not sure, but I’m certainly waiting for the next issue to find out. 

When Venus is thwarted once more, she accelerates her plans for an army and Queen Velouria decides it’s not safe for her daughter, Clare, and the talisman to remain on the Moon. She departs via space shuttle with Clare and her lover, Star, traveling to prehistoric Earth to find a place of safety for them. Just as Queen Velouria returns to the Moon to subdue Venus, all hell breaks loose and readers are left with a cliffhanger that’s guaranteed to have them itching for the next issue.

Credit: Omar Morales/Joel Cotejar/Paula Goulart/Jaymes Reed (Scout Comics)

 Lunar Ladies is certainly a thrilling ride for sci-fi lovers of the vintage comic era. Morales’ story is ripe with the best tropes of the genre, including boastful villains, virtuous leaders, and dialogue that has you recalling the iconic sci-fi B-film era of the 1950s. It’s heavily influenced by these well-loved concepts, from the depiction of their laser guns to the design of their clothing. Readers will marvel at the quintessential domed architecture that every person in the 1950s imagined the future would look like. I found the harmonious combination of design and story to be an obliging nod to the genre it was inspired by. 

Lunar Ladies is drawn by Joel Cotejar, colored by Paula Goulart, with lettering by Jaymes Reed. Their work together is a stunning homage to comics of the past, creating a sepia-toned aesthetic that will leave readers thinking they’re not encountering a new release, but a gem from the past. 

Credit: Omar Morales/Joel Cotejar/Paula Goulart/Jaymes Reed (Scout Comics)

Lunar Ladies celebrates the love between women, science fiction, and remarkably doesn’t take itself too seriously. This reviewer is very interested and excited to see how the army of men will fit into the narrative going forward and what’s in store for the little moon girl, Clare, as she spends time on prehistoric Earth.

Issue #1 of Lunar Ladies is out now from Scout Comics, but look for issues 2 & 3 to drop in October and November to read the concluding chapters of this interstellar mini-series.

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