GC52: The News on Future State Week 2

With so much going on in the world today, only one broadcast network can bring YOU the news that YOU want. Coming to you LIVE from the Gotham City GC52 recording studio, The GC52 Week 2 Future State Report!

Words in italics signify actions or descriptions.

(Spoilers for Week 2 of DC Comics Future State)

Lights up on the GC52 Newsdesk as the lead News anchor smiles widely at the camera. More prepared for this week’s broadcast. The lead anchor Dan has his arm propped on his desk with a Superman mug in his hand.

Good evening Earth-Prime! I’m your host with the most, Dan McMahon! It sure has been a wonderful week, hasn’t it? I can’t help but smile tonight after receiving word that the Legion of Doom is no more!

That’s right, viewers! The world is safe once again from the likes of T.O. Morrow, the buff Screech Owl, and a few other odds and ends villains. The Justice League is currently investigating the bizarre massacre of the villains. It seems as if the villains were using the former Hall of Justice as their base of operations.

The anchor pauses for a moment tilting his head and looking into the distance, clearly reminiscing about something.

I am glad that we have the Justice League out there keeping the world safe.

He turns back to the camera after taking a sip of his coffee before he points to the camera.

Say, do you remember when the Justice League cracked the code of the Killer Moth Man conspiracy? Oh! Or the time that they tangoed with the Flamingo and his poisonous hot air ballon scheme over Metropolis? How about the time they foiled Kite Man almost sailing Star City into space on an oversized… well you know his deal.

Off-camera, an almost immediate “Hell yeah!” bursts from the intern Jerry’s mouth.

It’s good to know that even after that nasty kerfuffle with a member betraying the team. I am glad the super son of Superman took up his mantle, seems like a real nice fella! Anyway. enough about the Justice League. Let’s throw it over to Ethan to see how things are going!

The camera cuts over to the same befuddled reporter as last time, except he now looks more stressed. His tie is a bit looser than last week but his hair is more disheveled and his glasses are almost misted over with sweat.

Thanks, Dan. Luckily not much going on this week, but what is, well that’s… it’s definitely important, while also being not great. We’ve received reports from the Mojave Desert regarding a magical event currently ong-

The studio is suddenly plunged into bright green light. The reporter ducks under his desk, shouting for Jerry the intern to save him. A robotic voice with no discernable source starts speaking.



Just as quickly as it started the voice cuts out. The green light fades, the beige studio lights return. From behind the desk the reporter pops his head out, quickly hiding his flask back in his coat pocket.

Is it gone Jerry? Yeah? Good. And where were you? How did that happen?

The reporter gets back in his chair, his hair even more frayed, tie nearly hanging off, the top button of his shirt undone, and his glasses all but forgotten.

Yeah folks, not sure what happened there. It was definitely something… Lantern-y. But I’ve never heard of Sector 0123 or a gulp God in Red. Whatever that is… I’m sure it’s nothing we have to worry about, right?

His attempt at a reassuring smile is all but lost as his lips start quivering, and hands start to shake.

Ok, back to what I was trying to do before I WAS RUDELY INTERRUPTED! Damned Lanterns with their space intrigue… 

Reports suggest a magical event occurred in the Mojave Desert relating to the sudden appearance of magician Zatana and another magical entity not seen in some time, Ragman. Whether this report is connected to sightings of the warlock John Constantine in Las Vegas is yet unknown.

Y’know what, I don’t have the energy to get to our other story. All of this is getting me a bit frazzled. Just know it was something involving Superwoman and something approaching the Moon. What could possibly go wrong? Back to you Dan!

As the camera pans away, we hear the reporter talking to someone off screen.

Even with all this stress, Jerry, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with The Magistrate’s bulls-

Before the words can be heard, Dan jumps in to transition without another issue like last week. The station couldn’t handle another visit from the Magistrate’s goons.

Thank you, Ethan, for… whatever that was. Those Green Lanterns are always dealing with something. I always liked the red-headed one, Guy Gardner. Or I think that’s what his name was. He went missing a number of years ago. I do hope he’s alright and found some sort of place out there in the universe.

In other news…

The anchor squints at the teleprompter as if he doesn’t believe the words he’s reading. His mouth hangs open as he reads.

Cole Cash is back in Gotham and hasn’t called me!? What the heck!

He composes himself after the moment of disbelief. The viewers at home will know Cole Cash as Grifter, a former hero of sorts turned con-artist. It wasn’t the kind of person you would want to be associated with.

Oh, he was taken in by the Magistrate before escaping custody with Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox… I guess that’s a good excuse.

The sudden shift in tone causes Ethan to call over from his desk “How do you know someone like Grifter?” Dan’s eyes shift back and forth as he straightens his tie before coughing. It’s clear he is about to dodge this entire situation.

Let’s check in with our newest addition to the GC52 family to see what’s happening in Gotham City!

The camera cuts to a familiar face, who has clearly been brushed up a little since last we saw him, now sporting a tailored suit and a $100 haircut, looking positively chuffed.

Good evening Gothamites, this is Bartholemew T. Iddy coming to you live, with some exciting news. I’ve been promoted! After last week when I had to cover for Alex at the last second, the network was apparently very pleased with my performance, and so Alex has taken a…leave of absence, as it were, and I will now be here full-time. So without further ado, let’s see what’s going down in Gotham TONIGHT!

He gathers his papers on his desk, clears his throat, and gives a glare past the camera as if looking for confirmation of something.

Folks this has been one heck of a week for news! The Batman, arguably the worst mask of them all with how he infects the minds of the youths, has at long last been reported dead. Peacekeeper 01 was on the scene to confirm the death and take questions from viewers.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am feeling MUCH safer on these streets in our new world order. Bless the true heroes of Gotham, the Magistrate! And in other, unrelated news, the finale of the “Gotham’s Guardian Angel.” documentary series will air after tonight’s broadcast. We send our condolences to the Wayne family, but it appears as though none remain. Pour one out for the prince of Gotham, and toast to our bright new future that Wayne industries helped usher in. Celebrities do seem to die in threes, so we are left wondering who will be next?

Barty looks very pleased with himself as if he knows what he’s doing will be rewarded. The sneer that creeps upon his face while reading the news is wiped away in a flash, as an urgent bulletin is dropped in his lap by Jerry the intern. It’s clear that Jerry isn’t his biggest fan by the way he slammed the folder.

Absolute idiots! The dam-darned fools! Sorry all, it seems as though another “successor” to the legacy of Batman has arrived in our fair city. This new dark detective was only just spotted earlier this evening, and already I hate him! I have a message for you if you’re listening, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Brooding, this city no longer belongs to the Bat or anyone associated with him! Give up now and perhaps the Magistrate will let you off easy. Persist and, well, perhaps they will not be quite so kind. You’ve been warned, and Gotham will not tolerate this kind of vigilantism any longer!

Clearly worked up, sweat beads forming on his brow, he attempts to recollect himself and takes a deep breath.

My apologies everyone, getting back to the news at hand, one of the Bat’s brats has been seen on the streets continuing their barbaric, outlandish crusade. Robin, though god only knows which one it even is anymore, was briefly assisted by… Spoiler. I just can’t take it with these people, they are no longer children and will pay for their continued assault on the Magistrate.

Barty touches a finger to his ear as if listening in to something, with a smirk growing across his stupid face.

However! On the plus side of things, it looks like in their assault, Robin and Spoiler have been brought down. It’s looking pretty grim for the “boy wonder” and his accomplices, as he seems to be covered in a resin material. I’m not sure where we go from here, folks, but things are certainly looking very exciting! With that, I throw it back to you, Dan!

When we pan back to Dan, his face is cupped in his hands as he extinguishes a long sigh. It’s clear he wasn’t a fan of this latest “reporting” on his news team but his hands were tied. The network relied on the Magistrate to allow the show to be broadcast in the city.

I’ve got to hand it to them though, the Magistrate does have some cool robot things. Those big bulking cyber things are pretty neat to see when I am grabbing a drink after work. I wonder if I could get my hands on one for a personal bodyguard…

The anchor looks off-stage as someone is telling him something directly.

Wasn’t he stuck in a bubble city last… okay, yeah, sure…whatever, I have learned to just roll with it.

He turns back to the camera with his day time emmy award winning smile.

It seems as if we are about to take you live to our reporter in the field, Jake! Yes, we are just as surprised as you are.

A camera points directly at Jake as he slaps some SP50 sunscreen onto his face.

It was a sunny day here in Metropolis folks! Mostly because as of yesterday, we have two suns! Superman and Wonder Woman went to stop what seemed to be a solar pissing contest between Kuat, an indigenous sun god, and Solaris, an intergalactic star vacuum to fix the issue. 

He fans himself with his clipboard to try and beat the heat.

It’s still very hot in Metropolis even after the two celestial beings raced across the sky wreaking havoc across the planet, causing fires and planes to fall from the sky. But Superman and Wonder Woman have been making the rounds saving people in the wake.

As if he doesn’t truly understand that he is on live national television, the reporter takes a water bottle from the cameraman and douses himself off.

My sources are now indicating that Superman struck a deal with Solaris that the contest of strength will be with him and not with Kuat. Hold on, do you hear that?

He turns towards the sky as the camera pans up to see Superman himself hurtling towards the city.

It is the man of steel himself giving his daily gree… wait… everyone… SUPERMAN HAS BEGUN TO FALL! HIS HEAT VISION IS FIRING EVERYWHERE!

Jake takes off without warning as the cameraman runs behind him. Jake turns over his shoulder, microphone still in hand.

I haven’t felt in this much danger since I was covering the Teen Titans during that whole Red X thing… back to you Dan!

The camera cuts to black before we see Dan sitting at the desk, on his phone.

Yeah, I hear you. I can see what I can do… I will call you back.

He quickly hangs up his phone and plays it off as if nothing happened.

Well, hopefully Jake makes it out of this one…again. That’s all the news that we have for tonight. We hope to see you next week when we will be investigating whatever happened to truth, justice, and that beefcake we call Superman. This is Dan McMahon for GC52, signing off.

The end credits roll as Dan calls over to Ethan to see if he wants to get a drink. Barty quickly chimes in that he would love to go but Dan then remembers that he already has other plans that he forgot about.

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