GC52: The News on Future State Week 1

With so much going on in the world today, only one broadcast network can bring YOU the news that YOU want. Coming to you LIVE from the Gotham City GC52 recording studio, The GC52 Future State Report!

With so much going on in the world today, only one broadcast network can bring YOU the news that YOU want. Coming to you LIVE from the Gotham City GC52 recording studio, The GC52 Future State Report!

Words in italics signify actions or descriptions.

(Spoilers for Week 1 of DC Comics Future State)

Lights up on the GC52 Newsdesk as the lead News anchor almost spits his coffee out from the lack of warning. His deadly glare washes away as he sees the red light of the cameras.

Good evening Earth-Prime! I am your host with the most, Dan Mcmahon! My commute to work was a little less alarming this morning thanks to the Magistrate! Keeping Gotham City safe from masks and criminals alike!

The anchor mutters “Not like we have a choice” under his breath.

For tonight’s leading story, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, former Arkham Asylum Doctor turned Harlequin of crime has been taken into custody by the Magistrate’s Peacekeepers. She is currently under the careful monitoring of Dr. Jonathan Crane. If former villain Dr. Crane has anything to say she will become nothing but a scarecrow that once haunted the Gotham Streets. 

From the reports, Harley herself is giving psychological pointers to help catch some of the wanted killers running through Gotham. One such mad man is Lazlo Valentin, aka Professor Pyg. Do you think he is a vegan? With a name like Pyg, you can’t believe he eats ham right?

There are no laughs from the newscast or crew, his humor normally falling flat on the floor.

Right… with this trend, we do hope she can help the Magistrate and Dr. Crane put the notorious Black Mask Gang behind bars. 

His weight shifts as he looks at another camera, a camera feed appearing above his shoulder as another reporter is standing in front of a crater. 

We take you now, live, to one of our reporters in the field who is giving us some details on the Metropolis Incident.

A tall, dark, and handsome reporter holds a microphone, almost expressionless if not for wide eyes that one could describe as screaming. 

Well, folks, Metropolis is having a, er, busy day?

His opening line sounds almost like a question, not truly knowing how to state what is happening.

First, we have a massive protest of the Trojan Solutions Zealots calling for Metropolis autonomy. The army arrived on the scene earlier today in order to negotiate. 

The journalist begins rubbing his cheek fighting back all his emotions. It’s clear he’s not used to this much danger. 

The army wanted the Zealots to hand over the Brain Cell artificial intelligence, which Andrej Trojan claims to have made…

The reporter looks around like he was making sure no police were around to hear what he was about to say.

But my sources claim it’s just parts of world ending threat Brainiac… but now he is nothing more than just a big ball of mouths. 

The reporter whispers “so many mouths” to himself.

Both sides opened fire on one another before the young new Superman stepped in, who blocked all the bullets…with his body. The young Kryptonian proceeded to steal the big horrific ball of mouths and flew off with it. 

The reporter turns away from the camera to wipe his eyes as they started to well. 

But then…Bam! Big flash of light and the next thing I know there’s an earthquake and when I look up… all I can see is a big blue armpit. SUPERMAN SHRANK THE CITY!

Now the trickling of tears turns into a near waterfall.

I’m so tiny and scared. Oh god Superman and Supergirl are fighting now, and the sky is glowing green, oh god the Zealots are out of control they’re bur…

The Camera returns to the studio where the lead anchor is holding his coffee and talking to someone just off-screen.

What do you mean a living plant took our camera guy? Plants don’t just grow legs and grab people, Mike. No, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a Swamp Thing, or what did you just say… a Green Father? You need to lay off the-

The cameraman’s loud cough turns the anchor’s attention back to the viewers. His eyes get a bit wide before he shuffles his papers to get back into “character”.

Thanks, Jake. Stay safe out there! We now go over to Ethan on the tip-off desk. What’s going on in the world today?

The camera cuts to a rather befuddled looking reporter who barely takes notice of the lead anchor’s words. He’s wearing a tight tie which, despite being colorful, looks like it’s way too tight. Stress almost dripping from his pores.

Oh, um… thanks Dan, sorry everyone. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but we’ve just had a tip-off about an incident in… well… The Underworld? Jerry? JERRY! Is this you pulling another stupid joke?

There’s some muttering in the background, off-screen.

It isn’t? Then how the f-. How did we get this?

More muttering. The reporter looks taken aback at nearly dropping an f-bomb on live TV.

It just. Showed. Up. Right, okay then…

The reporter takes a deep breath, trying to compose himself.

My apologies folks but given the nature of this report, I thought it best to ensure its legitimacy. And it seems to be. So, as I was saying there appears to be something going down, heh, down, cause it’s under…

The reporter remembers he’s on air and not at an open-mic night.

There appears to be an incident right now in The Underworld. Yes, that one from Greek Mythology, not the one from those Kate Beckinsale films. It looks as though the new Wonder Woman has been spotted on the scene.

She has apparently caused quite the commotion at the River Styx. First by attempting to steal coins from the dead to barter passage, and then waking the Guardian of the Underworld, the three-headed dog itself, Cerberus.

And that’s where the report ends. I’m still not sure about the accuracy of this given its origin, but if any more info comes in, you know where to come for the best reporting. Looks like we’ve got some BREAKING NEWS coming to you about a situation in Gotham. I mean, it’s Gotham… how much worse could it get?

The reporter puts on an obviously fake smile and then, thinking the camera has cut to Gotham, shouts for a drink of something strong.

The camera pans to a flustered reporter with messy hair and an awkwardly-fixed tie, trying his best to keep his cool appears as he stands in Gotham City. Gotham itself is drenched in neon light and always looks as if it just rained, steam pouring up from the streets.

This is GC52 news reporter Alex Smith-Petersen, bringing you live updates on the scene in Gotham. This just in! It appears there’s a new Batman on the streets of Gotham!

He coughs, clearly feeling a bit awkward and exposed on the streets of Gotham.

As we all know…Masks are outlawed, and it looks like this “Next Batman” is trying to save folks hiding their faces with masks by removing them before they’re shot by the Magistrate’s Peacekeepers.

Unlike the “Old Batman” this one doesn’t want anyone seeing any part of their face!

Without as much conviction as the lead anchor, he makes his first attempt at something humorous. It’s clear that he is the newest member of the team.

They may even be a little smarter than the old man as well… not covering your mouth seems like a silly idea when trying to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Nothing says fear like a big pearly Bat-smile.

The reporter presses his hand to his ear as he mutters “What now Jerry?” before turning to the camera.

Wait, there’s more! I am hearing reports of a gang known as the “Bane-litos” roaming around the city, masking up and knocking off whoever they want. Word on the street is their recruitment targets young kids, coercing them with promises of found family. The Magistrate hasn’t been able to stop them, and they continue to haunt our streets, so I’m glad that someone like this new fella is finally trying to take these folks–

The transmission is cut short as the reporter is removed from the air. The feed cuts to another reporter back in the studio who has been sent in to take their place by the Magistrate’s News Clearance team. This one is all smiles and is ready to comply.

Looks like we lost the signal from you there, Alex! Real shame. Anyway, my name is Bartholemew T. Iddy, and I’m here with the latest scoop from “The Outside.” Known compatriots of the Batman have been seen escorting fugitives from the city. Outrageous! Everyone knows that masks are to be shot on sight!

Bartholemew seems to be looking past the camera, as if for some kind of affirmation from a source off-screen.

In other news, the outlaw known as Katana was seen rampaging through a Magistrate facility, cutting officers down with impunity. The audacity! Luckily, Kailber was on hand to repel the intruder on behalf of the Magistrate, to keep the peace.

Bartholomew is watching live footage of the incident in question when all of a sudden something rips through the broadcast he and the viewers were seeing.

Wait-holy shit! Was that lightning black?!?! We don’t know what just happened, but it looks like Kaliber has fled the scene, leaving Katana to deal with this “Black Lightning.” Scary stuff folks, but that’s another day in Gotham! Back to you, Dan.

When the camera cuts back to the main news desk, Dan is leaning back in his chair with his feet propped up on the desk. He quickly kicks them off and gets back into position.

Well, that’s all the news for tonight. Following this broadcast will be GC52’s part 4 of our Bruce Wayne memorial documentary “Gotham’s Guardian Angel.” Goodnight, we will catch you next week! This is Dan McMahon, signing off.

As the show’s theme plays and a sizzle reel plays, you can hear Dan shouting at someone behind the cameras. “I told the Magistrate has NO RIGHT sending goons to control the-“

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