Fun-Size Roundtable: Freaks and Gods Vol. 1

The GateCrashers team travels throughout dimensions to talk about Freaks and Gods for this Roundtable!

Fun-Size Roundtable: M.O.M.: Mother of Madness #1

M.O.M.: MOTHER OF MADNESS #1 is a psychedelic trip through a richly satirical 2049.

Fun-Size Roundtable: Razorblades #4

This weeks Fun-Sized Round Table digs into the fourth volume of Razorblades!

Fun-Size Roundtable: Ordinary Gods #1

Welcome back to this week’s installment of The Fun-Size Round Table. I’m your host, Ashley, and today we’ll be diving in to Ordinary Gods #1 from writer Kyle Higgins, artist Felipe Watanabe, colorist Frank William, and letterer Clayton Cowles.  Ordinary Gods starts out with a bang, right in the middle of the action in late […]

Fun-Size Roundtable: Crossover #7

It is June 16, 2015. Reality has begun to collapse. Something once believed to be too ridiculous to ever actually happen has. A man who built an empire by sacrificing his name to a dark and foreboding tower has just announced a con to become President of the United States. Everything that has occurred before […]

Fun-Size Roundtable: Good Luck #1

Rumours have been coming in about the world possibly going to hell and well, we’re gonna need something like luck. Now that was not an intended pun, but we sure could use some luck. And not the bad kind of luck either! Well, it does seem like people are trying to save us. Or at […]

Fun-Size Roundtable: The Silver Coin #3

The Fun-Size Roundtable is back. This week? The Silver Coin #3!

Fun-Size Roundtable: The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #1

Thank you everyone for coming here on such short notice. We are gathered here today to— Hey, you in the back with the headband, quiet down! Damnit, where was I….? Right. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Trigger Keaton, a man loved by— HEY! Stop throwing tomatoes at me! The casket’s […]

Fun-Size Roundtable: Everfrost #1

GateCrashers HQ:        We’ve made an incredible find in the ice north of Ward Precinct close to where the Ennio’s skull is located. I was shocked at how well preserved it is considering the harsh conditions here. It’s an ancient form of serialized, visual story-telling called a comic. I hope you’re sitting down when you […]

Fun-Size Round Table: X-Men #20

It is here. There has always been discourse around the X-line of comics. Whether that be about the outcome of the X Of Swords tournament with character fates being theorised or about the (in?)famous X-Men election, the conversation has been never-ending. For those new to these characters, this is the era of X-Men comics they […]