A Vicious Circle #1: Making Time Travel Feel Unique

Time travel is not as good as it sounds; who would’ve thought?


Flavor Girls #1 is a Magical Book About Magical Girls

*Transformation sequence music playing*

The Vampire Slayer #1 is a Great Intro to the Buffyverse

Grab a stake and dive into this new story set in the Buffyverse!

Good Luck is a Grandiose Dystopian Sci-Fi

Maybe your luck is not as bad as you thought.


Eve Review: Optimism in the Post-Apocalyptic

The story starts off with an interesting twist; Eve, the protagonist, has been living in a simulation, and we’ve been observing the simulation with them. The world as we know it is ancient history as humans failed to effectively mitigate climate change and a very scary disease. Eve has no mean task at her hands; […]

The Princess Who Saved Her Friends Review: A Cute and Mature Book for Kids

Eliza reviews the newest graphic novel for children from BOOM! Studios!

Horny Comics to Spice Up Your Reading Life

Lookin’ to spice things up, cutie? Well…you’ve come to the right place.