AEW Dynamite Saturday Night Recap | 10/16/21 | From Miami, FL

With NHL hockey taking priority on TNT for the next two Wednesdays, that means AEW Dynamite will be on Saturday nights for these two weeks, starting with this week’s edition. Hailing from Miami, FL, let’s see what’s in store for us this week…

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

We’ve got three televised cards to roll through, so we’ll cut right to the chase and just recap all of them below.

Here’s the results of the 10/6 edition of Dynamite (Episode 105):

  • The Super Elite def. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, & Bryan Danielson via pinfall (17:58) after Omega, Cole, and the Young Bucks hit Jungle Boy with a four-man BTE Trigger.
  • CM Punk called out Daniel Garcia for a match on Friday’s Rampage.
  • Sammy Guevara def. Bobby Fish via pinfall (9:16) to retain the TNT Championship with the Go To Hell. After the match, Dan Lambert’s MMA boys beat Guevara up until Jake Hager & Chris Jericho made the save.
  • Tony Schiavone & Aubrey Edwards unveiled the new TBS Championship, a new secondary title for AEW’s women’s division. In a later video package, Thunder Rosa, Ruby Soho, Skye Blue, and Jade Cargill announced themselves to be in the tournament to name the first TBS Champ.
  • Darby Allin def. Nick Comoroto via pinfall (4:00) with the Coffin Drop. Post-match, Sting dropped QT Marshall with the Scorpion Death Drop.
  • Dante Martin’s challenge was answered by Malakai Black, who kicked Dante’s head off. Later on, Lio Rush offered his services to Dante.
  • Ricky Starks’ promo was interrupted by Brian Cage, who chased him out of the ring.
  • Serena Deeb def. Hikaru Shida via submission (10:15) to deny Shida her 50th win in AEW. After the match, Deeb struck Shida with the trophy that was supposed to celebrate her milestone.
  • The Pinnacle — all wearing black masks — ambushed Darby Allin in the parking lot in a brutal assault.
  • “Hangman” Adam Page won the Casino Ladder Match (17:10) to earn a shot at the AEW World Championship. The match included Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, Andrade, Matt Hardy, PAC, and Orange Cassidy. Page was revealed as the mystery Joker of the match.

Here’s the results of the 10/8 edition of Rampage (Episode 9):

  • CM Punk def. Daniel Garcia via submission (14:05) using the Anaconda Vise to submit Garcia in a fantastic match.
  • Backstage, Lio Rush vowed to get Matt Sydal a match with CM Punk on next week’s Rampage.
  • The Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M) def. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) via pinfall (6:00) with the Fear Factor finisher on Bowens to retain their AEW Tag Titles.
  • Jade Cargill def. Skye Blue via pinfall (1:02) in a really quick squash that has become a specialty of Cargill’s. After the match, Jade continued to beat up on Skye until Thunder Rosa chased her away with a chair.
  • Ricky Starks def. Brian Cage via pinfall (10:40) in a Philly Street Fight to retain his FTW Championship. The finish saw Hook get involved by low-blowing Cage as he had Starks at his mercy. This allowed Starks to hit a top-rope variation of the Roshambo for the win.

Here’s the results for the 10/15 edition of Rampage (Episode 10) and the special Buy-In before the show:

  • Tay Conti def. Santana Garrett via pinfall (4:42) with the DD-Tay.
  • Bobby Fish def. Lee Moriarty via pinfall (7:57) after hitting his roundhouse kick on Moriarty.
  • Bryan Danielson def. Minoru Suzuki via pinfall (19:18) when he hit Suzuki with the Running Knee. Go out of your way to see this match. It’s one hell of a match.
  • CM Punk def. Matt Sydal via pinfall (14:47) with the GTS in Rampage’s opening match.
  • The Dark Order heralded the return of “Hangman” Page and challenged The Super Elite for a fight.
  • Ruby Soho def. The Bunny via pinfall (8:00) using a roll-up pin for the win. After the match, Penelope Ford laid Soho out with a brass knuckles punch.
  • Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) & Junior dos Santos def. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara) via pinfall (11:29) when Scorpio took advantage of a Jorge Masvidal knee strike on Jericho for the pin. After the match, the American Top Team assault on Inner Circle was foiled by Santana and Ortiz.

It’s Saturday Night. You Know What That Means.

Following the ever-present opening sequence and Jim Ross welcoming us to the show, CM Punk’s theme plays, heralding his arrival to the commentary booth. He’ll be joining Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur to call the action tonight.

Match 1: Dante Martin vs. Malakai Black

Dante Martin finds himself a victim of Malakai Black’s vicious spinning kick (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Dante Martin, eager for a challenge after hanging tough with the likes of Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes, got more than he bargained for on the 10/6 Dynamite when the enigmatic Malakai Black answered the challenge with a kick to the head of the young upstart. Lio Rush also made it clear that he wanted to help Dante succeed, offering his services.

The Match

Dante Martin is accompanied to the ring by Lio Rush as the match is underway. Martin and Black trading armdrags to start us off, ending with Black controlling the arm. Dante dropkicks Black to the outside. Dante’s looking to dive, but Malakai is back in the ring to stop that. Stalemate in the middle of the ring as Black misses with a corner run. Springboard splash by Dante is turned into a powerbomb by Black. Now a single leg crab submission by Black before Dante reaches the ropes to break it up.

Malakai batters Dante’s legs with repeated kicks until Dante fights back. Brief exchange of blows is stopped by Malakai, who hits a kneebreaker. Knee bar locked in on Dante, who’s screaming out in pain. Dante kicks at Malakai to escape the hold. On the apron again, Dante’s thinking springboard again, but Malakai stops him at the pass. Roll-up by Dante gets a two-count.

Reverse hurricanrana by Dante Martin buys him some time to recover his injured leg. Malakai rolls out to the ramp. Dante’s limping, but he goes for a springboard splash to the outside that grounds Black. Dante looking for the springboard moonsault, but Black side steps out of the way, causing Dante to land on that injured leg of his instead. An exchange of blows between the two takes place now. Fists and kicks are traded until Dante sends Black to the corner with an enzuguiri. Black pushes Dante away with his feet, following that with the Meteora! Hard kick to the head, then the German suplex by Malakai gets a near-fall. 

“This is awesome!” chants from the fans in appreciation of this hot opener. Malakai drags Dante to the corner and lifts him to the top turnbuckle. Both men are in a precarious situation, but Dante wins out and hits a dangerous avalanche hurricanrana on Black. It seems that Dante’s suffering the worst of it as he landed on that injured knee on impact. He’s too hurt to go for the cover as a result.

Dante rises up and lands a springboard moonsault on Black, but not with the desired impact he wanted. Dante crawls to the slow cover for the near fall. Malakai recovers and wrenches in the single leg crab. Black abruptly releases the hold as he clutches his ribs in some kind of pain. Dante recovers and gets himself onto the apron. Springboard attack backfires badly for Dante as Black rolls out of the way. In position, Black hits the spinning kick to knock Dante out cold. 1… 2… 3. This one’s over.

Malakai Black def. Dante Martin via pinfall (9:38)


As Black makes his way up the stage, he turns to Dante and gives him a subtle nod. Perhaps a sign of respect for taking him to the limit?

Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus promo

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy as they address last week’s match. They’re suddenly confronted by the Super Elite, who beat the crap out of them. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega deliver a triple powerbomb to Luchasaurus as Adam Cole forces Jungle Boy to watch.

The Inner Circle United

Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle is back and ready for a fight (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

A newly reunited Inner Circle makes their way to the ring with the fans serenading the motley crew with a singalong of “Judas”. Just as Santana starts to address his friends having to deal with Dan Lambert and friends, he’s indeed interrupted by the arrival of Lambert and his American Top Team, alongside the Men of the Year.

Lambert tries to get a word in, but the Miami fans just boo him very loudly. In the meantime, Chris Jericho addresses Paige Van Zant, saying that she’s “obsessed” with him and that he wouldn’t touch Van Zant with her husband’s genitals (ugh). Jericho continues to run his mouth a bit more before stating that the Inner Circle is ready for a five-on-five fight with Lambert’s ATT boys and the Men of the Year.

Lambert says that they’d love to oblige Jericho’s challenge, but he has other plans — namely ones that involve championship gold. He singles out TNT Champion Sammy Guevara, stating that he’ll name some terms for him next week regarding that title of his. Sammy interrupts, stating that he’s more than ready to whoop American Top Team’s asses when it comes time for it.

Match 2: AAA Tag Title Match – The Lucha Bros. vs. “Las Super Ranas” (w/ Andrade el Idolo)

“Las Super Ranas”, Andrade El Idolo’s friends, certainly seem like top guys (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix (along with Death Triangle ally PAC) have had their issues with Andrade over the past few months, with El Idolo at first trying to get them to join him. When the Lucha Brothers refused to play Andrade’s games, he decided to try his hand at antagonizing the current AEW Tag Team Champions instead. 

The Match

Andrade’s friends are revealed to be two men in matching frog-themed jumpsuits and ill-fitting masks as we begin this match. It’s all Lucha Brothers in the early stages of this match before Rey Fenix tags in. The one Super Rana tries to take over, but Fenix easily fights off. Now Penta is in and the Lucha Brothers are now attempting to unmask the Ranas. They fight out of it and attempt a double suplex, but that’s reversed by Fenix & Penta. They each have a Super Rana and they unmask to reveal… FTR! The match goes to a commercial on this reveal.

We resume with live action as FTR have both Lucha Brothers on the ramp. Penta fights back and tells Fenix to run as he gets in position and lifts Fenix up for a springboard double dropkick on the unmasked Harwood & Wheeler. Double diving stomp by the Lucha Bros… dual cover nets a dual kickout from “Las Super Ranas”. 

Cash left alone in the ring. Irish whip attempt as Penta is grabbed by Dax on the outside. Penta sends Cash flying onto Dax outside with a back body toss. Lucha Brothers seize the opportunity… Double Cero Miedo dives to the outside by the Lucha Brothers on FTR! Now it’s Dax alone in the ring. Penta & Fenix look to have the match in hand with the Fear Factor set up, but Cash Wheeler makes the save. He sends Penta crashing into the timekeeper’s area. 

Rey avoids a belt shot and kicks Cash off the apron. He falls victim to a roll-up by Dax Harwood, complete with rope grab, but Rey just manages to kick out. Slingshot across the middle rope by Fenix and he knocks Dax out with the kick to the head. Tully Blanchard runs to the ring, which allows Cash Wheeler to slide the AAA Tag Title into Dax’s hands.

Fenix goes for a moonsault off the top rope, but he gets flattened with the AAA Tag Title just as he makes impact with Dax. Sheer Drop Brainbuster by Dax. 1… 2… 3! We have new AAA Tag Team Champions!

FTR/”Las Super Ranas” def. The Lucha Bros. via pinfall (8:12) to become the new AAA Tag Team Champions

Lio Rush’s New Business Proposition

Backstage, we find Lio Rush talking to Dante Martin, stating that Dante’s loss to Malakai Black was by design. He declares that Dante will have a new tag partner: himself. Dante reluctantly accepts Lio’s proposition.

A Deal’s A Deal

The new AAA Tag Team Champions FTR are about to leave with Andrade el Idolo, but MJF shows up and asks Andrade for his money, wanting both cash and cheque from him. Andrade gives Max an envelope filled with money, as he’s told that he only gets FTR for one night only.

Match 3: Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler YUTA

Orange Cassidy checks up on his protégé as only he could (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Not really any story significance, unless you count Mox briefly interacting with Orange Cassidy during the Casino Ladder Match last week.

The Match

If you thought the above recap of the story between Mox vs. Wheeler was short, then this match synopsis is arguably shorter. Mox just batters YUTA with fists until he hits a Paradigm Shift for the quick victory.

Jon Moxley def. Wheeler YUTA via pinfall (0:47)


As Moxley quickly exits through the crowd, Wheeler is being checked on by a trainer and Orange Cassidy.

Shida’s Revenge

In a backstage interview, Serena Deeb explains her sudden change in attitude, stating that the women’s division needed to be dragged back up to greatness by her. She’s hit in the head by an errant kendo stick strike as Hikaru Shida attacks and gets in a brawl with Serena.

Match 3: The Elite’s SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver, & Evil Uno)

The Dark Order crash the SuperKliq’s party and seal it with a kiss (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

While the Elite’s war with the Dark Order has been on the backburner since winning the massive ten-man tag match at Fight for the Fallen, as well as being superseded by new conflicts with Jurassic Express, the Dark Order have forced the issue again. On Friday’s Rampage, Dark Order threw down the gauntlet against the SuperKliq, renewed by the returning “Hangman” Adam Page. 

The Match

The SuperKliq attack Dark Order before the match can even begin. They attempt to do a triple powerbomb on John Silver to take him out of commission, but he manages to fight out. Reynolds & Uno answer back and bring Adam Cole & Nick Jackson in the ring to officially start this match.

It’s Silver and Nick starting off for their respective teams as the diminutive dynamo of the Dark Order takes advantage. He taunts Adam Cole while working over Nick Jackson for a bit. Irish whip by Silver is reversed, allowing Cole to kick him in the back to no effect. He cleans house on the Elite. Gamengiri by Silver on Nick, followed by a diving senton on Cole. Superkick by Matt Jackson stops Silver’s momentum. Evil Uno joins the fight, but he’s stopped. Cole stops an Alex Reynolds dive attempt with a superkick. The SuperKliq take this time to taunt the crowd. They have control over Silver with the action continuing in picture-in-picture.

Back from commercial as the Young Bucks’ attempted suplex on Silver is turned into a one-man double suplex on them instead. Silver tags in for his team, while Cole enters the fray for the Elite. Uno takes out both Bucks and steals Nick Jackson’s shoes! Back body drop to Matt and a hard punch puts Nick out of commission. Uno takes Nick’s sock off and proceeds to do his version of Mr. Socko on Nick until Cole superkicks him. Camel Clutch by Cole as he and the Bucks look to do their SuperKliq Kiss spot. Reynolds and Silver intercept the Jacksons and they end up smooching Cole before sending him to the floor onto the recovering Bucks.

Cole left all alone as Dark Order go to town on him with a flurry of moves, ending with Uno getting Cole with Something Evil. 1… 2… the Young Bucks break up the pin. 

Matt & Nick take Uno and Silver to the outside. Diving dropkick by Matt, followed by a leaping dive by Nick over his brother and onto the Dark Order members. Back in the ring, Reynolds & Cole exchange matching kicks and knee strikes. Reynolds manages to reverse the knee strike into a roll-up pin for the very close two-count. The Young Bucks interject and flatten Reynolds with stereo superkicks. Panama Sunrise by Cole, followed by the Bucks’ BTE Trigger and Cole’s running knee strike for the win.

The Elite’s SuperKliq def. The Dark Order via pinfall (10:50)


An angry Jungle Boy rushes the ring to attack Cole before the Bucks throw him out. Seeing the odds ahead of him, Jungle Boy pulls out a chair as the Elite run off to leave Brandon Cutler alone. Cutler tries to spray J.B. in the face but he blocks with the chair before beaning Brandon with it. Jungle Boy locks Cutler in the Snare Trap, making sure to spray the cold spray in Cutler’s face as he does it!

The Further Misadventures of Cody & Arn

Arn Anderson has brought Cody Rhodes to the Rhodes Wrestling Academy, where the trainees (including Brock Anderson & Red Velvet) basically tell Cody that he sucks right to his face.Then it’s off to training, where Cody’s getting schooled by Brock, Lee Johnson, and another trainee.

Cody’s mad that he’s not learning anything here as Arn talks about never doing anything to let the kids down. He cites how Dusty Rhodes gave him thirty stitches and how he had that coming. Now, Malakai Black has it coming real soon.

MJF’s Challenge Unanswered?

Sting looks to pay back MJF for assaulting his “son” Darby Allin (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is out in the ring, doing his usual heel heat promo. He then addresses Darby Allin, saying that he’s got a scheduled match happening now — despite Darby not cleared for action after the Pinnacle’s brutal assault last week. He has Wardlow bring out Bryce Remsburg so that he can have the “match” won against Darby by forfeit. 

Bryce begins the count, but the lights go out and snow fills the arena. Here comes Sting to avenge Darby. With bat in hand, Stinger confronts MJF and Wardlow. Max chooses to put Wardlow in harm’s way by shoving him right into a Sting baseball bat strike. Sting beckons MJF to face him, but Max decides to back off instead.

The Queenslayer and the DMD Brawl It Out

Anna Jay’s interview is interrupted by Dr. Britt Baker DMD, who taunts Anna for her Dark Order friends losing against her boyfriend, as well as being “nothing” without Tay Conti. This is enough to cause a brawl between the two that needs to be separated by referees.

Match 4: Penelope Ford vs. Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan rocks Penelope Ford’s world with a neckbreaker (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

This match was announced on last night’s Rampage, coming off the heels of Penelope Ford attacking Ruby Soho after her match with The Bunny.

The Match

Penelope forces Kiera into the corner, followed by an arm drag. Kiera fights back and manages to hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Corner bulldog by Penelope allows for her to regain control of the match. The action goes to picture-in-picture commercials.

We resume with Kiera having Penelope set up on the top rope. A slap allows for her to hit a massive superplex that takes both competitors out of commission! Both Kiera & Penelope recover simultaneously and proceed to exchange strikes. Hogan wins out and hits a clothesline. Shotgun dropkick soon follows, and then Kiera lands a sliding dropkick! 1… 2… NO! Kiera goes to pick up Penelope, but she ends up getting flattened by a modified Stunner/Codebreaker. Penelope has Kiera on her shoulders, but that’s reversed into a knee-focused neckbreaker. Only a near-fall for Hogan. 

Elbow strike by Penelope, followed by a handspring cutter on Hogan. Is she looking for the pin? Nope. Muta Lock by Penelope is cinched in tight, as Kiera is forced to tap out to end this match.

Penelope Ford def. Kiera Hogan via submission (7:42)


Ruby Soho attacks Penelope after the match as she looks to get payback for the assault during Rampage. Soho tosses Penelope out to the ramp, while the Bunny emerges to collect Penelope out of the ring.

Miro No Longer Seeks Forgiveness

“The Redeemer” speaks to his God, saying that he cannot go home to his wife like this (i.e. without the TNT Championship). Has he been forsaken by God? Miro says that he’s done pleading with his God, declaring that he will make sure that everyone knows pain until he once again becomes a Champion.

True Cowboy Shit

With a renewed confidence, “Hangman” Page gets ready to speak to the people (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Schiavone’s in the ring once again to introduce “Hangman” Adam Page to a raucous reaction from the Miami crowd. The lower-third labels Hangman as a “frequent question-dodger”. The commentators made it clear that Page’s title shot will be coming on November 13th at Full Gear against Kenny Omega.

Page talks about how he and the Elite took a big chance by leaving Ring of Honor and New Japan to start AEW up. He was eager to change the world with his former friends, but it seems that the world changed them instead.

He mentions how his Day One vow of becoming the first AEW Champion ended in losing his confidence, his friendships, and his faith in himself. Page says that the one thing he never lost in all of this was the support of the fans week after week and their chants of “cowboy shit”. Hangman goes on to elaborate what Cowboy Shit meant to him, which included welcoming new friends into his life (The Dark Order) and taking his chance to stick his neck out for those friends (the Fight for the Fallen tag match). He says that Cowboy Shit also meant having courage to be there for the birth of his baby boy during the hottest run of his career.

“When you fall off, you get back up. You get back on the horse. You keep on riding and blaze on ahead. Because to me, that’s Cowboy Shit.” Hangman proclaims.

Hangman vows at Full Gear — despite not knowing how it will turn out for him — that he’s gonna give us everything. He will give us his blood, sweat, and tears on that night. But most importantly, he’ll give us 100% Cowboy Shit.

Match 6: Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish

The American Dragon soars through the air to take out Bobby Fish (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Both Danielson & Fish are new signees with AEW and found themselves in separate singles matches to prepare for tonight’s contest on a special Buy-In on YouTube. While Fish defeated Lee Moriarty, Danielson found himself in a goddamned war with Minoru Suzuki that saw him barely survive to get the crucial win heading into tonight.

The Match

Back and forth action to kick us off here. Fish goes on the offensive, finishing with a snapmare and a back kick for a two count. Danielson bounces back and stomps away at the knees of Fish. He back body tosses Fish to the floor and hits a suicide dive to the outside. Bryan gets up on the apron, but he’s tripped up by Fish, landing on the leg in the process. We go to our final commercial break of the evening with Danielson in pain.

The action resumes as Fish continues to do damage on Danielson’s leg, wrapping it around the middle rope as Bryan’s trapped in the corner. He kicks away at Bryan’s leg as the American Dragon tries to fight out. The referee tries to check up on Bryan, allowing for Fish to play to the crowd’s booing. Sliding lariat by Fish gets a two-count. Single-leg Boston Crab ala Lance Storm by Fish. Danielson turns that around and has an ankle lock applied on Fish, transitioning into a release German suplex.

Danielson now has Fish right where he wants him, hitting kicks and fists on him. Dragon Screw by Danielson is followed by slamming Fish’s leg against the ring post. Chop block by the American Dragon and he’s feeling it now. Fish captures Danielson’s kick and turns it into a backdrop driver… 1… 2… kick-out! Fish proceeds to work over Danielson in the corner, then putting him onto the top rope. Sets him up… avalanche Falcon Arrow by Fish! 1… 2… kick-out is turned into a knee bar by Bobby Fish. Danielson turns around and has Fish in his own version of a knee bar. Repeated kicks to the head by Danielson leads to the heel hook on Fish. After a brief struggle, Fish taps out.

Bryan Danielson def. Bobby Fish via submission (12:28)

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Bracket

Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (10/22 Rampage)

Jon Moxley vs. Preston “10” Vance (TBD)

Dustin Rhodes vs. Bryan Danielson (10/23 Dynamite Saturday Night)

Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston (10/23 Dynamite Saturday Night)

Winner of Moxley/Vance vs. Winner of Cassidy/Hobbs (TBD)

Winner of Danielson/Rhodes vs. Winner of Archer/Kingston (TBD)

Finals at Full Gear 2021 (11/13/21)


Next Week on Rampage (10/22/21)

  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Anna Jay
  • PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo II
  • Orange Cassidy vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (AEW World Title Eliminator Match)

Next Week on Dynamite Saturday Night (10/23/21)

  • Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes III
  • Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW World Title Eliminator Match)
  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Bryan Danielson (AEW World Title Eliminator Match)

The Last Word

An interesting show, for sure, but one highlighted by one of the strongest promos in recent memory. I’m, of course, talking about Hangman Page’s “Cowboy Shit” promo.

In just five short minutes, Page was able to tie together two years’ worth of story — two years of fleeting successes, crushing failures, and everything in between — to further establish himself as AEW’s top hero. And this, remarkably, comes even with new additions like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson arriving to tremendous fanfare.

Page repurposing what he once said in passing during a typical pre-match promo and turning it into a personal mission statement for how he’s chosen to live out his AEW career is just the icing that makes this promo a true standout. The “Cowboy Shit” way of thinking, as the Hangman puts it, is about finding the courage to be with loved ones, even during the hottest run of his career. It’s about sticking up for the friends you’ve made and helping them achieve their own dreams. Most importantly, “Cowboy Shit” is about pulling yourself back up when you’ve fallen and getting back on that horse to blaze your own trail. It gives Page something that makes it even easier for fans to root for him, doing so in an organic manner.

Just as Stone Cold Steve Austin was the quintessential babyface for the 90s, “Hangman” Page is the hero we wrestling fans need for today’s troubled times. His struggles with himself and how he confronts them has allowed him to be easily relatable with fans today in a way that works so beautifully. They represent how we can sometimes find ourselves in moments where we doubt whether or not we can actually be the best of ourselves.

It’s why we relate with Page’s successes and his failures. It’s why we can see ourselves in Hangman, despite not being wrestlers like he is. And it’s why we hope he can finally achieve the greatest success of all when he finally catches what has eluded him for so long at Full Gear.

While we’re on the subject of promos, let’s talk about how incredible Miro is in the promo game. The video packages he’s had ever since he became the TNT Champion (and even now, when he’s no longer champion) have really showed how game he is in establishing himself as someone not to be messed with. I find myself hanging on every word Miro says in these promos, and the one from this week is no exception. It’ll be interesting to see what “The Redeemer” will be up to heading into Full Gear, seeing as he’s not in the World Title Eliminator Tournament.

On the opposite end of the promo spectrum is Chris Jericho’s short remarks to Paige Van Zant. The rather sexist comments he made in reference to Van Zant feel woefully outdated and out of place in the modern wrestling landscape. While the American Top Team/Men of the Year vs. Inner Circle feud just works when it’s just the two sides duking it out, it’s dragged down considerably when Jericho chooses to open his mouth. I get that Jericho’s still immensely popular with live crowds, but that’s certainly no excuse to be dabbling in the type of content that he chooses in these promos.

Other than that, it was yet another breezy two hours of Dynamite I found myself enjoying from start to finish. Good in-ring action — particularly in Danielson vs. Fish and Black vs. Martin — coupled with one of the best babyface promos in recent memory made for an entertaining Saturday night.

Marc Quill is the editor of RingCrashers, GateCrashers’ home for all your All Elite Wrestling and indie wrestling needs. He’s also the web novelist behind Skye Emery: Bluebird, which you can read here. You can chat with him about wrestling, comics, and stuff in general on @MarcQuill on Twitter.


AEW Dynamite Recap | 9/29/21 | From Rochester, NY

After a Grand Slam week for AEW, Dynamite is in the home of the late, great Brodie Lee: Rochester, NY for a show dedicated to him. While the matchups aren’t necessarily big time marquee matches, the significance of certain matches in relation to Brodie’s legacy in AEW with the Dark Order blossoming into what we know and love today is quite significant. With all that said, let’s light the fuse and bring the boom on this recap.

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

Grand Slam action descended upon Arthur Ashe Stadium as the dream match between Omega & Danielson ended in a stalemate, while Dr. Britt Baker DMD escaped from New York with her AEW Women’s Title intact. Meanwhile, MJF got the last laugh on Brian Pillman Jr., and Malakai Black continued to get the better of Cody Rhodes.

Here’s the results of the 9/22/21 Grand Slam edition of Dynamite (Episode 103):

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega ended in a Time Limit Draw (30:00) as the two competitors were evenly-matched. Post-match, The Young Bucks & Adam Cole hit Danielson with a triple superkick and looked to continue their attack, but were fended off by Christian Cage and Jurassic Express.
  • CM Punk cut a promo about his match versus Powerhouse Hobbs at Rampage: Grand Slam, promising to put the Team Taz juggernaut to sleep on Friday.
  • MJF def. Brian Pillman Jr. via submission (9:05) after countering Brian Jr.’s Air Pillman into the Salt of the Earth armbar.
  • Malakai Black def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall (11:25) with a roll-up following Black Mist to the face of Cody.
  • Darby Allin & Sting def. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) via submission (9:30) when Sting made Dax submit to the Scorpion Deathlock.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Ruby Soho via submission (13:20) to retain her title with the Lockjaw submission.

Here are the results of the 9/24/21 Grand Slam edition of Rampage (Episode 7):

  • CM Punk def. Powerhouse Hobbs via pinfall (13:35) with the GTS in his first match on TV in over seven years.
  • The Elite’s Superkliq (Adam Cole, Matt & Nick Jackson) def. Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) via pinfall (14:38) after the heels hit Luchasaurus with their respective finishers, ending with an Adam Cole Last Shot (now renamed “The Boom”).
  • The Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) def. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager via pinfall (11:01) after Scorpio took advantage of a Dan Lambert distraction to roll up Hager for the pin and win. Post-match, a bunch of Lambert’s American Top Team associates beat down the two Inner Circle members.
  • Santana & Ortiz and the Lucha Brothers def. The Hardy Family Office via pinfall (9:43) after the two babyface teams got their finishers in on the HFO’s Marq Quen for the victory. At one point, Orange Cassidy stopped Matt Hardy from cutting Ortiz’s hair, then flattening Jack Evans with the Orange Punch.
  • Backstage, Matt volunteered Evans to face Orange in a Hair versus Hair match for next week’s Rampage.
  • Miro brutally attacked Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol ahead of his match against Sammy for the TNT Title next week on Dynamite.
  • Penelope Ford def. Anna Jay via pinfall (6:48) after the Bunny handed Penelope some brass knucks to hit Anna with. Post match, the two heels beat down Anna and Tay Conti. Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander joined the Dark Order to fight the HFO off. As Alex Reynolds tried to mend the broken bonds between him and Evil Uno, the masked Uno walked out.
  • “Lights Out” Tag Team Match: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston def. Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki via pinfall (15:10) when Kingston pinned Archer following repeated kendo stick strikes as Archer was trapped in a trashcan. New York wrestling legend Homicide made a surprise appearance to assist Mox & Kingston, leading to the finish.

It’s Wednesday Night. You Know What That Means.

The show begins proper with a tribute graphic for the late Jon Huber, better known to AEW fans as Mr. Brodie Lee. It’s followed up by the opening intro that tells us to light the fuse and bring the boom. After the opening, we have Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone welcoming us to tonight’s show. They’re soon joined by CM Punk, who’ll be on commentary tonight along with the Terrific Trio. Let’s hope that he doesn’t get attacked at the table.

Match 1: Adam Cole vs. Jungle Boy

Adam Cole sizes up Jungle Boy, preparing to lower The Boom (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Adam Cole made an undisputed impact when he arrived in AEW at All Out when he superkicked Jungle Boy Jack Perry to signify his loyalty to The Elite. To that end, the two have had a rivalry of sorts, which continued on last week’s Rampage: Grand Slam, when Cole’s Superkliq defeated Jungle Boy and Jurassic Express and Christian Cage.

The Match

The commentators note that Adam Cole’s theme is the No. 1 metal song in the iTunes charts as Cole makes his way to the ring.

Cole starts off with the advantage as he’s got J.B. in the waistlock, transitioning it into a headscissors. Perry is able to fight out of it for a bit before Cole resumes with the advantage. Back and forth action between the two until Jungle Boy sends Cole to the outside with a dropkick. J.B. chases Cole around the ringside area, but gets stomped on once he reaches the ring. Cole runs to the corner, but Jungle Boy blocks him with a boot to the face. Jungle Boy to the top rope, but Cole knocks him to the outside area with a strike!

Jungle Boy’s favoring his knee after that rough landing and Adam Cole takes over on the outside before maintaining control as the two return to the ring. As Cole taunts the crowd, Jungle Boy shifts momentum with some offense before finishing that off with a huge lariat that damn near takes Cole’s head off. 

Both men exchange strikes and kicks until J.B.hits a brainbuster on Cole. German suplex by J.B. only gets a two-count. Jungle Boy attempts to trap Cole in the Tree of Woe, but gets kicked in the face for his trouble. A second attempt is more successful and he gets the basement dropkick. Again, only a two-count. 

Cole wriggles out of a fireman’s carry and hits the Ushigoroshi on Jungle Boy, getting a near fall on that move. Poisonrana by Jungle Boy followed by a Death Valley Driver: 1.. 2… NO! Surprise superkick by Adam Cole sends J.B. crashing to the outside! Cole looks to hit a Panama Sunrise on the outside, but Jungle Boy wisely moves out of the way. He enters the ring and looks to hit a suicide dive on Cole, who ends up blocking it with a kick. Jungle Boy responds with a springboard Frankensteiner to the outside! Back in the ring, Cole lands a superkick and finally nails the Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy… 1… 2… 2.999999!!!!!!! 

Adam Cole senses blood and pulls down his knee pad as he looks to finish Jungle Boy off with The Boom knee strike. J.B. is able to counter that into the Snare Trap! Cole is in No Man’s Land as he’s trapped in the middle of the ring! However, he manages to kick Jungle Boy to the outside to get a brief respite. J.B. runs back to the ring and pushes Cole into the ropes.

With ref Aubrey Edwards caught between the ropes, this gives Cole the chance to hit Jungle Boy in the groin to set him up for the running Boom knee for the 1, 2, 3.

Adam Cole def. Jungle Boy via Pinfall (13:39)


The entire Elite emerged from the heel tunnel of the stage, as CM Punk remarked that their theme song sucked. The show goes to break with the promise that we’d hear from The Elite after the commercials.

The Elite Speaks

The Elite, led by Kenny Omega, were out in full force (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Back from break, as Karl Anderson hypes up Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks, who are, according to Luke Gallows, “Extremely Violent People”. Adam Cole has the stick as he brags about beating Jungle Boy just moments ago. Michael Nakazawa is now given the floor while the Rochester crowd chants “CM Punk”.

Kenny Omega talks about his match with Bryan Danielson last week, giving him credit for taking him to his absolute limit. There’s one problem, however, as Omega says that Bryan didn’t get the job done and that he’ll never see Omega face-to-face in the ring ever again. Cue Bryan Danielson to interrupt the proceedings.

Danielson polls the Rochester crowd if they want to see a rematch between him and Kenny Omega, to which they say “YES!” in response to. He claims that Omega doesn’t have the balls to give him the rematch, rechristening him as “Kenny ‘No-Balls’ Omega”. Danielson says if anyone else on The Elite has any balls (continuing his weird fascination with them), he challenges them to a fight at Rampage. Omega tries to beckon Bryan to get in the ring right now, to which Danielson accepts. Bryan marches up the ramp, but he’s not coming alone. Out from the face tunnel comes Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, and Frankie Kazarian to join Danielson in evening the odds As the faces step into the ring, the Elite beat a hasty retreat.

Andrade Confronts The Lucha Brothers

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M along with Andrade El Idolo. Jose, Andrade’s assistant, says that it’s just about time the Lucha Bros. defended their AAA Tag Team Titles, noting that it’s been quite a long time since those belts were defended. Andrade says that he’s got some friends that might be looking to challenge Penta & Fenix for their AAA Tag Team gold, to which the Lucha Bros. say “bring it on”.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. Matt Sydal & Dante Martin

Matt Sydal soars, cracking Cody Rhodes with a flying knee (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

Things don’t seem to be going well for the American Nightmare, not since Malakai Black entered AEW. Black has targeted Cody and the Nightmare Family, making their lives a living hell. That’s included two singles wins over Cody — first at the Homecoming edition of Dynamite and this past Wednesday at Dynamite: Grand Slam. To add to Cody’s woes, the fans have seemingly grown tired of his babyface act, booing him at every turn.

The Match

Cody and Dante start this match off for their teams, with neither man getting a clear advantage on one another. Both guys tag in their partners and we see that Arn Anderson is upset at Lee Johnson not starting off the match.

Sydal hits a kick on Lee before tagging Dante back into the match. Dazzling the fans with his acrobatics, Dante has a bit of an advantage on Lee. The two men get in each other’s faces as Cody and Sydal enter and Dynamite goes to commercial with things about to break down.

Back from the commercial break and Sydal is in control of Lee Johnson, who eventually escapes Matt’s grasp. Tag to Cody and he goes on the offensive. Scoop Powerslam by Cody gets the near-fall on Dante. Rhodes hits Matt Sydal with the Disaster Kick that sends him to the ground. 

Vertebreaker by Rhodes on Dante… 1.. 2… KICKOUT! Dante retaliates with a floating missile dropkick on Cody that gets a very close near-fall. Dante follows that up with a springboard moonsault that yet again only gets two. Lee Johnson drags Cody back to his corner by the tights and tags himself in. 

Johnson takes Sydal out on the apron with a kick to the head as Dante nearly wins it with a surprise roll-up that only gets a two-count. Johnson has Dante up and hits a modified leg brainbuster for the 1, 2, 3.

Lee Johnson & Cody Rhodes def. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal via Pinfall (7:47)


Tony Schiavone enters the ring to interview the winning team. Cody starts off to a chorus of boos, asking if people wanted to see him fight Malakai Black one more time. Arn Anderson shuts him up and begins with how Black has systematically destroyed Cody and the Nightmare Family since July. Arn asks Cody about why he took off his boots after Black beat him in Jacksonville a month ago.

Arn then goes on to talk about last week, where Cody ended up losing because he spent too much time worrying about him and not about stopping the “predator” and “assassin” that is Malakai Black. Arn says that he’d take up the fight himself, but he’s just “too damn old”. He talks about how Cody would let a carjacker take his car, then stating that as Arn Anderson, he’d pull out a Glock and splatter the carjacker’s brains on the concrete. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to coach a loser,” Arn states, then leaving Cody alone in the ring as he and Lee Johnson make their exit.

Match 3: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, & Darby Allin vs. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) & Anthony Greene

Darby Allin introduces Bear Country to the Coffin Drop (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

This match doesn’t really have any established story. Just a showcase for the babyface alliance of Moxley, Kingston, Sting, and Darby, who have been a successful team.

The Match

Mox and Kingston are brawling it out with Bear Country, which leaves Darby and Greene as our legal competitors to start. Darby is a house a’fire to start off as he works over Greene, then tagging in Kingston. Chops and a knee from Eddie to Green before Mox gets the tag. Bear Boulder is in the match now and he’s got the advantage on Moxley, with repeated chops and shoulder blocks. Mox attempts a crossbody, but he’s caught by Boulder, who tags in Bronson. Powerslam by Bronson on Mox gets a two-count. Bear Country has Mox set up for a double team move until Eddie Kingston intervenes to help his friend fight off the massive Bears. They get sent to the outside as Darby comes crashing down on them with a Coffin Drop to Boulder and Bronson! With Greene as the legal man, he tries for a flying crossbody on Mox & Kingston, but that just fails. In the end, Mox & Eddie set Greene up for the Violent Crown and get the win here.

Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, & Darby Allin def. Bear Country & Anthony Greene via Pinfall (3:24)


Eddie goes to the ringside area and picks a Brodie Lee sign from the crowd as he calls Sting to the ring. As Green comes to, he’s immediately felled by a Scorpion Death Drop from the Stinger, which doesn’t seem like a rather babyface thing to do.

Match 4: The Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels, Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, John Silver, Preston “10” Vance and Stu Grayson) & Orange Cassidy vs. The Hardy Family Office (The Butcher, The Blade, Marq Quen, Isaiah Kassidy, Angelico, Jack Evans, Matt Hardy, and Jora Johl)

The Dark Order’s 10 takes Isaiah Kassidy for a brutal ride (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

While the war between Dark Order and The HFO has gone on for months, the more important story is the current developments within the Dark Order since “Hangman” Adam Page took a leave of absence. The group has been in disarray since that moment, with Alex Reynolds in particular questioning Evil Uno’s leadership. On last week’s Grand Slam edition of Rampage, it seemed that things would be changing for the better, but Uno walked out on Reynolds after an attempted extension of the olive branch. For this big 16-man tag match, Tony Khan asked the Dark Order to put aside their differences to stand united on this special tribute show to Mr. Brodie Lee.

The Match

Right away, we get some trouble within the Dark Order’s ranks as Reynolds, Angels, Uno, and Grayson are in each other’s faces to start. The Butcher and the Blade take advantage and proceed to double team Alan Angels. Preston Vance helps 5 escape an attempted tandem maneuver from Butcher & Blade. Private Party’s Isaiah Kassidy & Marq Quen now get their turn to work over Angels for a bit. The tag to Orange Cassidy and the Freshly-Squeezed One dazzles with his trademark offense. Things eventually descend into a chaotic brawl right as we go to a picture-in-picture break.

Back from commercial with The Hybrid 2 in control as they’re doubling up on Stu Grayson for a bit until he takes down Angelico and Evans with a Pele kick. Tag to Alex Reynolds, who unleashes his offense on Angelico. Evil Uno joins the fray and takes Jack Evans out with a dropkick. Attempted double team by the Dark Order duo backfires as Reynolds is tossed right into Uno, sending the masked leader of Dark Order to the outside! Reynolds hits Evans with a knee to the face and Orange Cassidy tags in again. As Orange goes on the attack, Evil Uno tries to bail out on the match, clearly frustrated by Reynolds’ unintentional collision. Colt Cabana and Stu Grayson look to join him in abandoning their teammates.

They’re stopped at the ramp by Anna Jay, Tay Conti, -1, and Amanda Huber, Brodie Lee’s widow. While -1 emulates his dad and tosses paper at Uno, Amanda yells at the Dark Order trio to get back in the ring and help their teammates out! Uno, Grayson, and Colt then proceed to run back into the ring and help their friends clean house against the HFO!  

As the chaos breaks down, Jora Johl is the last one left in the ring for the Hardy Family Office. Matt tries to get involved, but he eats an Orange Punch from Orange Cassidy. Meanwhile, Johl gets taken out by a gamengiri and Stunner by the members of Dark Order. Grayson and Uno hoist Johl in position and flatline him with the Fatality! John Silver gets the final pinfall victory to ensure the homecoming for the Dark Order will be a happy one.

The Dark Order def. The Hardy Family Office via Pinfall (7:53)


A seemingly united Dark Order stood tall in the ring and embraced as -1 is placed on Preston Vance’s shoulders to celebrate the victory.

Lio Rush is #AllElite

We get a video promo from Lio Rush, last seen in the AEW ring at Double or Nothing 2021. He talks about how he’s a businessman and how he drives profits for both himself and his people, citing it as the true way to be successful. Billing himself as “LBO” (for “Leveraged Buy Out”), Lio promised that the profits would be sure to continue for him inside AEW.

A Refocused FTR

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler declared that they’re now revitalized and refocus, which spells disaster for the AEW Tag Team Division.

The Men of The Year Brag About Their Triumph

“All Ego” Ethan Page in his element, celebrating a big victory (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Fresh off their victory over Chris Jericho & Jake Hager, Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky took to the ring, flanked by their advisor Dan Lambert.

Sky talks about how nobody paid attention to him despite posting one of the best winning percentages in all of AEW, and not even when he picked up a “giant Sonic ring” to become the “Face of the Revolution”. He says that only Dan Lambert sees what everyone else fails to see and that is how Scorpio Sky is a true main eventer.

Page caps the promo off by saying that nobody will ever overlook the Men of the Year and American Top Team ever again because they walk and talk like champions and they roll with champions.

Hikaru Shida’s Quest for 50

A hype video for Hikaru Shida airs. Last seen on Dynamite since before the summer (despite being very prominent in the opening intro), Shida talks about how her next win will be her 50th in AEW. Serena Deeb, her opponent next week, says that Shida won’t reach that major milestone next week when she beats her in a match.

Match 5: Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. The Bunny & Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford rains down the fists on Anna Jay (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

These two teams have been in a bitter conflict over the past four weeks, with the Dark Order drama also in the background of this.

The Match

Both teams begin to brawl before the bell can even ring. Once the match finally starts properly, 

Penelope drags Jay in position for a moonsault attempt, but she misses with it. The Bunny tries to get involved, but Tay pulls her out and flattens Bunny with the Tay-KO! In the ring, Jay hits Ford with the Scorpion Kick, then setting her up for the Queenslayer submission hold! Penelope taps out as Anna and Tay make it a clean sweep for the Dark Order.

Anna Jay & Tay Conti def. The Bunny & Penelope Ford via Submission (6:36)


TayJay celebrates their victory with -1 after the match ends. The announcers immediately toss to a video hyping a big triple threat for Friday’s Rampage between Jade Cargill, Nyla Rose, and Thunder Rosa.

MJF’s Declaration of Greatness

Darby Allin holds his own as MJF goes on a tirade (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his way to the ring, flanked as per usual by Wardlow. He talks about how AEW is built around four pillars that will lead the company to greater successes in the future: Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and himself. Max talks about how he’s already beaten J.B. and Sammy before and brushes off Darby, and how he’s the most important pillar of AEW.

The reason Max says all this? He declares that AEW isn’t worth shit without him, as he’s the past, present, and future of the company. That’s why, in his mind, he believes that he’s worthy of an AEW World Title shot. Max gives a shout out to Tony Khan, calling him “one of the two two Khans in pro wrestling”, but he’d call up his old MLW friend Bruce Prichard if Tony didn’t give him the opportunity that he deserves.

Darby Allin — one of the aforementioned AEW pillars — interrupts Max’s tirade. “As much as I like the whole ‘school shooter mime on a skateboard’ routine, not a huge fan of you interrupting me, bud.” MJF says about Darby’s arrival. He says that there’s nothing wrong about Darby being the #2 pillar of AEW, then comparing himself to stars like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. 

In response to this, Darby tells Max that he can go if he’s not getting what he wants, saying that he’s AEW until death. Max says that he respects Darby for being straight edge, now asking the fans if they know why Darby’s straight edge.

MJF tells everyone of how Darby got into a car with his drunken uncle one night and got into an accident that killed the uncle. Max goes as far as saying that the wrong person died that night, daring Darby to hit him. However, Allin refuses to play on MJF’s terms, stating that Max won’t break him mentally.

Frustrated that Darby won’t oblige to his demands, MJF leaves the ring in a huff.

Match 6: TNT Championship Match – Miro vs. Sammy Guevara

“God’s Favorite Champion”, meet the Spanish God’s knee (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

The Story So Far

After “God’s Favorite Champion” destroyed his friend Fuego Del Sol on the premiere edition of AEW Rampage to deny the plucky luchadore an AEW contract, Sammy Guevara stepped in and gave Fuego a contract. This angered Miro, as Fuego called his shot again for a TNT Title opportunity, offering his new car as a wager for this match. Miro would end up winning that match on the 9/17 edition of Rampage, which led Sammy to get involved after an aggressive post-match assault on Fuego. This confrontation would lead to AEW booking the massive TNT Title defense we’re about to see.

The Match

As the bell rings, Sammy tries to go for a knee, but Miro dodges it. Again with the knee, but Miro knocks Guevara down. The TNT Champion has the advantage here early as he taunts the crowd. Miro grounds Guevara with stomps and attacks to the back. Guevara fighting from underneath, but that short offensive burst is stopped in its tracks. Miro chokes Guevara with his own necklace, then throwing it out of the ring. Guevara fights back and takes Miro out to the ringside area with a running body attack. Sammy uses the steel steps at ringside to attack Miro’s neck. Off to the top rope for a moonsault, but Miro catches him and turns that into a belly to belly suplex. We go to the night’s final picture-in-picture commercial break on that note.

We return with Miro catching Guevara in a resthold, also battering him with elbows. Sammy escapes this, but he gets felled by a German Suplex from Miro. Repeated short-arm lariats by Miro, who takes time to once again taunt the crowd as he does them. Miro runs to try and hit Guevara with a third lariat, but that gets reversed into a Spanish Fly! 

Sliding knee strike by Guevara is followed by a pump kick that Miro catches. German suplex is reversed and he tosses Miro to the outside. He runs and leaps over the corner to catch Miro with a tope con giro! Back in the ring, Miro reverses an attempted crossbody into a sidewalk slam! 1… 2… NO!

Miro is showing some frustration and he sizes up Guevara for a Jumping Pump Kick, but Sammy gets out of the way and hits him with a knee strike instead! Miro’s attempt at a superplex is blocked by Guevara who turns it into a diving cutter! Sammy tries to set Miro up for the GTH, but is unable to. Miro with the Pump Kick! 1… 2… 2.99999!!!!!!!! Guevara rolls out of the ring and an angered Miro starts yanking away all the top turnbuckles in response. Fuego Del Sol intervenes, but he’s punched out by Miro. Guevara jumps in with a knee strike, followed by a tornado DDT, and then the GTH! Not done yet, Guevara ascends to the top rope and hits a prone Miro with the 630 Splash! 1… 2… 3! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new TNT Champion.

Sammy Guevara def. Miro via Pinfall to win the TNT Championship (13:39)


Golden confetti rains down on the ring as Fuego and other faces enter the ring to celebrate Guevara’s victory. We’re told that we’d hear from the new TNT Champ during the first commercial break of Rhodes to the Top, which airs next.

After The Fact

In a short interview that aired during the aforementioned Rhodes to the Top, Sammy appeared to challenge Bobby Fish for his first TNT Title defense next week, as Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page got in his face for a confrontation.

A Quick Look At Rhodes to the Top

Airing immediately after Dynamite on TNT was the first of this new series looking at the behind the scenes of Cody and Brandi Rhodes in their everyday lives and running AEW. This first episode dealt with the fallout of Cody’s infamous “I Love America” promo aimed at Anthony Ogogo, as we also saw the behind-the-scenes of the day-to-day business in AEW ahead of this. 

Notably, the show supposes that the promo in question was good. We see remarks from Cody and Brandi talking about how the promo stirred certain feelings for them.

It’s standard reality TV fare that isn’t exactly must-see, though the glimpses of AEW’s backstage should be of interest for fans.

This Friday on Rampage (10/1/21)

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson
  • Triple Threat: Nyla Rose vs. Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill
  • Hair vs. Hair: Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

Next Week on Dynamite Anniversary (10/6/21)

  • TNT Championship Open Challenge: Sammy Guevara © vs. Bobby Fish
  • The Elite (Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks) vs. Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, and Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)
  • Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
  • Casino Ladder Match (Winner earns an AEW World Title shot)

The Last Word

If this is meant to be the end of the Dark Order’s infighting, then having -1 (aka Brodie Jr.) and Amanda Huber figure into helping talk some sense into the group makes perfect sense, especially with it taking place in Rochester. Of course, the uncertainty comes in whether or not this unity will stick, and it’ll be interesting to see if things truly are patched up or if there’s a bigger problem on the horizon.

There’s probably some disappointment that we didn’t get an appearance from “Hangman” Adam Page or from Windham Rotunda (the former Bray Wyatt) here, but having Brodie’s family play a role in reuniting Dark Order certainly works out better in the context of the story they’re trying to tell, making for a true feel-good moment.

On that note, it was logical that the TNT Championship changed hands here and that a big babyface victory was the reason for it. Sammy looks good as the underdog challenger who withstood the onslaught of the former TNT Champ and won in the end, while Miro isn’t hurt at all in defeat.

MJF’s promo elaborating that there are four pillars that AEW has built itself around did an excellent job in establishing that the four stars (Darby Allin, MJF, Sammy Guevara, and Jungle Boy) are set to play important roles for the company moving forward. While the company may land stars like CM Punk or Bryan Danielson, it seems clear that building up the aforementioned talents and others such as Adam Page and Britt Baker is something that will be beneficial for AEW as a whole.

Transcribing Arn Anderson’s bizarre post-match promo was quite the experience for me. In two minutes, he called Cody Rhodes a loser for failing to beat Malakai Black and apparently admitted to killing a man by shooting him in the head. Naturally, wrestling fans embraced the utter randomness of Arn’s anecdote and turned “Armed Anderson” and “Glock Anderson” into memes.

Bryan Danielson’s promo to Kenny Omega was a rare misfire from the American Dragon. His weird fascination with the balls of Omega and the Elite seemed completely out of place and the crowd obliging Danielson by chanting “Kenny No-Balls” certainly made matters worse. If we’re being honest, I don’t exactly feel comfortable with wrestling promos going into people insulting others’ manhood or lack thereof by mocking their lack of genitals. It just seems like low-hanging fruit, is all.

AEW put forth a feel-good show in tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee in his hometown and excelled in that regard. The setlist of matches brought a little bit of something for everyone — from multi-man chaos tag team action to a fast-paced opener, and a dramatic main event. While the promo work could’ve been better in some regards, the show as a whole was a worthy tribute to a great performer that was gone too soon.

Before we sign off for another week, I’d like to bring attention to the Jon Huber Legacy Foundation, the recently-launched non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people in creative fields who haven’t been able to take that next step due to family commitments. According to a press release announcing the Foundation’s formation, this new initiative will select individuals to support through direct funding. These individuals will learn from experts in fields such as public relations, IP law, and artist management. 

This effort is a very classy move and worthy of the Foundation’s namesake. It’s something that will help those who have the hopes to achieve their dreams, but not necessarily the means to do so while supporting their families.

To learn more about the Jon Huber Legacy Foundation, please visit

Marc Quill is an avid wrestling fan who enjoys telling you all the exciting All Elite action on Wednesday nights. He’s also the web novelist behind Skye Emery: Bluebird, which you can read here. You can chat with him about wrestling, comics, and stuff in general @MarcQuill on Twitter.


AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam Recap | 9/22/21 | From Queens, NY

The moment has arrived and the biggest AEW Dynamite ever – both figuratively and literally, being in a stadium with a capacity crowd of over 20,000 – is finally upon us. Headlined by a once in a lifetime dream match and the AEW Women’s Championship on the line, the appropriately-named Dynamite Grand Slam kickstarts four hours of exciting AEW action from Arthur Ashe Stadium. We’ll get to the nitty-gritty, but first, let’s get to some big news that broke this week.

It was announced on Monday that AEW would enter an agreement with the Owen Hart Foundation to honor the legacy of the legendary Owen Hart. This agreement includes an annual “Owen Hart Cup Tournament” where the winner will receive a trophy named for Owen, as well as the rights to use Owen’s name and image for a variety of merchandise, including action figures and the upcoming AEW video game.

What’s notable about this is that for years, Dr. Martha Hart, Owen’s widow, stuck to her guns and refused to let WWE and Vince McMahon make money off of the legacy of the man that she believed was killed due to their negligence. Now, with a chance of being able to properly allow the wrestling world to honor Owen’s memory without WWE profiting off of it, it’s a great move for everyone involved. It’s also most certainly a bigger win for wrestling fans everywhere, who now have a chance to see Owen Hart honored for the legend that he was, and without the awkward baggage that surrounded his untimely death. 

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

Last week’s Dynamite saw the dream match we’re gonna see this week get made as Kenny Omega accepted Bryan Danielson’s challenge; Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston found themselves the target of Suzuki-gun in a wild brawl to end the evening; Adam Cole won his first match in AEW; and Team Taz ambushed CM Punk at the commentary table.

Here are the results for the 9/15/21 edition of Dynamite (Episode 102):

  • Adam Cole def. Frankie Kazarian via pinfall (8:05) with the Last Shot knee strike. Cole cut a promo after the match to challenge Christian and Jurassic Express to a trios match at Rampage: Grand Slam next week, with the Young Bucks backing him up.
  • MJF’s promo mocking New Jersey was interrupted by Brian Pillman Jr., who fought off Max with a steel chair.
  • FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) def. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal via pinfall (9:02) after hitting Dante with the Big Rig.
  • Malakai Black attempted to attack Rosario Dawson at ringside, but a returning Cody Rhodes brawled it out with him instead.
  • Dan Lambert’s challenge was answered by Chris Jericho & Jake Hager, with a match set between the two Inner Circle members and Men of the Year at Rampage: Grand Slam.
  • Jade Cargill def. Leyla Hirsch via pinfall (6:09) with Jaded.
  • Team Taz confronted guest commentator CM Punk, attacking him. Hook put Punk in a dragon sleeper, followed by Powerhouse Hobbs slamming Punk through the (non-breaking) commentary table.
  • Darby Allin (w/ Sting) def. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) via pinfall (8:18) after a Coffin Drop. Following the match, FTR ambushed Darby and Sting, which led to Dax and Cash hitting the Spike Piledriver on Sting.
  • Bryan Danielson issued a challenge to Kenny Omega for a match to see who’s the best, to which Kenny accepted.
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston def. 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker; w/ Daniel Garcia) via pinfall (6:36) after taking Parker down with the Violent Crown. Post-match, Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer attacked Mox & Kingston and the two teams got into a huge brawl to end the show.

Here are the results for the 9/17/21 edition of Rampage (Episode 4):

  • The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix; w/ Alex Abrahantes) def. The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Hardy Family Office) to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships via pinfall (9:38) after a rollup caused by Penta taking his mask off to save Fenix from a Butcher/Blade double team. Santana & Ortiz helped the Lucha Brothers clear out The HFO post-match.
  • Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti) def. The Bunny (w/ Jack Evans, Penelope Ford, & Matt Hardy) via pinfall (7:00). Post-match, Penelope Ford laid out Anna and Tay with brass knuckles punches.
  • Matt Hardy & Jack Evans attempted to shave the hair of a fan dressed like Orange Cassidy. The real Orange Cassidy eventually made the save.
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Ruby Soho engaged in a war of words ahead of their big AEW Women’s Title Match at Dynamite: Grand Slam. Baker tried to cheapshot Soho, but the Runaway got the upper hand.
  • Miro def. Fuego Del Sol via pinfall (8:58) after hitting a thrust kick; per the match stipulations, Miro won Fuego’s new car. After the match, Miro tried to punish Fuego by stuffing his mouth with the keys to his new car as he locked in the Game Over submission. Sammy Guevara ran in and took out Miro with a knee strike. He picked up the TNT Championship as Miro retreated up the ramp to end the show.

It’s Wednesday Night. You Know What That Means.

After the opening intro, we go to our three squires of the squared circle, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur. They welcome us to Arthur Ashe Stadium and a full house of AEW fans with the dream match kicking us off.

Match 1: Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Bryan Danielson arrived in AEW with one thing in mind, wanting to challenge the best, namely one Kenny Omega. After a shocking debut at All Out, the American Dragon made it clear that he wanted to see if Omega was still the Best Bout Machine and the God of Pro Wrestling. Bryan challenged him to a one-on-one

The Match

Danielson enters the ring wearing maroon and silver trunks, and Omega is flanked by Don Callis. He’s wearing black and blue long boi tights. 

Danielson and Omega take time to size each other up as the bell rings and the crowd goes absolutely wild for the match they’re about to see.

Bryan taking command as he chops and kicks Omega in the corner. Kenny retreats to another corner, but more kicks. Kenny momentarily gains the advantage, but Danielson eventually responds with chops. Bryan sends Omega crashing to the ringside area, then hitting a suicide dive onto him! Danielson continues to work over Kenny’s arm. As Bryan targets Omega’s arm, he’s warned by referee Paul Turner to knock it off, to which he responds with a classic “I have ‘til five, ref!”

Now Omega has the advantage thanks to an eye rake on Bryan. Omega chokes him with his boot on the corner. The two competitors light each other’s chest up with chops and periods of advantages, but neither man can get a true advantage.

Frankensteiner by Danielson off the top rope on Omega. Cover gets only a two-count. Bryan avoids a running strike from Omega and goes for an attack of his own. Kenny with a snazzy dodge as he hits a hurricanrana on Bryan that sends him rolling outside. With Bryan on the outside, it’s Omega’s turn to take flight. Flying dive by Omega onto Bryan! The two men are slow to get up, but it’s Omega who manages to get to his feet first, bringing Bryan back to the ring. “This is awesome!”, the fans chant. Omega’s attempt at the Blue Shadow is turned into a pinfall by Bryan. Only a two-count. Omega’s pinfall attempt is reversed into Cattle Mutilation by Bryan Danielson! Omega is able to break it up by barely getting his foot on the rope.

Omega retreats to the outside, but is met with a diving knee to the face by Danielson. The American Dragon fires away with his trademark chest kicks, but Omega reverses the final kick and turns it into a Snapdragon Suplex onto the ramp! Kenny smells blood as he backs up to the top of the stage. He makes a run for it and hits Bryan with a super V-Trigger! Good god almighty! The action goes to split-screen commercials with Danielson seemingly out of it.

Back to live action with Kenny Omega continuing to dominate the American Dragon after that amazing V-Trigger outside the ring. Bucklebomb into the ropes causes Bryan to crash over the top rope and into the ramp. Missile dropkick by Omega only nets a two-count. Jackknife cover by Bryan gets the near fall. After a knee to the back of Danielson, Omega props him up the top rope, looking to hit a Super Snapdragon Suplex. Danielson escapes and turns it into a Super Back Suplex instead! The fans are going wild for this!

As both Danielson and Omega stir back up, both get back up at six and resume the ass-kicking, as Tony Schiavone says. V-Trigger by Omega, but Bryan bounces back and hits the rolling elbow, followed by a got-danged Regalplex! 1… 2… OMEGA KICKS OUT! These fans are loving every minute of this match! 

Bryan looking to make some magic off the top rope, but Omega cuts him off at the pass. The Cleaner has Bryan set up and hits a massive Super Snapdragon Suplex off the top rope! Omega senses the end is near as he hits Bryan with the V-Trigger! Kenny hoists him up on the shoulders, looking for the One-Winged Angel, but Bryan counters that into a Poisonrana instead! Kenny is back up as he goes for another V-Trigger, but Bryan sidesteps and instead nails the Buzzsaw Kick to the head of Omega! 

The American Dragon looks like he’s about to hit the Running Knee, but Omega reverses that into a powerbomb and yet another V-Trigger! 1! 2! NO! Omega ascends to the top, looking to finish Danielson off with a Phoenix Splash, but Bryan moves at the last second! Danielson is fired up and he goes for his patented kicks once again, getting Omega with one more Buzzsaw Kick! Danielson grabs both of Kenny’s wrists and stomps away at his head repeatedly. Will we see the LeBell Lock applied? No, as Kenny manages to escape using the ropes as leverage with only a minute remaining in this classic encounter.

45 seconds left and it’s just these two men battering the hell out of each other. The intensity of which Bryan and Omega are just hammering away at each other just keeps mounting and mounting as time runs down. Now both men are on their knees as they exchange headbutts with ten seconds left. The bell rings to signal that we’ve got a draw!

Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson Goes To A 30-Minute Time Limit Draw (30:00)


The two men are still battering each other, and Bryan traps Kenny into the LeBell Lock until the rest of the Elite show up to pry him away from their friend. Referees are here to keep the two separated until the Young Bucks and Adam Cole kick Danielson simultaneously. This prompts Christian Cage and Jurassic Express to help fend off the newly-minted “Super Kliq”.


CM Punk Has Words for Team Taz and Powerhouse Hobbs

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

To an uproarious reaction from this Arthur Ashe crowd, CM Punk enters the ring, ready to speak about his upcoming match on Friday against Powerhouse Hobbs. “How can I follow that?” he asks the New York crowd. He says that people want the old CM Punk back, and that we’ll see him eventually. “Be careful what you wish for”, says Punk. He goes on to say that the antics of Team Taz and Powerhouse Hobbs piss him off, but that anger subsides once he hears Cult of Personality play and the crowd’s cheers for him. 

Punk says that what Team Taz is doing is attempting to take that joy away from him. He says that it’s been a while since he’s been happy to be a wrestler and that nobody will take that away from him. “This is mine once again!” Punk declares. He suggests that Team Taz should’ve finished the job last week and that they’ve slept on the legend of CM Punk. He boldly states, “it’s not my job to wake you up, it’s my job to tuck your ass in,” and that on Friday at Rampage: Grand Slam, Powerhouse Hobbs will be put to sleep. As Punk leaves the ring, he goes to hug Stephen Amell, his co-star in Starz’s Heels

Match 2: MJF vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

After MJF failed to end Chris Jericho’s career, he went on a bit of a tirade in Cincinnati, Ohio on the post-All Out edition of Dynamite. This verbal rampage would lead to him insulting the family of the late, great Brian Pillman, which drew the ire of his son Brian Jr. This would lead to the match we’re seeing tonight.

The Match

Pillman tackles MJF and goes on the offensive. Rake to the eye by Max allows him to regain momentum, but Pillman regains the advantage with arm drags and hip tosses. A chop from MJF only hypes Pillman up and he answers with a chop of his own. Pillman avoids a running kick by dodging at the very last second. Pillman punches MJF, who begs him off. Now it’s Max who has the advantage. Stomp to the hand by MJF and an arm hold that Pilman fights out of. Sunset flip by Pillman gets a two-count. MJF reverses and responds with a toss that sends Pillman shoulder first as we go to a split-screen commercial break.

Max has the advantage returning from break, but Pillman is able to fight back, managing to hit a springboard crossbody to finish it off. Pillman smashes MJF’s head over and over again on the top turnbuckle. Powerslam by Pillman only gets a two count. Max cowers from the ring and attempts to use Julia Hart as a human shield to stop Pillman from hitting a suicide dive. Max flattens Pillman with a lariat, then tossing him back to the ring. Julia yells at MJF, but ends up being grabbed by the wrist instead. Pillman takes down Max with a dropkick between the ropes, then putting him back into the ring. On the apron, Pillman goes for Air Pillman, but MJF sidesteps and grabs his arm to turn it into the Salt of the Earth armbar! Pillman struggles all he can, but he eventually taps out.

MJF def. Brian Pillman Jr. via Submission (9:05)

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager Promo

Alex Marvez is backstage with Chris Jericho & Jake Hager ahead of their tag team bout against The Men of the Year this Friday on Rampage. Jake calls Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky “Boys of the Week”, who are about to get spanked for following in Dan Lambert’s example. Jericho remarks that Lambert’s American Top Team made a big mistake sticking their nose in their business, vowing that he and Hager are ready to snack on some “MMA meatheads” this Friday.

Match 3: Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes)

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

These two men previously faced each other on the 8/4 Homecoming episode of Dynamite, with Black winning in crushing fashion, causing Cody to go on a brief hiatus. Black would then continue his war on Cody’s Nightmare Family, as Brock Anderson, Lee Johnson, and Dustin Rhodes would all find themselves victims of Black’s vicious spinning heel kick. Last week on Dynamite, Cody returned when Black attempted to start trouble with Rosario Dawson, one of Cody’s co-judges on TBS’s The Go-Big Show, leading to a massive brawl breaking out.

The Match

It’s a battle of grand entrances as Black and Cody make their usual over-the-top entrances. Cody, notably, has a ridiculously long cape to go along with his grandiose entrance. 

The match starts off with Malakai and Cody exchanging mat moves, with neither gaining a clear advantage. Elbows and a leg sweep from Malakai, but Cody escapes to the outside. In response, Malakai does his springboard-into-a-sitting-position taunt, which elicits Brandi to do a mocking version of Black’s signature taunt as she flips him off. The crowd isn’t too happy with Brandi taunting Malakai. Cody re-enters the ring and the fight begins anew. Attempted top rope attack from Cody to the outside is met with a knee strike from Malakai that doesn’t quite hit its mark. We go to picture-in-picture on that note.

We return to the match in progress just as Malakai hits his deadly spinning-heel kick on Cody! The impact of the kick manages to send the American Nightmare rolling to the floor! Malakai drags Cody’s limp body back for a pin that only gets a two-count.

As Rhodes goes on the offensive, his every move is booed by the fans, despite being the babyface in this feud. This seems to catch Cody’s attention as he’s taken aback ever so slightly at one point.

Malakai is caught in the Cody Cutter, followed up by Crossrhodes! 1… 2… 2.9999999999!!!!!!!!! The crowd erupts in cheers at Malakai kicking out of Cody’s finisher. Arn Anderson gets himself on the apron to motivate Cody, but he suddenly falls off the apron and takes a legit spill. 

After a moment, Arn gets back on the apron, but it’s in time for Cody getting whipped into him. Rhodes heads outside to check up on Arn, who encourages him to just win the match and to not worry about him. Cody heads back into the ring and proceeds to pummel Malakai with fists, but the referee has to stop him before he gets disqualified. The ref gets accidentally hit by a Cody backfist, which allows Malakai to surprise Cody with black mist to the face! Malakai rolls up Cody, and gets the win to go 2-0 in singles action against the American Nightmare.

Malakai Black def. Cody Rhodes via Pinfall (11:25)

Sammy Guevara Steps Up To Miro

Next week on Dynamite, Miro defends his TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara live from Rochester, NY. A video package for this match is shown, with Sammy promising to buy his friend Fuego Del Sol a new car after he defeats Miro next week.

Match 4: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Tully Blanchard has always had a bone to pick with Sting, dating back to the Icon’s rivalry with Tully and the Four Horsemen. Recently, Tully called out the Stinger for simply coasting off of other’s success, promising that the time will come for them to face off once again. Last week, Darby Allin defeated Tully’s protege Shawn Spears, but found himself a victim of an FTR post-match assault. Sting would try to assist, but ended up on the receiving end of a spike piledriver from Dax and Cash.

The Match

It’s Dax and Darby starting us off here as the FTR stalwart tries to drag his opponent into his corner. Darby escapes and manages to tag Sting in to a hot reaction from the Arthur Ashe faithful. After a brief advantage, Sting finds himself in No Man’s Land as FTR work him over for a bit. The Stinger escapes as he dodges a lariat and laying out Dax in the process. Sting’s exhausted, however, as he falls and accidentally(?) falling head first into Harwood’s groin! Allin tags in and goes on the offensive, but that’s stopped after an attempted Coffin Splash on FTR is turned into a toss into the apron instead. The action goes into picture-in-picture.

Back from break and it’s FTR controlling the pace with Darby trapped in their corner. Allin eventually escapes and manages to tag Sting in for the hot tag. The Icon’s on the offensive, hitting a spinebuster on Dax Harwood that only gets two. With the action breaking down, FTR has Darby in position for their Spike Piledriver, but Sting intercepts and pushes Cash Wheeler off the top rope! Now Sting is heading up and he hits Dax with a flying crossbody! 1… 2… NO! Cash recovers and guillotines Sting with the top rope as Dax gets the Icon in for a roll-up: 1… 2… 2.9999!!!!!!! Dax has Sting in position for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Sting reverses it and sets him into position for a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby heads to the top and it looks like the facepainted duo are thinking of a tandem SDD/Coffin Drop finisher. Cash Wheeler gets in the way of this happening, however.

Double Stinger Splash on FTR, followed by a Scorpion Death Drop on Cash Wheeler! In the midst of this, Tully has set up a chair in the corner. Dax is on the corner where Tully’s chair trap has been placed. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but stops short of the chair to escape a painful fate. He instead tosses Dax into the chair wedged into the corner! Tully gets on the apron, but is promptly punched out by Sting.

Sting has Dax locked in the Scorpion Death Lock as Cash holds on to his partner in the hopes of causing a break. Darby catches this and hits a Coffin Drop on Wheeler to neutralize him! Now with nowhere to go, Dax has no choice but to tap out to the Stinger’s signature submission hold!

Sting & Darby Allin def. FTR via Submission

Main Event: AEW Women’s Championship Match: Dr. Britt Baker DMD © (w/ Rebel – not Reba and Jamie Hayter) vs. Ruby Soho

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Story So Far

Ruby Soho made an immediate splash in her AEW debut, being revealed as the Joker in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out. She’d eventually win by eliminating the red-hot Thunder Rosa last, earning a shot at Dr. Britt Baker’s AEW Women’s Championship. In a short time, this feud has intensified, with Soho and Baker caught in a war of words ahead of their war tonight.

The Match

It’s Ruby who starts off with a headpound to Baker, but Britt fights out of it. Ruby attempts a suplex, but a side headlock is what she does instead. Shoulder block knocks over Baker. Knee to the face by Soho, who rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Jamie Hayter and Rebel (not Reba) go to tend to Britt, but they get taken down by a flying Ruby Soho. Superkick by Baker is followed up by a swinging neckbreaker to the outside. This match goes to our final picture-in-picture commercial break with the AEW Women’s Champion having the advantage.

Back to the action and Ruby drives her knees to a prone Baker in the corner. Repeated running superkicks to a stunned Dr. Britt by Ruby. Running lariat by Baker is intercepted. Big backdrop by Soho. Britt responds with a thrust kick to the head. These two women are now exchanging blows, ending with Britt attempting a Lockjaw, but Soho is able to escape. Against the ropes and Britt lands the Sling Blade as Rebel (not Reba) hands her the black glove. Going for the Curb Stomp, and Ruby grabs the leg as a reversal. Single-leg crab by Ruby is turned to a catapult into the corner. Enzuguiri by Soho flattens Dr. Britt. Up to the top rope and Ruby hits the senton: 1… 2… NO!  Ruby goes for a rolling attack, but Britt catches her in a swinging neckbreaker. Thrust kick gets a near fall. Britt gets up on Bret Hart’s rope, but Ruby stops her. 

Attempted superplex to the outside by Ruby is escaped by Baker, who has her set up for the avalanche Air Raid Crash! 1… 2… KICK OUT! Baker kicks Ruby to the outside, where Rebel and Jamie Hayter are waiting like sharks. The Stomp by Dr. Britt… and Ruby kicks out at 2.99999999!  As Britt argues with referee Aubrey Edwards, Ruby gets a roll up for a two count. 

Ruby looks to have this match finished, hitting Britt with the No Future kick! Rebel leaps onto the apron but also faces No Future! Jamie Hayter manages to hit Ruby with a top-rope guillotine. This sets Soho up for a Lockjaw submission from Dr. Britt! After a brief struggle, Ruby has no choice but to tap out as the DMD retains her coveted AEW Women’s Title.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Ruby Soho via Submission (13:20)

This Friday on Rampage: Grand Slam (9/24/21)

  • CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Team Taz)
  • The Elite’s Super Kliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) vs. Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) 
  • Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. The Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) (w/ Dan Lambert & Friends)
  • The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) & Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) & The Butcher and The Blade
  • Lights Out Match: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer

Next Week on Dynamite (9/29/30)

  • TNT Championship Match: Miro © vs. Sammy Guevara

The Last Word

What else can be said? Being built as the biggest episode of Dynamite ever meant it had to live up to a lot of expectations, and it most certainly exceeded in that regard.

The night started off strong as the long-awaited Bryan Danielson/Kenny Omega showdown delivered a Six-Star Classic. 30 minutes of some of the best wrestling seen in recent memory as the performances of both men spoke for themselves. Kenny tapped into his “Best Bout Machine” side and certainly was able to bring that out at a time where that’s been mostly shelved for his cocky heel douchebag persona. Meanwhile, Danielson looked like he hadn’t missed a step, despite not wrestling since last April on an episode of WWE Smackdown. The draw to end the match worked well without feeling a copout finish, and it was a nice touch that the end just saw the two competitors still raring to go even with time expired.

While not on the level as the monumental opener, the Sting/Darby vs. FTR tag match was also a blast to watch. The match was a nine-minute sprint to the finish that saw Stinger look as good as ever, and FTR able to use their old school-styled underhanded tactics to hang tough with the Icon.

The AEW Women’s Title main eventing the company’s biggest TV event in its short history is an incredible thing. Much has been made about how AEW often shortchanges its women talent by often just giving them a single segment or match on Wednesdays, but there’s certainly some strides being taken to rectify that. Having a women’s match main event Dynamite: Grand Slam goes a long way, but it’d be wise for AEW to continue that by giving time for more than one women’s angle on the show. AEW has quietly built up a strong women’s division, especially on their YouTube shows like Dark & Dark: Elevation, so it’d be wise to give women’s wrestlers like Kilynn King, Queen Amanita, Abadon, Lulu Pencil and/or Skye Blue a chance to shine on the bigger stage of Wednesday Night Dynamite.

As for Britt vs. Soho, the match was a worthy main event for the Dynamite half of the Grand Slam shows, even if the interference-filled shenanigans finished did drag things down slightly. That being said, Ruby looked great being put on this spotlight, and Baker continues to come into her own as a main event staple of AEW’s women’s division. 

Dynamite: Grand Slam indeed lived up to its grand title with one of the best TV wrestling matches in recent memory, as well as a hot crowd keeping up the excitement for the rest of the evening. While Rampage: Grand Slam has already been taped immediately following the conclusion of Dynamite, we’ll get to see what goes down on Friday, and based on early reactions, it has a chance of capping off the biggest week in All Elite Wrestling history with an emphatic “bang”.

Marc Quill is an avid wrestling fan who enjoys telling you all the exciting All Elite action on Wednesday nights. He’s also the web novelist behind Skye Emery: Bluebird, which you can read here. You can chat with him about wrestling, comics, and stuff general @MarcQuill on Twitter.


AEW Dynamite Recap | 9/15/21

Welcome again to another Wednesday night of exciting All Elite Wrestling action and the most exciting Dynamite recap you’ll ever read. It’s full speed ahead to Arthur Ashe Stadium and two nights of Grand Slam action next week, and AEW looks to provide an explosive prelude to the action on this week’s Dynamite. Did they succeed in getting fans hyped for the action? Read on and find out.

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

On Dynamite, Jon Moxley had a successful homecoming in Cincinnati when he defeated Minoru Suzuki in a hard-hitting main event; Bryan Danielson made his intentions known that he wants a piece of Kenny Omega; MJF pissed off all of Cincinnati by opening his mouth, getting the ire of one Brian Pillman Jr; also, Taz really didn’t want CM Punk challenging his Team Taz boys.

Here’s the quick results of the 9/8 Dynamite (Episode 101):

  • Malakai Black def. Dustin Rhodes via pinfall (9:53) after a Black Mass kick to the shoulder.
  • CM Punk outlined his next steps in AEW, leading to Taz shouting him down for daring to challenge Team Taz.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) def. Dante Martin via pinfall (8:24) with a spinebuster erroneously called a “powerbomb” by the commentators.
  • Dan Lambert said some stuff.
  • MJF lambasted Cincinnati with a cheap heat-laden promo. He turned his ire to the family of Brian Pillman, leading to an interruption from Brian Pillman Jr. 
  • Ruby Soho def. Jamie Hayter (w/ Rebel – not Reba and Dr. Britt Baker) via pinfall (7:27); post-match, Dr. Britt and associates beat up Soho until Kris Statlander and Riho made the save.
  • The Pinnacle (Shawn Spears, Cash Wheeler, and Dax Harwood) (w/ Tully Blanchard & Wardlow) def. The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and John Silver) via pinfall (4:49) after Spears pinned Silver following the Death Valley Driver; post-match, Uno blamed Silver for losing, which culminated in a Dark Order conflict.
  • An in-ring promo from The Elite and new/old ally Adam Cole was interrupted by Bryan Danielson, who challenged Kenny Omega to a fight. This led to a brawl where The Elite were sent to retreat by Danielson and friends Christian Cage, Frankie Kazarian, and Jurassic Express.
  • Jon Moxley def. Minoru Suzuki via pinfall (8:08) with a butterfly suplex; Suzuki was cut open prior to the finish.

Here’s the rundown for the 9/10/21 edition of AEW Rampage (Episode 5):

  • Andrade El Idolo (w/ Chavo Guerrero Jr.) def. PAC via pinfall (15:42) after Chavo hit PAC with a tablet for the cheap finish; post-match, Andrade was upset with Chavo’s interference and kicked him in the face, apparently firing him.
  • Tully Blanchard & Shawn Spears pulled a fast one on Sting and Darby Allin, as Spears snuck up on Darby during a promo and attacked him ahead of their match on this Wednesday’s Dynamite.
  • Ruby Soho, Riho, and Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) def. Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Rebel (not Reba), and Jamie Hayter via pinfall (9:27) after Soho pinned Rebel for the win.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. def. Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) via pinfall (6:42) with the Air Pillman flying clothesline his dad made famous; post-match, Bowens attacked Brian as Caster helped with the ambush. Fellow Cincinnatian Jon Moxley ran out for the save and aided Pillman to fend off The Acclaimed to end the show.

It’s Wednesday Night. You Know What That Means.

After the oft-changed opening video telling us to light the fuse and bring the boom, we’re off to the races with Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and the returning Excalibur welcoming us. They’re soon joined by CM Punk, who’ll be on commentary tonight. Punk took his victory lap and embraced the adulation of the fans, including hanging out with a man dressed up like Dusty Rhodes in the ringside area. The card is run down for tonight, including the main event of Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston versus 2point0. But first, we’ve got Adam Cole & Frankie Kazarian in action.

Match 1: Adam Cole vs. Frankie Kazarian

The Story So Far

Adam Cole debuted at All Out and realigned himself with The Elite. Of course, this brings him into the crosshairs of the self-appointed “Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian. During last week’s brawl, Kaz took out Cole with a kick to set up this match.

The Match

Hot start as Kaz took control with some arm drags, controlling the early flow with rest holds. Cole dumps Kazarian to the outside with a reverse flip over the ropes, then tossing Kaz into the apron. Cole played to the crowd as Kaz responded with a jumping kick between the aprons. Back and forth between the two, leading to Kazarian going for a pin that Cole kicks out of at two. Transition into an armbar by Kaz, but Cole kicked out of it. Kazarian runs into an Ushigoroshi that gets a two count. Cole tunes up the band and goes for a kick, but Kazarian blocks it and turns it into a roll-through German suplex. Two-count. Double knees by Kaz, but an attempted cross-face chicken wing is reversed into a pin. Kickout. Cole hits a running Kaz with a superkick, but that too gets a two count. Cole up on the Bret Hart ropes as he goes for the Panama Sunrise… but Kaz blocks it into an Alabama slam. Springboard splash by Kazarian on Cole… 1… 2… NO! An exchange of blows that Kaz comes out on the winning end off, but Cole responds with a Complete Shot for the near fall. “This is awesome!” the fans chant. Cole finally hits the Panama Sunrise as he then sets up and connects with the Last Shot to the back of Kaz’s head! 1… 2… 3! Adam Cole with the win, bay-bay!

Adam Cole def. Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall (10:00)


With a mic in hand, Adam Cole goes off with storytime. He says that hope is a dangerous thing, saying that there’s no hope that anyone can beat The Elite. Cole goes on to single out Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus, immediately challenging them to a six-man tag next week with the Young Bucks backing him up. Let’s hope nobody gets turned to a ghost this time.

The History Between Lucha Bros & Butcher and The Blade

We get a video package hyping Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix vs. The Butcher and The Blade for this Friday’s Rampage, with the AEW Tag Titles on the line.

Fuego Del Sol Has A Challenge For Miro

Backstage with Tony Schiavone, Fuego del Sol is with Sammy Guevara. He issues a challenge to Miro for the TNT Championship on Friday’s Rampage, putting his new car on the line in the process.

MJF Talks Even More Trash

Flanked by Wardlow, MJF makes his way down to the ring to the usual boos. “You should be sympathetic towards me because I’m standing in the Armpit of America known as New Jersey,” says Max. He mocks Springsteen and the New Jersey Devils for sucking as hard as the “Jersey Shore skanks”. The Newark fans won’t have any of this, chanting “shut the fuck up”. MJF says he wants to talk to the late, great Brian Pillman, first looking upwards, but then turning his direction downwards. He says that going to massacre Brian Pillman Jr. in Queens next week at Dynamite Grand Slam. Brian Pillman Jr.’s music hits as MJF orders Wardlow to confront him at the stage, but it turns out, Pillman is sneaking up on MJF in the ring! Wardlow gets back and stares down Pillman, but he gets driven away with the chair as BPJ stands tall in the ring.

JR’s Interview With Brian Pillman Jr.

In an interview earlier today with JR, BPJ outlines how he’s going to kick MJF’s ass at Arthur Ashe Stadium next week.

Christian & Friends Answer The Elite’s Challenge

Backstage with interviewer Alex Marvez are Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. As Jungle Boy starts dissing on Adam Cole’s choice of friends and hair, he’s cut off by Christian, who says that Cole has some pretty good friends in the Super Elite who used their status to “drag Cole’s ass out of developmental”. Christian closes off with, “Since you’re already used to losing Wednesday night wars, you better add Friday nights to that as well.”

Match 2: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

The Story So Far

FTR are fresh off a trios victory last week with Shawn Spears against the fractured Dark Order, while Dante Martin did an admirable job in a losing effort against Powerhouse Hobbs.

The Match

Early pinfall exchanges are met with kickouts. Sydal and Dante controlling the action here early,but Dax has Dante in the corner. An attempted springboard by Dante is foiled by Cash Wheeler, who sends him careening to the ringside area. Wheeler is taking it to Dante at ringside, tossing him into the ringpost before bringing him back into the ring. Cash locks Dante in a head hold to ground him. Martin fights out of the submission as Cash tags back to Dax. Martin avoids a double team as he gets the tag to Matt Sydal. Double team apron springboard splash by the high-flyers to FTR as the action goes to picture-in-picture.

Back to full-screen action as FTR has control of the match. As Dax & Cash block an attempted splash on them by Sydal, but Dante Martin soars with a dropkick to FTR as he’s got a full head of steam. Dante leaps above Dax and Cash and gets into a pinning position, but a kickout at two! With the numbers in FTR’s advantage, Dante Martin valiantly tries to fight them off, but the Big Rig by FTR gets the win.

FTR def. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal via Pinfall (10:00)

The Suzuki Incident

We go to the announcers as they explain the “Suzuki Incident” involving Minoru Suzuki’s music not being played completely last week (cutting off before “Kaze Ni Nare”).. A hype package sets up next week’s big match between Suzuki and Lance Archer versus Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, as Suzuki and Archer speak about their unity as part of the Suzuki-gun faction.

Malakai Black Has Words For Cody

In the darkness comes Malakai Black, along with his amazing entrance music. Black says that there’s an “enemy in our midst” as the camera focuses on Rosario Dawson, one of Cody Rhodes’ judge friends on The Go-Big Show. Cody himself walks down the crowd with a purpose as Dawson leaps onto Black’s shoulders and attacks him! Cody walks down from the crowd as he and Black begin to lay into each other! The fight spills into the crowd with Black and Cody beating the stuffing out of each other up the stairs. This brawl continues into the crowd as the show cuts to a break with the fight still very much in progress.

Dark Order Backstage

Roving reporter Alex Marvez is standing by with the Dark Order. Before Anna Jay can talk, Evil Uno cuts her off as Alex Reynolds appears to insult Uno for his poor leadership skills. Alan Angels (“V”) agreed with Reynolds’ accusations about Uno as the arguments broke down once again. Ultimately, Anna says that she doesn’t want any of the Dark Order men in her corner this Friday on Rampage. She walks off with Tay Conti, apparently choosing her best friend to be in her corner instead of someone from Dark Order.

Dan Lambert & American Top Team’s Challenge

In the ring is loudmouth Dan Lambert, The Men of The Year, Junior Dos Santos, Paige Van Zant, Andre Arlovski, and Kayla Harrison. He’s just saying his usual anti-AEW stuff when they’re interrupted by the soulful sounds of Judas, which brings out Chris Jericho & Jake Hager of the Inner Circle. Lambert orders the music to be shut up, but that doesn’t stop the fans from singing along without music.

“Hey Lambert, it sounds like there’s 15,000 people who love to sing along!” says Jericho. He then leads people into a singing of “I’m a Fat-Faced Dip Shit” to mock Lambert. Jericho and Hager offer to challenge the ATT guys, but Lambert says it’s not gonna happen in Newark. It’s gonna happen next week: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page.

The Gunn Club Speak On Their Betrayal

Billy Gunn and the Gunn Club talk about how their betrayal of Paul Wight is based on “respect” for their unbeaten records, which they believe they haven’t gotten. Billy says that if anyone has a problem with his family’s new attitude, they can “just say so”.

Match 3: Jade Cargill (w/ “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The Story So Far

This rivalry stems from Cargill eliminating Hirsch from the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out, with the feud intensifying after Hirsch took down Cargill during last night’s Dark.

The Match

Jade starts off with the size advantage early, but is sent retreating outside by Hirsch. Suicide dive through the ropes by Leyla ends up hitting “Smart” Mark Sterling at ringside instead of Cargill. An attempted cross armbreaker by Hirsch is countered into a powerbomb by Cargill as the action goes into picture-in-picture.

Back with the match, Hirsch has Jade in a body scissors submission, but she gets thrown off. Jade misses a pump kick, as Hirsch tries for the German suplex, but to no avail. On the second go, Hirsch finally nails it for a two count. Jade rolls to the outside and gets stunned by a Leyla Hirsch suicide dive. The two competitors roll back into the ring as Leyla hits a jumping knee strike to a kneeling Cargill. 1.. 2… NO! Up to the top rope goes Leyla and she misses with the moonsault! Pump kick by Cargill leads to her lifting Leyla up for Jaded and the 1, 2, 3.

Jade Cargill def. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch via Pinfall (7:00)

Andrade El Idolo on Last Week’s Controversy

Confident that he can beat anyone when he wants, Andrade is upset that Chavo got involved in last week’s match with PAC on Rampage. He boasts that he is The Kingpin.

Taz Sets The Trap on CM Punk

While the commentators address the Andrade situation, Taz & Hook square up to Punk as Powerhouse Hobbs attacks Punk from behind! Dragon sleeper by Hook on Punk allows Hobbs to get a cheapshot kick in on the Chicago native! Hook clears the table as Hobbs chokeslams Punk through the commentary table! Team Taz exit the scene, satisfied with their handiwork.

Match 4: Darby Allin (w/ Sting) vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

The Story So Far

Shawn Spears handed Darby his first loss in AEW. Tully Blanchard cut a promo on Sting last week, accusing him of just coasting off of the success of others. This match was made at the behest of Tully, who wanted Spears to embarrass Sting and Darby.

The Match

Shawn Spears doesn’t want to wait for the match to fully begin as he’s on the offensive right away to start the match. Knee to the face, followed by stomps and the toss to the outside by Spears.The Canadian jawjacks with Sting as he tosses Darby into the steel steps. Spears has evil intentions with the stairs, setting it up in the middle of ringside. He plants Darby against the steps as he goes for a running knee strike. Darby gets out of dodge at the last possible second, causing Spears to make contact with the steps! 

Darby tries to go for a dive, but Tully Blanchard gets in the way. On the apron, Spears trips up Darby to send him crashing to the outside. Spears goes to the timekeeper’s area with a cloth, pouring water on it. He enters the ring to wipe away Darby’s face paint with the cloth as we go to a split-screen ad break.

We return with Spears locking Darby in the Scorpion Deathlock as an insult to Sting. Darby breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Now it’s Allin with the offensive onslaught to flatline Spears, culminating with a Code Red for the near fall! Darby and Spears are on the top turnbuckle jockeying for an advantage until Spears tosses Darby off the top rope. 

Spears has Darby on his shoulders looking for a Death Valley Driver onto the steel steps, but Darby turns that into a guillotine counter! Suicide dive through the middle rope by Allin, followed by a Coffin Drop onto a prone Spears for the victory!

Darby Allin def. Shawn Spears via Pinfall (8:00)

Post Match

FTR confronts Sting and Darby in the ring, leading to a big brawl. Tully Blanchard hits Sting with a chair to no effect, but Dax and Cash swarm Sting with multiple clubbing blows. Darby gets back into the fight, but he too is waylaid. Dax and Cash have Sting set up with the Spike Piledriver! And now, Tully wipes the face paint off of Sting for the ultimate disrespect to the Icon.

Bryan Danielson Throws Down The Gauntlet

Tony Schiavone introduces Bryan Danielson to the ring for an interview. The American Dragon enters to an incredible reaction from the Newark crowd. Before Danielson can address his challenge to Kenny Omega, out comes Omega himself, accompanied by the irritating sounds of Don Callis. As Kenny’s manager goes on a diatribe, Bryan tells him to shut up. Danielson says that this is not about the title just yet, instead just being about who’s better. “Shut up, you piece of shit!” Bryan again yells at Callis. He says that he came to AEW to fight the Best Bout Machine, instead finding a goof who lets Callis speak for him.

Kenny takes the mic and says that if Bryan wants The Best Bout Machine and the God of Pro Wrestling? He then promptly accepts Danielson’s challenge.

Miro Wants To Bash Fuego Del Sol’s Brains In

The TNT Champion spoke in a video promo about Fuego Del Sol’s challenge, accepting it for Rampage this Friday. Miro vowed to not only bash Fuego’s new car, but also his face when he was through with him.

An Orange Egghead?

We get remarks from “Big Money” Matt Hardy, who once again teased that he wanted to cut Orange Cassidy’s hair completely as revenge for Orange breaking his nose during their first encounter. Hardy says that he’s going to turn him into an “Orange Egghead” when he’s through.

Match 5: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. 2point0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee; w/ Daniel Garcia)

The Story So Far

2point0 have been a thorn in the sides of Mox & Kingston, having attacked them in an entrance ambush on the 8/18 Dynamite, clearly wanting to prove themselves as the toughest trio in AEW.

The Match

2point0 gets the jump on Mox and Eddie as they enter the ringside area, and it turns into a wild brawl even before the bell rings! Once the referee does get the match started, it’s Moxley and Parker to start us off. Mox has the early advantage, but Parker is able to respond with an eye rake, then tagging in partner Matt Lee. Mox fights back by biting Lee in the face. Lee retreats to the outside as Parker catches Mox from behind with a dropkick. The action goes to commercial as 2point0 tosses Moxley into the ring apron.

We return as Parker and Lee have the two-on-one advantage on Mox, but that quickly evaporates. Drop toehold by Lee leads to an elbow drop on Mox by Parker that only gets two. Mox with a lethal lariat on Lee as he tags in Eddie Kingston for the hot tag. Kingston is on a rampage on 2point0 as he effortlessly takes both Parker and Lee down. Tag to Moxley and they set Parker up for the Violent Crown double team move. Pin by Mox and this one’s over.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston def. 2point0 via Pinfall (7:00)


Mox and Kingston’s victory celebration is cut off by the awesome “Kaze Ni Nare” theme song of Minoru Suzuki, heralding the arrival of the Japanese wrestling legend. Suzuki appears on the ramp clearly intending to start a fight with Mox & Kingston, but not before his song plays in full. Lance Archer pulls Kingston out of the ring as Suzuki fights it out with Mox! Kingston and Archer fight in the crowd while Mox brawls it out with Suzuki at ringside. Suzuki attempts the Gotch-style Piledriver through the table, but Mox fights out of it! The fight rages on at ringside as we go off the air.

This Friday on Rampage (9/17/21)

  • TNT Championship: Miro © vs. Fuego Del Sol (if Miro wins, he gets Fuego’s new car)
  • AEW World Tag Title Match: The Lucha Bros. © (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M) vs. The Butcher and The Blade
  • Anna Jay vs. The Bunny

Next Week on Dynamite Grand Slam from Arthur Ashe Stadium (9/22/21)

  • The Dream Match: Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black II
  • MJF vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho
  • FTR vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Next Week on Rampage Grand Slam from Arthur Ashe Stadium (9/24/21)

  • Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs. Christian Cage & Jurassic Express
  • CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
  • Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. The Men of The Year

The Last Word

As expected, this show was intended to help set up next week’s massive Dynamite & Rampage Grand Slam cards, and I feel they did that well tonight.

Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega being explicitly a non-title match just to see who’s the best was definitely the best way to get this massive match as Danielson’s first AEW action without the World Title on the line. It’s still clear that the plan is that Kenny will drop the belt to “Hangman” Adam Page even with Bryan’s arrival into the main event scene. Even so, just the idea of Danielson vs. Omega is a dream match that doesn’t necessarily need the World Title at stake.

The actual Omega/Danielson challenge segment was well done, and it was a smart move to not have it bogged down by Elite shenanigans. Just having Bryan and Omega confront each other face-to-face really helps sell the idea that this is something that Kenny takes seriously because of the danger that Bryan poses to him.

The match’s outcome may have been a foregone conclusion, but that didn’t stop Cole vs. Kaz from being a hot opener to the evening. The two meshed well together and Kaz still managed to get his spots in even as the match was largely about Adam Cole (bay-bay).

It was only a matter of time before it came time for CM Punk to take some beatings, and the Team Taz ambush segment was well done, non-breaking table and all. While it was clear they were setting up Punk’s next match to be against Powerhouse Hobbs, that brief moment of Hook choking Punk out does give me big hope that we’ll see Hook’s first match against CM Punk at some point.

Leave it to AEW to turn something going awry into a storyline with what fans have called “The Suzuki Incident”. The original tweet that gave it its name was a semi-serious(?) demand to Tony Khan and AEW to put out a statement apologizing for not playing Minoru Suzuki’s theme song in full. It naturally turned into a memetic response that saw fans and even wrestlers get in on the fun. Using this to pretty much set up a tag match with Suzuki and Lance Archer vs. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston is a really neat way to go about it.

While the whole Dan Lambert/Men of the Year thing isn’t exactly something that’s universally loved, I did appreciate that there was finally some progression in this storyline with Chris Jericho stepping up to defend the honor of AEW against Lambert’s diatribes. That being said, the segment itself didn’t stick the landing at all, made all the more worse with the casual homophobic insult tossed out by Jericho (the “who’s on top” remark to American Top Team). 

On another note, it’s a bit odd that despite being very prominent in the intro of this very show and all over the marketing for AEW’s Friday show, Rampage, Hikaru Shida hasn’t been seen on AEW programming — aside from being in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out. It’d be nice if they found a storyline or feud for her. In general, having more than one women’s match and angle on Wednesdays would be nice.

With a show that seemed very weak on paper heading into Wednesday turning out to be a strong go-home for next week’s Grand Slam festivities, AEW once again shows its strength of booking hot angles and matches to keep fans engaged throughout the night. On the strength of hyping a big-time dream match leading a stacked card over four hours and two nights of TV, Grand Slam is looking to be a huge supershow that’s sure to rock Arthur Ashe Stadium. And I for one can’t wait to see it all unfold next week.

Marc Quill is an avid wrestling fan who enjoys telling you all the exciting All Elite action on Wednesday nights. He’s also the web novelist behind Skye Emery: Bluebird, which you can read here. You can chat with him about wrestling, comics, and stuff general @MarcQuill on Twitter.


AEW Dynamite Recap: 9/8/2021

By: Marc Quill

Welcome one and all to a new weekly column from the GateCrashers talking all about the hottest wrestling promotion today, All Elite Wrestling. This column will focus on the story side of things, getting you up to speed on the storylines of AEW and how they’re playing out. The matches themselves will be quickly recapped, with notable spots getting special focus. With that said, let’s get right down to business.

Previously on All Elite Wrestling…

All Out 2021 happened, and with it, the return of CM Punk to the ring. We also saw Chris Jericho save his career by beating MJF, The Lucha Brothers capturing the AEW Tag Titles, Ruby Soho finding her destination in AEW as she won the Casino Battle Royale, and the shock debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson. The show was widely considered to be the best wrestling PPV in recent memory, as AEW delivered a fantastic event from start to finish to continue the company’s track record of giving fans what they want in terms of booking.

Here’s the full rundown of what happened at All Out:

  • The Buy-In: The Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta) & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) def. The Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isaiah Cassady, Jack Evans, Angelico) via pinfall; The HFO attacked Orange Cassidy after the match, but were run off by a group of faces.
  • TNT Championship: Miro def. Eddie Kingston via pinfall after a dick kick and then a kick to the face to retain.
  • Jon Moxley def. Satoshi Kojima via pinfall after the Paradigm Shift; Minoru Suzuki appeared after the match and fought with Moxley, laying him out with a Gotch piledriver.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Kris Statlander via the Lockjaw submission.
  • Steel Cage match for the AEW Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M) def. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) to win the AEW Tag Titles in a very excellent match that you should watch.
  • Ruby Soho won the Women’s Casino Battle Royale to earn a shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship, eliminating Thunder Rosa for the win.
  • The Final Fight: Chris Jericho def. MJF via the Walls of Jericho submission. It appeared that MJF had won after a cheap shot with a bat and the Judas Effect, but the call was reversed when it was found that Jericho’s foot was on the rope; per the stipulation, Jericho’s wrestling career is still intact.
  • “Tall” Paul Wight def. QT Marshall via pinfall in a short match.
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega def. Christian Cage via pinfall after an avalanche One-Winged Angel to retain his coveted title. The match also saw interference from Omega’s Elite buddies before the finishing sequence.
  • After the main event, The Elite beat down Christian and Jurassic Express until Adam Cole made his debut in AEW. Cole teased that he’d fight The Elite, but revealed he was aligned with them by kicking Jungle Boy in the face. The group’s moment of glory would be short lived when Bryan Danielson appeared and helped the faces fend off The Elite.

Light The Fuse, Bring the Boom, Etc.

After the opening package, we go right to the action. With Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Taz (filling in for Excalibur, who’s preparing for a wedding), it’s Wednesday night and you know what that means.

Match 1: Malakai Black versus Dustin Rhodes

The Story So Far

Malakai Black has been cutting a swath through Cody Rhodes and the Nightmare Family since arriving in AEW in July. First starting with kicking Cody into retirement on the 8/4 Dynamite Homecoming, Black has continued his assault, going after Arn Anderson and his son Brock, as well as Lee Johnson on last week’s Rampage. This prompted “The Natural” to step up to challenge Black.

The Match

In a 10-minute opener, Black bested Dustin after hitting the spinning heel kick formerly known as Black Mass. This was after Dustin was thrown into an exposed turnbuckle by Black for an advantage. The kick looked a bit rough, as Black hit Dustin in the shoulder rather than the head. Just before the finish, Malakai grabbed one of Cody’s boots from a few weeks back and attempted to use it to psych out Dustin. This fired up Rhodes for a counter offensive that led to a Canadian Destroyer.

Winner: Malakai Black via pinfall (10:00)


Black left victoriously while the referee checked up on Dustin, who was bleeding from the mouth.

The Lucha Bros. on their All Out Victory

Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix (accompanied by their manager Alex Abrahantes) spoke on their win on Sunday. “These championships cost us blood, sweat, and tears. Anyone out there who is willing to suffer is welcome to take it from us,” says Penta (as interpreted by Alex).

The Kingston/Miro War Continues?

At All Out, TNT Champion Miro retained his title against Eddie Kingston after obliging the Mad King’s challenge and “redeeming deez nuts”, so to speak. Eddie isn’t happy with how the match ended and looks like he’s got some unfinished business with Miro. “I am going to offer your broken bones to my bride and your soul to my God,” says The Redeemer. Perhaps a big blowoff match in two weeks in Kingston’s home turf is in the future?

CM Punk Speaks

The Best in the World addressed the Cincinnati crowd about his return to wrestling against Darby Allin, and though Punk won, it was a hell of a fight. As Punk states, it was like “riding a very violent bicycle”. Punk continued to hype the night’s card and asked the fans on who he should fight next. This prompted Taz to interrupt from the commentary area. Taz is tired of Punk’s “bullshit lovefest” that he’s doing, then warning him not to challenge anyone from Team Taz. Now angered, Punk told Taz to send Hobbs, Starks, or Hook to fight him. Stealing a page from Taz’s book, Punk closed off by saying “beat me if you can, survive if I let you.” We got a staredown with Punk and Hobbs, who’ll be in action next.

Santana and Ortiz Want Gold

After defeating FTR, the Proud and Powerful duo are now shifting their focus on the rest of the tag division. Could we see an instant classic between them and the Lucha Brothers down the line? 

Ruby Soho Confronts The DMD

As the newest addition to AEW’s women’s division is being interviewed about her match against Jamie Hayter, Dr. Britt Baker DMD appeared to taunt Soho. “Why don’t you go run away to catering, where you spent the last four years of your life?” Britt taunts Ruby with a solid burn.

Match 2: Powerhouse Hobbs versus Dante Martin

The Story So Far

The powerhouse of Team Taz and one half of Top Flight aren’t really in any significant storylines with each other, and this match serves as a showcase of some of AEW’s top young talents. Dante impressed many with a star-making performance in a tag match against the Elite a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, Hobbs is a part of the current feud with Team Taz and former member Brian Cage.

The Match

A fantastic bout that saw Hobbs defeat Dante with a spinebuster that the commentators erroneously called a “powerbomb”. Unfortunately, Hobbs appeared out of it post-match, apparently having his bell rung during the match. 

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs via pinfall (8:00)

Dan Lambert Talks Trash

With his usual shtick of being an apparent parody of AEW’s detractors, Lambert spoke alongside Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, challenging the locker room to fight them. Lambert’s gimmick is one of those “you either love or you hate” things for most. The clear issue with this story is that there doesn’t really seem to be any clear progression other than The Men of the Year siding with Lambert. A feud with a face team tired of Lambert’s lambasting would certainly help progress this angle along.

Bring Me A Lock of Orange’s Hair

A recap of what happened after the big multi-man tag match on The Buy-In prior to All Out aired, as we saw The Hardy Family Office beat down Orange Cassidy with the help of returning member The Butcher. Orange: “Matt Hardy said he wants to cut my hair? Whatever.” This focus on OC’s hair could lead to a Hair versus Hair match at some point.

MJF Hates Cincinnati 

Fresh off of failing to end Chris Jericho’s career, Max let loose with the cheap heat in a fit of rage. First ragging on the overturned result that led to Jericho beating him, MJF went on a tirade against Cincinnati (or “Shit-cinnati” as MJF calls it), badmouthing local favorite Skyline Chili, the Reds, and the town for being a “dumpster fire”. He dared fans to jump the rail to fight him, saying that they wouldn’t do it, because they’re “cowards”. Now turning his attention to the Pillman family in attendance, MJF first mocked Aunt Linda, threatening to knock her teeth down her throat. He then approached Brian Pillman’s daughter and talked trash to her. Cue Brian Pillman Jr. to avenge the honor of his family’s name.

Junior talked up that Cincinnati is a city that breeds badasses like his dad and Jon Moxley, defending his hometown from Max’s cheap heel heat. And speaking of cheap heel heat, MJF called Brian’s mom Melanie “Methanie” to piss him off. For good measure, he was upset about Wardlow and his failure to help him win, ordering him to stand aside. MJF gets one final taunt as he threatens BPJ that he’s gonna do what his mother should’ve done and “abort him”. Cue furious fists from Pillman Jr. on Max. Wardlow pulled Pillman away from MJF a few times until Griff Garrison made the save. Unfortunately, he got clotheslined by Wardlow for his troubles, and then a shot from MJF’s ring. Pillman Jr. defended his Varsity Blonds partner from further attack to end the segment.

Match 3: Ruby Soho versus Jamie Hayter

The Story So Far

Formerly Heidi Lovelace in the indies and Ruby Riott in WWE, one of the most exciting women’s free agents in wrestling has now found herself in AEW. Bequeathed her new ring name and entrance music by the band Rancid, Ruby Soho made waves when she was revealed to be The Joker in the Casino Battle Royale and won the entire thing. This made her the Number One Contender to AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

The Match

Obviously Soho won her first match in about eight minutes, but things did seem a bit off. Could easily just be shaking off some ring rust.

Winner: Ruby Soho via pinfall (8:00)


After the match, Dr. Britt and Rebel (not Reba) attacked Ruby as she was celebrating her win. This led to Riho and Kris Statlander to help even the odds, with Kris chasing away Britt’s crew using a chair.

Ricky Starks & Brian Cage Wanna Fight

Starks, with the help of his Team Taz allies, won the FTW Championship off of Cage at Fyter Fest Night One back in July. They both agree that this feud needs to end with one more match.

Match 4: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) and Shawn Spears versus Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, and John Silver)

The Story So Far

The Dark Order is not fine. Things for the lovable group of underdogs have been on the rocks ever since they failed to win a big tag team match against The Elite at Fight for The Fallen that would’ve granted them a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Things only got worse the week after when the group was divided by a decision on whether to save “Hangman” Adam Page from an Elite beatdown or not. With no Hangman in sight (largely due to the real-life circumstance of Page wanting to spend time with his pregnant wife), it’s been nothing but a rift between everyone in Dark Order.

The Match

A match roughly around the five minute mark that ended with the Pinnacle scoring the victory to further the Dark Order’s turmoil. Shawn Spears secures the win with his Death Valley Driver on John Silver.

Winner: The Pinnacle via pinfall (Shawn Spears pinned John Silver; 5:00)


Evil Uno got upset at Silver for taking the losing pin, which prompted Johnny Hungee to push back against Uno. Grayson got into Silver’s face and as Number 5 entered the ring to confront Grayson and Uno. Colt Cabana, Anna Jay, and Tay Conti showed up in an attempt to play peacekeeper.

Women’s Casino Battle Royale Recap

Remarks from Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Penelope Ford, The Bunny, Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, and Jade Cargill as they talked about their respective performances in the Casino Battle Royale.

Tully Blanchard Has Words For Sting

Backstage, Tully talked about his leadership on display, also being quite upset about Sting “coasting off of others’ legacy”. He demanded that Tony Khan book Darby Allin versus Shawn Spears next week, also teasing that there might come a time that he and Sting will do battle once more.

Sammy Guevara Shows Some Signs

During the split screen commercials, Sammy did his signboard thing, with signs talking about how Chris Jericho defeated MJF at All Out, how his friend Fuego del Sol got an AEW contract, and how he proposed to his girlfriend Pam in Houston.

Match Made For Rampage

Brian Pillman Jr. is backstage with Griff Garrison, stating that he’s approached Tony Khan to book a match for him against MJF in two weeks at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) entered the room with flowers in hand. Caster said that he too went to TK for a match… this Friday on Rampage against Pillman Jr. As the Acclaimed left, Pillman Jr. tossed the flowers to the ground.

The Elite is Back, Bay-Bay!

Tony Schiavone introduced The Elite, who entered the ring, sans a very important addition. After Don Callis hyped Kenny Omega being named No. 1 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500, the Young Bucks introduced Adam Cole, who made his first appearance this past Sunday at All Out.

Cole threatened Schiavone about his friendship with Britt Baker before telling him to scram. After Tony is forced out of the ring, Cole bragged about how The Elite are responsible for making AEW the force that it is, boasting about the excellence of Kenny and The Bucks. He also goes on to say that he’s making his in-ring debut next week, saying that we’ll all see just how “Elite” he really is.

Kenny took the mic and stated that he hated interruptions, before getting interrupted by the arrival of the American Dragon himself, Bryan Danielson. With his rockin’ trap remix of Ride of the Valkyries, Danielson walked up to the ramp. Omega asked for his Elite buddies to clear the ring, then inviting Danielson to enter the ring. As Kenny talked, Bryan ripped away the mic from him and asked the fans if we wanted to see Bryan Danielson versus Kenny Omega. Bryan is told that that’s not how things work in AEW, then saying that Kenny’s afraid to take the match. Danielson: “You know that I’m better than you, that I will kick your head in, and that you are not on my level.” 

Omega removed his jacket and tried to swing at Danielson, but found himself trapped in the LeBell/Yes Lock. The Elite rushed the ring and stomped away on Bryan (or in Brandon Cutler’s case, spraying) before backup arrived in the form of Jurassic Express, Christian Cage, and Frankie Kazarian. The faces cleared the ring of The Elite, leaving only Brandon Cutler alone. “You fucked up!” the fans chanted at Cutler as he was surrounded by the enemies of The Elite. He turned to eat a Running Knee from Danielson.

Match 5: Jon Moxley versus Minoru Suzuki

The Story So Far

Jon Moxley is an angry man and a “wild thing” (as his theme song suggests). In his quest for a good fight, he took on Satoshi Kojima at All Out and defeated him. After that match, he was confronted by Minoru Suzuki, who he faced previously at NJPW New Beginning in Osaka 2020. Suzuki took down Mox after a wild brawl and that’s what’s led to this match happening as our main event.

The Match

While obviously never going to match the level of their big showdown last year, this was still an appropriately hard-hitting match that saw Mox prevail in his hometown after an elevated butterfly suplex. Before this, Suzuki was busted open around his left eye following a Paradigm Shift DDT and a lariat.

Winner: Jon Moxley via pinfall (9:00)

Post Match

Nothing really significant, as the announcers simply hyped upcoming matches while Moxley celebrated with his hometown fans to end the show.

After The Fact

You might’ve noticed that during the main event, Minoru Suzuki’s entrance theme, Kaze Ni Nare, was cut off before it got to the part everyone loves to sing (the “Kaze Ni Nare” shout that gives the song its title). This was addressed in a tweet from AEW a day after Dynamite to help set up an angle for next week where Suzuki and his fellow Suzuki-gun stablemate Lance Archer have a challenge for Moxley.

This Friday on AEW Rampage (9/10/21) – Cincinnati, OH

  • PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens)
  • Ruby Soho, Riho, & Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Rebel (not Reba), & Jamie Hayter
  • Darby Allin & Sting respond to Tully Blanchard

Next Week on Dynamite (9/15/21) – Newark, NJ

  • Adam Cole vs. “The Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian
  • Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears
  • Jade Cargill vs. Leyla Hirsch 
  • Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki Challenge Jon Moxley

Scheduled for AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam (9/22/21) – Queens, NY

  • Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black II
  • Brian Pillman Jr. vs. MJF (not official, but mentioned)

The Last Word

A pretty solid show coming off of All Out, even if it wasn’t exactly a home run. There seemed to be a sense of shuffling the deck with the feuds that culminated in Chicago now in the rearview mirror, with a setup for storylines in the fall clearly being in the air in Cincinnati.

Seemingly slotting in Bryan Danielson for a feud with Kenny Omega is an interesting move, with Hangman Page’s path to being the one to inevitably end Kenny’s reign likely still in very strong consideration. Danielson’s promo didn’t specify that he wanted to go after Omega’s AEW World Title. Whether that’s by design or not is anyone’s guess, but perhaps we see Danielson fight Omega in a non-title bout so that Page’s path to the title when he returns still remains intact? 

And speaking of Hangman, when he does return, will we see him attempt to fix the mess he inadvertently created with the Dark Order’s “civil war”? Page helping bring the group back together would be a tremendous babyface move and help him remain over with the fans as a good guy, even with additions like Danielson and CM Punk to the face side of the AEW tunnel.

The arrival of Adam Cole in The Elite also could create potentially interesting scenarios, as there’s really no way two strong egos like Cole and Omega can truly coexist within a single faction. Do we see Cole making a power play and take control of The Elite from Kenny when the moment arrives? The apparent rumors of WWE star Kevin Owens’ contract expiring in 2022 has led to speculation that he’s bound for Elite pastures early next year. Cole and the Young Bucks were once in a faction with KO, and if Owens does sign with AEW, might we see a Mount Rushmore reunion as Omega’s kicked to the curb?

CM Punk versus Team Taz should produce some great matches, and once we get to Punk vs. Ricky Starks, the promos between the two should be sublime. In all honesty, though, the real money match will be CM Punk vs. Hook.

While it seemed like Ruby Soho was working through some ring rust in her match against Jamie Hayter, the feud with Dr. Britt should be an entertaining one, if their brief interaction from early on in the night is any indication.

The Dan Lambert promo, as noted above, is something that’s not gonna be for everyone. Some might enjoy that he’s seemingly parodying talking points of AEW detractors with his promos, while others might not exactly be endearing themselves to it. With that being said, it’s probably time to move him and his new tag team into an actual feud instead of promos where he just says the same thing again and again.

The biggest strength of this edition of Dynamite was just how much shine AEW’s “homegrown” stars got through being featured in matches (Hobbs vs. Dante) and promo segments (the MJF & Brian Pillman Jr. showdown). It helped show new viewers tuning in for the first time because of the arrivals of Punk, Danielson, Soho, and Cole that there’s a lot more in store for them to enjoy.

If there was a true downside for this Dynamite, it’s the timing issues that seemed to plague things, as evidenced by the main event feeling slightly rushed (and Minoru Suzuki’s theme being cut off so suddenly). Whether a promo segment ran a bit too long or not, it’s something that should be fixed moving forward.

All in all, the new era in All Elite Wrestling has gotten off to a frenetic start, with the big new signings helping inject even more excitement to an already red-hot product. Fans will certainly continue to stick around for the ride as long as the hits from AEW keep on coming.