The Undoing of WandaVision

Bolu takes a look at the highs and lows of WandaVision!

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The Weird Politics of Invincible.

By Bolu Ayeye Invincible is one of my favourite shows of 2021, and I loved it so much I started to binge read the source material, the comics. A lot of the comics shows their age at the start, some of the gay jokes and dialogue but it was 2003 so it’s expected, it was […]

Invincible – A Review

Bolu is here with a review of Invincible Season 1.

The Blue Flame #1 (Spoiler-free Review)

A spoiler-free review of The Blue Flame #1 from Vault Comics!

A Rogue’s Guide to The War of the Bounty Hunters

Famed Bounty Hunter and dashing rogue Zuuban Gruztar is here to give you a rundown on the characters of Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters!

Fun-Size Round-Table: Beta Ray Bill #2

Whosoever holds this keyboard, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of the Critic. But here at GateCrashers, everyone and anyone is worthy of this power in our weekly Fun-Size roundtable! Every week, you can join us here as our Warriors Five (to Seven, numbers may vary) ponder pensively about one of the many […]

Fun-Size Round-Table: Radiant Black #3

A small team of reviewers gather to give their thoughts on Radiant Black #3.

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How To Get Into Ultraman

Get into Ultraman with this helpful guide!

GC52 News Report (04/06/2021 Releases)

GC52 is back with another exciting look at the latest releases from DC Comics!

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To Make a Ranger: So You Wanna Make a Sentai Story, Huh?

Power Rangers as a franchise has existed for almost 30 years now, and has been adapted into a variety of formats, including comics.  With the Boom Studios comics adaptation of the series having recently relaunched with two new #1s and my own impromptu revisit-for-nostalgia-turned-series-rewatch, I must ask: what’s the secret sauce to making a season […]