Daisy: The Terrifying Absence of Agency

Break away from your destiny.


Grip of the Kombinat is an Amusing Anticapitalist Hellscape

Sci-Fi at its best: hating corporations.

The Oates & The Elphyne is A Heartbreaking Adventure

All-ages books, despite the genre’s name, tend to be thought of as simple and fun, but not offering much else. They are silly stories with simple morals for children to enjoy or learn a lesson. However, the truly excellent all-ages stories provide adept storytelling with rich themes for every reader. This is where Mike Walsh, […]

Karmen is a Mostly Phenomenal but Flawed Book

A book about second chances.

In the Flood Pushes the Boundaries of Comics

Can we truly hang onto the memories of loved ones? That’s the defining question behind Ray Fawkes, Lee Loughridge, and Thomas Mauer’s In the Flood. Through its abstract, emotional story, the team explores the lengths and damages many go through to preserve those who are lost. In The Flood switches between three narratives: Mike, a […]

Snelson Review: The Desperation of Old Comedians

Snelson takes a look at the life of a washed up comedian analysing white entitlement in comedy.

Ice Cream Man Vol. 7 Review: A Continued Successful Recipe

The hit series, Ice Cream Man, continues with its seventh volume!

Sweet Paprika Vol. 1 Review: Sexual Frustration and Double Standards

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Ordinary Gods Vol. 1 Review: Exploring Eternal Life

The first trade of Ordinary Gods is out and here’s our review!

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Luke reviews Cruel Summer’s trade from acclaimed series, Criminal!